Sunday, June 11, 2006

Are those Double Ds?

Yup. I'm at work. Again. So far, I've been at work each day of my vacation. It's really not a big deal unless I start thinking about it a lot. Let's move on to more interesting stuff before I get pissed off.

My shirt smells like purfume. Purfume that isn't mine. It's weird. I mean, it smells good, just foreign. I wonder what I was doing last time I wore this shirt. ( I don't wash something unless it's been worn a zillion times, has something on it or smells really bad. Sue me.)

Repo's friends were in town this weekend for a wedding. So I got to meet a bunch of them. They are a wild crew, let me tell ya. Friday night I didn't go to bed until 4am. We hung out with Repo's friend B and his girlfriend. They are cool. It turns out that B and Repo have this whole fashion competition going on. They both love to buy colored button-down shirts and matching ties. Most of the evening they kept describing potential wedding outfits to each other, trying to decide who had the coolest outfit in mind. They even had a debate about whether or not a lavender tie would match a pink shirt.

I swear, sometimes I think my boyfriend is gay.

The next day (yesterday), after working, I hung out at the pool with K for a while. Normally, I am pasty white because I don't want to look old before my time, but on an impulse, I laid out with her. I'm on vacation, goddammit, I thought. After an hour, I looked like a lobster. Not bad, but definitely pink. I don't think my stomach has seen the light of day in like 4 years. No joke. I forgot how good a tan looks, actually. I feel slightly hot-babe-ish. Not to mention slightly thinner. Aaaaah, the magic of melanoma.

The wedding was yesterday evening. Repo wasn't allowed to bring a guest, so I just told him I'd meet up with him after the reception. They were all planning to go to the bars later. Since I had lots of time to get ready, I made a nice dinner (whole-wheat pasta, Prego, shrimp and feta) and decided to get dressed up. I figured everyone would be in suits and ties, so I should look the part. I decided to audition my new red dress. The way it's designed, you can't wear a bra with it. So it's kinda low-cut. It did a good job at masking my new tan lines, too. Bonus: it's really really comfortable. It was so nice to look nice. I hadn't really gotten gussied up in a while. And if I do say so myself, I looked pretty smokin'. Repo agreed. I think this might be his new favorite outfit on me.

I got to the hotel where the reception was. I called Repo to see which room he was in, but then I figured that the loud group of people in the parking lot were probably with me. I was right. I looked over and waved to him.

Repo shuffled me around, yelling to all his friends, "Hey! Come here! I want you to meet my girlfriend!" He was so cute, running around after everyone, making sure I could meet them. He scored some points, I gotta say. He kept telling everyone how beautiful I was. I had to take it with a grain of salt since he'd been drinking. But hey, a compliment is a compliment.

We went inside to where the reception was wrapping up. Just to collect everyone for the after-party. I didn't want to go in because I wasn't invited and I was wearing red. Everyone reassured me that it was ok. And the happy couple left within minutes of us going inside. But I still felt like a wedding crasher. Oops. The bride probably saw me and thought, "Who in the hell does this bitch think she is?"

After much hemming and hawing, we decided to just stay in B's hotel room and party there rather than go the bars. Repo's friends are pretty funny and gave me a hard time. Actually, they all took turns giving each other a hard time, too.

I was put on the spot a couple of times by his (highly intoxicated) friend, Chief. Chief had been drinking for 11 hours straight at this point, so he was at the point that he didn't care what he said or who he offended. He kept asking me questions about my boobs. Then he asked Repo about my nipples and what sexual positions we prefer. I wanted to hide. I'm usually pretty good about taking jokes, but I was starting to get a little self-conscious. I wouldn't have felt that way if I knew everyone in the room, but I had just met all of them and now had to discuss my breasts. I was beginning to regret my wardrobe decision. But I think I was a pretty good sport. I like his friends, despite their drunken interrogations. I told Repo he owes me for that, though.

Since he and I were exhausted, we went home by 1:30. I didn't get up until noon. I am still exhuasted. And I'm not wearing that dress around drunk people ever again!


Matilda Jane said...

Weird... my roommate's new guy went to a wedding this weekend with a bunch of out-of-town friends too. Wouldn't that be crazy if it was the same wedding? I'm gonna ask her if she saw some strange girl with big boobs in a slutty red dress come out of nowhere. Just Kidding! hehee
Love :-*

charming, but single said...

With dresses like that, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Because if you do wear them, people make inappropriate comments about your body.

And if you don't, you forget what a hot mama you are.

I say screw 'em.

What shoes did you wear?

M said...

I don't have time to read the whole post right now. (have to get ready for work.)

I did read the first sentence: so far you have worked every day of your vacation??HUH???!!

Do you get to take the days off later? It's not an actual vacation if you don't leave the building!! (-:

Would you like us bloggers to email your boss and explain this concept?

Gypsy said...

Meeting the friends is always nerve-wracking, but it sounds like you aced it with flying colors.

NML said...

Chief is a creep! He clearly has no boundaries...Wear what you want and blank the chump ;-)

Virginia Belle said...

matilda-- ask her if the reception was in the clarion downtown. if so, it's probably the same wedding. that would be so weird. small world? you crack me up w/ slutty red dress part. :)

charming-- yes! that's exactly it! i couldn't have explained it better myself. btw, my shoes were black, with a jeweled strap across the toe and a gold heel. i think they are franco sartro (sp?) from a few years ago. tres cute. i always get compliments.

M-- thanks,but it's really not a big deal. no one comes in on weekends, and i'm by myself. so there isn't any work to do. basically, i get to blog for three hours. I get comp time for it, so now I get an extra day off. suh-weet!

NML-- i love you for your loyalty! but I've hung out with Chief before. He's a nice guy who just happened to get really wasted that night. yeah, he was kinda pushing it with me, because it takes a lot to embarrass me. Repo told me that his friends ask every new girlfriend in their group the same questions, so the dress really wasn't factoring into their little joke. i wasn't meant to take it personally, and all the other girlfriends helped me out. i was a good sport about it, which helped.