Friday, July 28, 2006

Fun Friday

I did not intend for this to happen, but this week's Fun Friday theme is drugs. Gypsy started it. Please do not think that there is a reason for this. It's just a coincidence. I'm not taking any vicodins! Pinky swear!

Gypsy posted the most hilarious story today, and so I am using it for my Fun Friday link. You can read it here. It is about her Phish concert experience. Lancelot is her boyfriend. Her blog rocks, if you are in need of even more entertainment.

And continuing on with our drug theme...

I saw this cartoon on Saturday Night Live a while back and I almost died laughing. Clear evidence that Anna Nicole was on Vicodin. I behaved...similarly when I was on it. Note: This video is probably not work or kid-appropriate.

Ok, fun time over. I am going to Nurse P's house tomorrow. She has a little Westie named Jack. He looks like this picture. He and Sammy are going to have playtime. One of her friends is bringing a third dog, too--another boston terrier! I am so excited. I think Brunette is bringing her gigantic Golden Retriever, Jackson, as well. Which should be hilarious. Nurse P is making peanut butter doggie treats for them. The mommies are going to have frozen strawberry margaritas, lay out and swim in the pool while the puppies are playing. Mine will be virgin, of course. But still yummy. I will try and take some pics. Hopefully Sammy will refrain from humping everyone. He loves to hump Jackson. Which, if you think about it, looks really really funny.

I don't know what I'm doing tonight...I decided not to go to the beach. Four hours in a car using expensive gas is just not really that much fun when you have to turn around and come back the next day. Plus, I'm kind of enjoying having the house to myself. I might just stay in and read, which sounds incredibly luxurious to me, but very lame to you, I am sure. That way, I can make a dent in my book before I watch my favorite TV show in peace. And snuggle with my little love bug.

And no, I am not referring to Repo.

I appreciate everyone's advice, but I am not quite sure what I want to do yet. This means I'm probably going to do something stupid that will blow up in my face. I am playing it by ear for now. Trust me, I am telling people I am single and I'm not waiting around for anything. I'm trying to be as pessimistic (realistic?) as possible. It's always easier for you to say it than it is for me to do it. Stay tuned.

I don't know how much I am going to continue talking about him on here anyway, because his roommate, Golf Guy, is an avid reader. (Hey, Golf Guy!) I am sure he is rolling his eyes right now as he is reading this. He keeps Repo up-to-date about what I say on here, because Repo doesn't really want to know what I say on here. I think I have been very tactful, IMHO. I haven't bashed or bitched or given away anything too personal. I don't know if GG would agree with that. But Repo doesn't want me talking about him a lot, so I will try and cut back, out of respect for his wishes. I've pretty much already said everything I want to say anyway. So unless it is good news, I will probably not talk about Repo anymore. It will help me move on. So it's all good.

K comes back from the beach tomorrow and we will probably go out. Hopefully I will have the house cleaned up before she returns. We are in some serious need of housekeeping!

I am posting to Virginia Cooks today, if anyone is interested....

Have super weekends, everyone!!! Remind me to tell you the Green story next week. Too long for now.


Jonathan said...

Loved the videos. :)
Hope your weekend is going well. And I like the recipe you posted over at Virginia Cooks. Definitely will be added to my collection.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I am going to steal the escasty one..Thats too funny

Gypsy said...

Thanks for the link! And that Smurf thing is cracking me up. Too funny!

Virginia Belle said...

jonathan-- thanks! glad you liked it.

random---yes, aren't they a riot??

gypsy-- that smurfette thing was too freaking funny. i loved it too.