Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Reasons You Might Not Like Me
(I forget where I got this topic...Apologies to the originator!)

1. I am probably a good month behind in reading your blog. Please, do not take it personally. I am catching up slowly. Ask Anne and Stephanie. Also, I might just be lurking because I don't have anything to say. Trust me, I am on a guilt trip about it, Jennster and Modigli and....well, everyone else!

2. I don't like cats. I hate cats.

3. I don't like Disneyworld. Waste of time and money. Nothing fun for adults. No, I am not a "kid at heart". I actually enjoy being an adult.

4. I hate musicals, too. They make me want to barf. Yes, even Sound of Music.

5. I will correct your spelling and grammatical mistakes. (And in turn, please feel free to correct mine.) I will also correct your incorrect movie quotes. (Again, you have permission to correct me here, too.) Actually, if you let me run free, I'd probably correct a lot of the things you do and say.

6. My room is always a disaster. As in, you can't really see the floor. Dirty dishes, dust, shopping bags,'s all everywhere. To my credit, I'm not too bad in the rest of the house.

7. I like rap. A lot.

8. Old people get on my last nerve. Yes, even your sweet little old grandma. She's too slow, she's deaf as a post, she smells funny and she only talks about the stupidest topics. Yes, I realize I will be an old lady one day. But I won't be like that. I will be cool and sharp, like The Fruitcake Lady. I will say exactly what's on my mind, not drone on and on about taking the grandchildren to the park.

9. I don't like modern art, modern furniture or modern decor in general. I think it's simplistic and sterile. I'm sure it floats other peoples' boats, but I will never own a plastic dining room set with egg-shaped chairs.

10. I think Monty Python is hilarious. (I know Gypsy does too! We gotta stick together, girl!) I don't find Steve Martin or Rodney Dangerfield funny at all. Ever.

11. I get really cranky when I'm tired. I will take it out on you. I will realize I am taking it out on you, and I will continue to do it anyway. To boot, I usually get whiny and clingy when I'm tired. Yeah, I'm fun.

12. Playing board games with me is not fun at all. I am both a sore loser and a sore winner. Some people just won't play with me anymore. I get too competitive. This doesn't stop me from asking people to play board games with me all the time.

13. If you are in the car with me, and I'm driving, and you don't have your seatbelt on, I won't move the car until you put it on.

14. (Bonus) I don't drink. We will never share a crazy, drunken moment together. So I won't toast you on New Year's. I won't take shots with you on your birthday. I will take pictures of your drunk ass and show them to everyone. If you're a guy, you'll never be able to randomly hook up with me. On the plus side, I will drive you home, I'm a cheap date, I'll hold your hair when you barf and I will remember everything stupid that you did.

15. (Bonus Bonus) If you know me in real life, you know that I interrupt you a lot. Please tell me to shut the hell up. I am trying to work on this.


Stella said...

The ironic thing is that all of these things that I'm supposed to not like about you, makes me like you even more.

Vixen said... are cute, and quirky!

tallglassofvino said...

yep, there's a few on that list that would, uh, take some getting used to, but the fact that you were really honest about listing them? well, that alone makes me like you.

Lisa said...

KNowing these things about you makes me really want to be your friend! (Even the part where you don't drink.)

And not a big cat fan, don't really like old people all that much, and get crabby when I'm tired too!

NewYorkMoments said...

I'm watching The Meaning of Life right now...

Old people scare me.

teahouse said...

Yeah, interrupting is a bad habit that you should try to break..I have a friend who does it, and it drives everyone bananas. She's otherwise an angel, but that one thing...

Oh, and I hate cats too! I'm allergic to them. But beyond that, I just can't stand them. They think they're better than everyone else; it's irritating.

Gypsy said...

I am always encouraged about the state of society when I encounter people who are deeply aware of themselves, of both their foibles and fine points. I loved this list.

Your list also points out how people don't have to be the same to enjoy each other's perspectives. I am totally a kid at heart, I love musicals (especially Sound of Music), I don't like rap, I am easy-going in the game playing department, but I still think you're delightful.

jennster said...

i fully expect that one day, you will catch up on my blog and i will be blessed with the novels that are "VB BLOG COMMENTS" once again. i do miss them!

the shrewness said...

ive hit a blogging roadblock. couldnt think of anything to write about. so, with your permission... i would like to borrow this meme.

and heres to hoping that you come back to blogging soon! :)