Thursday, June 29, 2006

3% and 9/11

There is something I want all of you to check out. It is a blog run by a guy who is trying to do a memorial for all the people who died in the 9/11 attacks. All you have to do is go to his blog and sign up, saying you will post about the victim on 9/11. He will email you a name of a victim. He even gives you a link for information about the person so you can learn about them.

Until then, you can subscribe to his RSS feed, or just check in periodically for updates. Last I looked, he had about 20% of the names taken. So there are a lot of names up for grabs. I think the grand total is 2,996. If you would like to just spread the word through your blog about this memorial, that would also be appreciated. His idea has to reach a lot of blogs!

On 9/11/06, the 5 year anniversary, the participants will post a tribute to their person. You can do whatever you want-- a poem, a song, or just a regular post. Be as creative as you like. All he asks is that you don't mention the terrorists--this is to remember the victims.

I really hope more people will sign up, because I think this is a really cool idea.

In other news... I just found out yesterday that I will be getting a 3% raise starting next month, and maybe a smidgen more if my annual review goes well. It won't be a lot of extra money, but it definitely helps with gas prices.

Another story I forgot to share: As I was driving to The Czarina's, I got a phone call from a school here in town, asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a media specialist position. While I don't know positively if this is the career route I want to go on, I decided it would be good experience, so I accepted.

They wanted me to interview on Monday. It was Thursday. Not much notice. And to boot, I knew I wouldn't be all that prepared or rested up since I would be at Czarina's between the invite and the interview. I sucked it up and went anyway. I was exhausted. But I made it through. They asked me a lot of really hard questions, like what sort of programs I would initiate, how I would decorate the library, how I would get parents more involved and how I would deal with students who aren't reading at grade level. I had no idea school librarians were in charge of all this stuff! I answered as best I could, considering I hadn't put all that much thought into the position.

The annoying part was, one of the people interviewing me was really rude! First of all, she is one of those people that gives the limp handshake. You know, the ones where they act like they don't want to touch you. They don't move their hands. Ugh, that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I instantly disliked her. Then, during the interview, she kept looking at the clock and staring out the window! Can you believe it? I mean, can't she just fake it for the whole half-hour I was there? Come on! I know interviews aren't the most interesting things in the world, but sheesh!

So it wasn't the best interview of my life, but it wasn't the worst, either. They said they would know by the end of the week. I would be very surprised if I were offered the position, even though I think the principal liked a lot of my answers. It would be a heck of a commute if I got it. And I don't know how much it pays, so that would have to be determined, too.


jennster said...

i hate shitty interviews.. i had one of those at pixar of all places. i just didn't jive with the people i would have been working for and i didn't even WANT to be offered the position, because it would have been hard to turn down. thank god they felt the same way i did. lol

sassafras said...

Ugh, I agree. People like that annoy me. If you have to fake it atleast do it right, otherwise it looks terrible! And rude. If it doesn't work out, at least you learned something from it.

Vixen said...

Yeesh, limp handshakes are the worse! You can tell that I person has no character by his handshake. Thanks for all your comments on mine btw.

Red said...

Limp handshakes, I've found, are usually signs of big wussies. Maybe she was just trying to intimidate you.

teahouse said...

Hahaha, well, at the very worst it was good experience and practice interviewing!

MoDigli said...

Every interview is good practice. I've had lots of practice ones, too! Schools do ask tough questions, though. Man! The Stress!!! I know about it!

I think it's also REALLY good to remember those negatives you mentioned. Are you really okay with:

- already meeting an unprofessional colleauge. (red flag for me!)

- a long commute (yuck!)

- Money, honey! What is it?! (although a quick search on the school district's website will get you to their salary schedules - unlike business, there is no negotiating on pay when you work at a school!)

On the 9/11 blog memorial - interesting idea. I might stop by and check out what he's doing. Thanks for spreading the word.

Virginia Belle said...

oh shoot. i just realized i forgot to reply to these comments. i replied in my brain, but not here. dang. hate it when i do that.

thanks for all the support, guys. yeah, it was just kind of a look-n-see thing. not that i was dying for the job or anything.

mo- yeah, you know exactly what it's like! as far as the money is concerned, i don't know how it works. i mean, i know where it is posted. but i dont' know if i'm considered a teacher. and i don't know if they count my years of experience as a LIBRARIAN or years of experience in the K-12 system. *scratches head*

Czarina thinks i should just call back in a couple of weeks to see what they decided to pay. but i doubt they would give me that info.

NML said...

Interviews are difficult and it sounds like you put in a great effort despite the circumstances. The role sounds exciting so good luck and fingers crossed. I will be sure to check out that guys blog as well :-)

Sam said...

I'm trying to catch up on all the happenings, sheesh I've missed a lot. Oh, and the limp handshake- those people should be shot.