Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday 13 (Late, as Usual)

Thirteen Things That Happened This Week

Ok, I know this is a cop-out topic. But my brain is really disorganized today, so you are going to have to bear with me! Besides, I need to catch you up on what has been happening. Here goes...

1. I think I have found a mortgage offer that is actually below market interest rates! Woo-hoo! I will know more on Monday.

2. Every time I go to brainstorm about decorating my house, I want to do each room in a different shade of green: seafoam bathroom, celadon in the bedroom and apple in the kitchen. (Obviously, if you read my blog, you can see how much I love green...) Somebody stop me before I end up living in the Honeydew House! Must. Think. Outside. Green. Box.

3. I booked my (free) flight to Indianapolis to go visit all my old friends. I am SO excited I can hardly stand it. I haven't seen most of these guys since 2001. I will be there for 9 days in December. This means I will freeze my ass off the whole time because I no longer own any wool/warm clothing. I'll have to figure that out later.

4. There was only one free return flight--December 24th. So I won't be getting to Czarina's house for the holidays until Christmas Day. Oops. Luckily, she's cool with it.

5. My impending trip means I will have to lose substantial amounts of weight between now and then. I can't be The Girl Who Moved Away and Got Fat. Plus, I will be hanging out with College Boyfriend, so you know how that is. Remember, I am also going to Florida the week before, where I will run into another ex--the Big Ex. So diet and exercise is the name of the game at this point.

6. Except that I have been having wicked chocolate attacks all week. I went to the grocery store last weekend and bought the following: Milky Way bars, chocolate Twizzlers, two cartons of chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake mix and chocolate icing for the chocolate cake. As I type this, I am down to the ice cream and a few Milky Ways. Oops. (To my credit, I shared the cake with my coworkers.)

7. After having my monthly "I will never get married! I will die alone and childless!" dramatic, crying breakdown--can you tell I'm somewhat hormonal right now?-- I decided to suck it up, force myself to be in a better mood and stop feeling sorry for myself. So, I went out. I went with K to Wild Hare. We met two guys: the first one I will call Parrot Guy.
He was really good looking, but something was...weird about him. And slightly annoying. I wasn't feeling him. Then I realized the irony: He has a parrot that can talk. Apparently the parrot repeats itself incessantly. Much like his owner does. I kid you not, we had the same four conversations about three times each: football, his parrot, the fact that I don't drink and Germany. By the time we stopped talking, I was finishing his sentences because he kept repeating himself. Much like his parrot. Annoying? Yes. Yes. Yes.

8. The other guy, it turns out, used to date the girl who had my job before me. I work in her old office, in her old position. Weird. A small world moment. (Really, I need to start telling you guys about my weird small world moments. I have lots.) I prepared myself for a bitter tirade, but he was actually a gentleman about it, and said nothing but nice things. Of course (duh!) I came into work today to get the scoop from everyone, and it turns out that she broke his heart, so now I am sad to think about how much he probably didn't want to even think about that when he went out last night. If I ever see him again, I will apologize.

9. Then, K ran into her friend, the Car Salesman. His coworker met me once a long time ago and wanted to be set up with me. I had managed to avoid this whole scenario for months, but alas, last night it caught up with me. I had a bad gut feeling about it (hence my avoidance), but unfortunately, I was in a corner. I could not for the life of me remember the guy, so I was secretly crossing my fingers that he was hot or funny or at least cool. Unfortunately...he could have passed for Repo's Unfunny Ugly Twin. Yeah. Not good. Don't get me wrong--he was a nice guy. Very sweet. But entirely too much like Repo--talks like him, dresses like him, same mannerisms....but ugly. And unfunny. I gave it my best shot, but there's no way it would ever happen. I have to be attracted to a guy for it to work. And the ability to make me laugh is a definite must. And it would definitely help if he didn't remind me of a guy that broke my heart. I actually started to tear up at one point, but I don't think anyone saw me, thankfully.

10. The four of us ended up going down to 5 Points, a part of town mostly visited by college students. So I felt a little old, but it was ok. While I was there, I ran into The Cop's former roommate. We chatted for a second, and I mentioned that I hadn't run into The Cop lately--he didn't seem to be out at the bars anymore. His former roommate replied, "Yeah, he's gotten really serious with some girl." Great. Just what I needed to hear. As if it's not bad enough, sitting there, being forced to hang out with an almost-twin of my most recent ex, now I get to hear that my other ex is virtually engaged. On either side of me were reminders of my failed relationships. On a night when I was already feeling upset, pathetic and lonely.

11. Just as he's telling me about The Cop's love life, up walks another friend of K's. He is facing me, and wearing a shirt that says, in huge purple lettering: YOU ARE OLD! ....and that's about when I was ready to go home. I couldn't help but feel that was a sign for something. This night just had too many reminders that I suck at relationships, so I might as well just give up and grow old. Alone.

12. I went to the bathroom to try and knock myself out of this negative thought pattern (again, hormones. They are mean little bastards!) . As I'm sitting there, taking deep breaths, I overhear the tail end of a drunken conversation between two young college girls:

Girl 1: "You are gorgeous! Do you hear me??? Gorgeous! You can get any man you want!"
Girl 2: "But he's got a new girlfriend! And she's prettier than me!! I miss him!"
Girl 1: "Why do you care? You can get any of these guys! You're fabulous! You're gorgeous! [to a third girl who happened to walk into the bathroom] Isn't she gorgeous?? He's an idiot. And that girl is not cute at all. You don't want him anyway because he's an asshole..."

All I could think was how many times I have played the role of Girl 2, and how thankful I was for the Girl 1s of the world. I always believed the Girl 1s, and appreciated their pep talks. But this time, I was on the outside. An impartial third party listener. And as I listened to Girl 1 repeat herself, all I could think was, "She is so full of shit."

I guess I'm officially cynical!

13. I don't have much in the way of plans this weekend. I am going to go see MJ's new house, which she officially purchased today. I am feeling the urge to clean out a closet, think up more decorating ideas and do some cooking. (WOW, exciting!) But I'm sure something cool will come down the pipes. If not, I will be forced to create my own excitement. K is out of town all weekend, so it's just Sammy and me. Hopefully, he will be a better doggie than last weekend. But I'll explain that in the next post.

Have great weekends, everyone!!!


Marty said...

1 - Below market? Thats awesome, remember to not only pay attention to the interest rate, but also the APR.
2 - I am the same way.. both of my bedrooms are a shade of green, and the kitchen is a soon-to-be green.
3 - Reminds me of my high school reunion.. in 2 weeks
10 - Makes me think of the beach area here, mostly college students but usually a pretty good time
12 - Is this why girls alway go to the bathroom together? For their little 'pep' talks?

Stuck said...

I've heard that women's bathrooms have couches in them... :)

Virginia Belle said...

marty-- girls do sometimes go to pep talk each other. other times, we go to compare notes or gossip. sometimes, we even pee. go figure.

stuck-- some of them do, actually. but not usually in bars.