Monday, April 17, 2006

It's a Dog's World

What dogs want most in life is for no one to go away.-- Jose Saramago

This weekend was GREAT. I am completely and totally in love with my Sammy. He is so funny and adorable. I picked him up after work on Friday. The lady who sold him to me was almost in tears when I came there to get him. She said if I ever need a dogsitter, she would love to do it because she's going to miss him so much. She also told me that he is trained not to get on furniture or beg or bark, so he's a very well-behaved little dog. (The Czarina will love this.) She also told me Sammy has a microchip, which I was glad to hear. She gave me all the paperwork and told me he is due for shots. Then I paid her and we left.

He was a little hesitant to get in my car, but he just napped as we drove home. He worried me a little because he didn't eat for the first 24 hours, but from everything I've read, that is pretty normal. I took him over to Repo's house, where he got to meet the two black labs over there. Tank loved Sammy and began to play with him immediately, but Giz was annoyed by Sammy, so he just growled.
(I've learned that some big dogs don't like smaller dogs.) Sammy adores Repo and does whatever he asks. This of course, makes me insanely jealous! And of course, Repo loves to rub it in.

Then I took Sammy to my house, where he had to sniff and investigate everything. I was hot, so I took a shower, and Sammy watched me shave my legs. He kept trying to eat the shaving cream. I checked my mail and discovered an unexpected check (hmmm, could Sammy be my lucky dog?) which was really nice. After a walk and some water, Repo came over to hang out with us. We ordered a pizza (Sammy doesn't bark when someone comes to the door!). We played fetch for 2 1/2 hours while we watched tv. Sooooo relaxing. Nothing like a dog to make you feel like you are home. And Sammy is so funny! His little face and googly eyes just kill me! He was so intent on catching the ball, he would forget to watch where he was going, so he ran into the wall, the couch and the table a couple of times. But he's fine.

Lady Starfish called to see how I was doing and to congratulate me on being a pet owner. She's known how badly I've wanted a dog, and she is a huge animal lover, so I was glad she called. She began to laugh at me because she said I have "New Pet Owner Paranoia", which is true. I worry about every sneeze and what he will get into when I'm not looking or bad things he will eat because I've been careless. I told her I keep envisioning emergency room trips to the vet. She told me that as long as the dog is eating and seems happy, everything is ok. Dogs are easy for the most part. Whew!

He whined when I was going to bed, so I let him sleep in the bed with me. Just this once. (He likes the bed I got him, so he's been sleeping in that ever since.)

On Saturday, we went to Petsmart, along with K. He was a very good boy and I learned that you should always take another peson with you to Petsmart, because you will spend all of your time keeping your pet under control and away from big dogs that are trying to eat your little dog. Sammy just loves everyone, so he got a lot of petting from strangers. K played with him when we got back, so he has bonded with her as well. Brunette brought her huge and totally out-of-control golden retreiver, Jackson, over for a walk on Saturday. We learned quickly that Jackson was just too crazy and too big for he and Sammy to hang out together. It was just too much. Jackson is sweet, but it's just not something Sammy is ready for. So she took Jackson to the groomer's instead. (Jackson's main problem, I think, is that he needs to be neutered!)

I went out to dinner with K and her family Saturday night, so we left Sammy alone for the first time. I put up the baby gate so he would be confined to the kitchen. I think he would probably be ok if he was left loose in the house, but I wanted to be sure. Two hours later, when we got back, I opened the door and announced that Mommy was home. There was dead silence.

Oh my God. I killed the dog. He choked on something or died of loneliness. I am a bad Mommy, I thought. I was freaking out.

So I walked around the corner, and there he was, my little Sammy. He had the most pathetic-looking face that just seemed to say: Why did you leave me? What did I do wrong? Why do you hate me and leave me in the kitchen? Which of course, broke my heart into a thousand pieces. Then I took down the baby gate and he was all over us, licking us, jumping up, etc. So I think he is ok and not too traumatized. I'm crossing my fingers because he's alone for 3 hours today until I can go home at lunch to walk him.

The rest of the weekend was spent mainly playing fetch, taking walks and napping with Sammy. He's learning that it's ok to snuggle on the couch with me. Otherwise, he stays off the furniture. He did lots of sniffing and peeing. (Is it normal to take 2,458 walks in one weekend?) I think he is pretty happy so far, especially since he started eating yesterday. We have to work on some training (he doesn't beg for food, yet cannot grasp the concept of "sit"). He will sometimes stop dead in his tracks in the middle of a walk and refuse to move, which baffles and annoys me. But so far, so good. He is just wonderful! And I will try to have some pictures soon. Trust me, he's adorable.

I'll try not to be too dog-obsessed. But for now, I'm pretty immersed in all things Sammy-related.

Tiny updates: Repo's eye is basically healed, but he has an infection near his eye which we think is related to the main injury. (No details--let me just say it's really gross and swollen.) He's going to the doctor today. I'm getting tired of my boyfriend being sick/injured all the time! If he had a warranty, I'd be asking for my money back!

K found out this week that her boyfriend, Navy Guy, won't be around for long. He was hoping to get into a program here in Columbia, but it fell through and now he will be leaving for San Diego in May. For three years. This is quite a crossroads for their relationship and it makes me sad because I really think they are good together. We will have to see what happens.


Lori said...

Hi, new reader here. I found your blog on Friday and read through some of the archives. Im sure your dog is so cute! I also have a blog, but it mostly weightloss related. I read a ton of blogs though (all different topics) so I blogrolled you. Just wanted to delurk and say hey.

Virginia Belle said...

hi lori! welcome! and thanks for delurking. so nice of you to blogroll me. i have stories about weightloss! i just haven't posted about it yet...but thanks for the reminder. i have been meaning to talk about that.

ok, you can go back to lurking if you want. or not. whatever. :)

jennster said...

wow- that sucks about the relationship thing. boyfriend and i were long distance the whole time until i moved up here.

NML said...

Yay for the dog, UGH for that quesy sounding infection and sorry about your mate and her boyf leaving. Maybe she should move? 3 years is a long time - take a chance on love - OK uber cheesy