Friday, March 31, 2006

The Monkeys

Can you tell this week has been pretty ho-hum? I haven't posted much at all....but I thought of a good Fun Friday story to tell you.

I think animals are hysterically funny. I was talking to Sam about this on her blog and she wants me to share this story with my readers here. It's better told in person, since I can do the hand gestures, facial expressions, etc. But that's not really an option in the blogosphere! I hope you enjoy it anyway. Here goes.

So I'm watching TV with WLF (Dad) late one night. He always liked to watch
those nature shows, you know, the ones narrated by some old white guy with a British accent. This time it was about monkeys and baboons in Africa.
They did the whole schpiel about monkeys and their habitats and what they
eat, etc. Then at the end of the show, they did their little political blurb
about how mankind is encroaching upon the monkey territory/habitat and it is
causing problems, blah blah blah.

So as they are talking about the monkey/man conflict, they are showing this
little African elementary school playground. All the little African kids are
playing like normal, enjoying their recess, when suddenly they all evacuate the playground.

The monkeys were invading.

There were monkeys everywhere and they were all playing on the playground.
They took over within seconds. They were on the swings and the
teeter-totters and the little merry-go-round. The children made a large ring
around the playground to watch the monkeys on their playground. It was like
the monkey mafia or something. The children appeared confused and frustrated, while at the same time, amazed at their simian abilities to enjoy devices meant for human entertainment.

Anyway, these two monkeys climb waaaaaay up high on the tallest slide,
overlooking the whole playground. They are just standing there, staring at the children, and the children are staring at them. Everyone stops for a second. There is total silence.

The next thing you know, the two monkeys are at it doggy-style. And
the male monkey has this look on his face as he's staring at the kids like,
"What? What are you looking at?" Meanwhile the narrator was going on and on
about the monkey/man conflict like it was nothing.

My dad and I were rolling!!! I had tears streaming down my face! To this
day, that image cracks me up. I love nature.


Virginia Belle said...

sorry about the weird spacing, y'all. i tried to fix it but i can't. i guess this is what i get for trying to copy and paste an email into a blog post.

dumb ol' blogger.

Jenn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's hysterical!!!!! Talk about teaching kids about sex! tee hee heee

jennster said...

LMFAO- you are a freak! LOL.. oh shit.. LOL

Sam said...

Paste it into blogger, then click on the HTML tab and remove all the coding. Great story, even the second time around! By the way, you've won the "I Peed A Little" award for the week!!!

Evel said...

I am sure the narrator felt like an ass after he viewed the footage. Perhaps they should read the narrative DURING the viewing of the show.

Too funny.

Virginia Belle said...

sam-- i know, that's what i thought would fix it. but it didn't work. there was no coding to erase. it just published like this for no apparent html reason! oh well...glad to hear i won the prize this week!

glad you guys enjoyed this story as much as i enjoyed watching it. i wish i had a clip to show people.