Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Dog

This week has been crazy busy. Two coworkers are on vacation and we have had a ton of people in here. This means I have to help most of the people with their research and questions. Which is fine, because usually I'm bored. It's just taking up most of my blogging time.

David Sedaris was great. W and I hadn't hung out in a while, so we had a lot to catch up on. She had gone through a breakup and had gotten a raise since I'd seen her last. She didn't know anything about Repo, so I had to fill her in on that and my dog hunting. We must have talked a million miles an hour as we drove to Charleston! I really needed some girl-time and this hit the spot. Right before we got there, W informed me that we had third-row seats. Sweet. We got there just in time to sit before he came on. He told some really funny stories and answered questions from the audience. My only complaint was that he didn't talk as long as we all had wished! I can't wait for his next book, whenever that is.

Repo is healing up slowly but surely. He doesn't do well during daylight hours, since his eye is really sensitive to light. But he can drive around a little and he can use a computer for about an hour before it gives him a headache. He went to the doctor on Wednesday who said things are progressing, just slowly. His vision will be fine. Repo has been taking this time off work to do some thinking about his career, so he is job hunting and evaluating his financial situation in the hopes that he can quit his awful job. He is very grateful for all the help I've given him and has been very sweet. He wants to take me out to dinner this weekend, but I'm worried about his financial situation, so maybe we can just order a pizza. I'm exhuasted and really just want to stay in this weekend anyway. These past two weeks have been go go go, so I'd like to just chill out. Do some laundry, watch some movies, that kind of thing.

All week I've been hard-core dog hunting. Watching the ads, browsing the shelters. Still getting pangs of sadness over my broken heart. Sure, there might be another dog out there. Some day. Eventually. But I cannot get over Sampson! He's just perfect for me!

So I called the lady who is selling Sampson yesterday. You know, just to tell her I was still interested in the dog. I ended up talking her down to $450. So I'm going to go buy him tomorrow afternoon after work! *VB jumps up and down excitedly.* And yes, I am extremely excited and could just pee in my pants about this! I have had a grin on my face since I said I'd do it. I can't wait. You should have seen me in Wal-Mart. I was almost skipping down the dog aisle. I bought a bunch of toys and dog treats. I had tears in my eyes when I placed the little dog food bowl and water bowl in my cart. Sammy will be all mine for ever and ever!

I have been waiting to buy a dog for five years, and although it's a little more than I want to spend, I need to go ahead and just do it. The dog is exactly what I'm looking for and I would be heartbroken if someone else bought him. I've wanted and waited for this for too long to let the opportunity pass me by. So I'm doing it. Although, if she were to call me to say that someone offered her the full $600 for it, I would probably tell her to give the dog to them. I'm still pretty broke right now!

I'm hoping that the $250 required by my apartment complex as a pet fee can wait until the end of the month. Not that I'm deceiving them. I'm going to pay it. I just want to pay it.....later.

I still have a couple of small bills to pay this month, but I should be ok. I haven't been eating out much and I have not been shopping. Ok, I bought a pair of shoes. But that's it! (And they were only $17!) I really could use some extra money. I don't have anything I can sell, unfortunately. So I've been thinking about getting Repo's roommates to pay me to cook and clean for them. Sounds crazy, but I'm serious! I just need a little bit of money as a cushion, and they keep joking about how they wish I would just cook and clean for them, so I'm going to see if they are truly serious. I don't think they will do it, though, because I'm a friend to them now, and they might feel weird about it. Maybe I can convince someone else. Stuckey?

Luckily, my car issue is resolved--for now. I took it into the dealership yesterday and they explained it to me like this: Basically, the part of my ignition that reads the key is getting run down. The key reader has these gears inside it. One of them is sticking, so it is having a hard time reading my key, which is pretty worn down. That's why the key sometimes won't turn. They said for me to try using my spare key since it's never been used and is still new. They said the key reader will have an easier time reading it and I may not need to replace anything for a year. Woo-hoo! So far, this has worked. And it didn't cost me a thing! Don't you love it when stuff works out like that? So if you ever have this problem, try using your spare.

Speaking of cars, I was walking out to my car yesterday morning to go to work when I saw a neighbor. He was jumping his car with the help of a friend. I asked him if he needed any help and he said no. I noticed he had a sticker on his car that indicated we worked at the same place. I told him it looks like we work together and had just never met. He's an older man who is in a different department. After some small talk, I told him I'd wait to make sure his car started in case he needed a ride to work. I called work to tell them what was going on and that I'd probably be a little late. The jump didn't work. So he hops in and we are going to work (I'm already 5 minutes late at this point) when he asks me to pull into an auto parts store to see if they are open and sell batteries. Oh....kay. He buys the battery and asks them if they will install it in his car. While they are loading the battery into their repair truck, he asks me to drive by this other place so he can drop off a bill payment., sure. Then he asks me if I will take him back home so the repair guys can come and put the new battery into his car. At this point, I just wanted him out of my car and I was already 15 minutes late, so I did it. Can you believe his nerve? I mean, I offered a ride to work, not to be your personal taxi. Worry about that on your own time, buddy. I ended up being a half-hour late to work. I guess no good deed goes unpunished. Thank goodness my boss wasn't there. I figure it is good karma and I could check off "Completed good deed of the day" on my to-do list. Oh well.

Last night was trivia night with our hostess, D. We are flabbergasted at the fact that each time she asks questions about American Presidents, Seinfeld, professional sports, the Oscars and South America. It's funny. Anyway, Team Heavy Petting did very well--first place--and we won a $35 gift certificate to the restaurant and a free apptizer. Yessss!

So tomorrow is Dog Day. I'm going to veg out on my couch and watch movies while I play with my little Sammy. K and Repo are invited to veg out with me, but I am not leaving my apartment this weekend! Oooh, maybe I can finally get around to hanging up some pictures, doing some laundry and cleaning my bathroom...who am I kidding. I will be taking walks every two hours with my new dog! I can't wait! I will wake up next to my little furball in two days! Yay!!!

Ok, I have to go read my dog books now. Note to self: Buy Dogs for Dummies. Perhaps after trip to Petsmart on Saturday.


sassafras said...

Oh my gosh I am so excited for you!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend with your new doggie =)

Vixen said...

YAY!!! You got Sampson! Sounds like things are looking up mightily well indeed:)

Autumn said...

Congrats on the new dog!

jennster said...

OMG! i am so fucking pysched for you! I WANT A DOGGY!!!!!!!!!! SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have4 a great time! can't wait to hear what adventures your dog face will pull you on! HAHA

Stuck said...

I'd have to clean up my place before I could even invite you over to clean it.

Virginia Belle said...

EEEK!!! I know!!! I'm so excited!!!

I am freaking out a teeny bit, though, about the responsibility....and how much time i will have to spend with him. but i have friends who never see their dogs and never play with them, and the dogs are still healthy and seem happy to me. i'm sure it will all be ok.

thanks for the good wishes, guys!

and stuckey, i'm serious. i need money. so think about it. i don't care how messy your house is. i can assure you, it's not as filthy as Repo's. :)

Gypsy said...

Congrats on Samson! Dogs can be a lot of work, but they are so worth it. I have three of the little buggers, and I love them like children.

annie said...

My beloved kitty's name is Sampson, too. He makes my world a much better place.

Enjoy each other!

DetoxSmurf said...

Seinfeld was in Myrtle Beach last Friday.

My roommate has given up on the dog idea. (thank god) It's still safe to leave food out and not worry about it coming up missing when you return.

NML said...

That's so exciting! You'll have to post a pic!

Virginia Belle said...

gbmnole-- i never understood fully how much like children they are! i mean, is it possible to love something so much??? Repo definitely takes a backseat now! hands down!

annie-- cool! what a coincidence....shoot, i've been meaning to add you to my list of blogs. note to self...

detox--i'm so jealous! did you go see him? i was thinking this weekend that the key to having a dog you love is buying one that is no higher than your kitchen countertops. :)

NML--I know!!!! I did!!!

i am such a dork. *VB rolls eyes*