Monday, January 22, 2007

The House-Warming Party

My party was so much fun! I wish all my readers who live far away could have been there. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't ready yet. But at least this time, I actually took pictures.

K and I spent Friday night buying stuff for the party and baking. Navy Guy, my roommate's ex-boyfriend, made a surprise visit and ended up helping us get ready for the party. Saturday morning, we cleaned and organized the house, with Navy Guy's help. Saturday afternoon, he left to go home and so we went back to more cooking and baking. Here was our menu:

Bacon-Cream-Cheese Wraps
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Brandyn's Mexican Dip
Chicken Fingers
Cheese Ball with Crackers
Veggies and Dip
Pumpkin Bread
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lemon Bars
Turtle Brownies

I think that was it...I'm sure I'm forgetting something because we had truckloads of food. So much was left over, in fact, that I took tons of stuff over to my guy friends, The Wild Youngins, the next day. J-Rich, JD and the rest of the crew were really excited when I dropped off 2 bags of food, a case of beer and a case of Dr. Pepper at their house. They, along with Blonde, Nurse P, a couple of coworkers, Stuckey, my girlfriends W & E and their respective boyfriends were the only ones who couldn't make it to the party. But we still had a nice-sized crowd anyway.

My friends trickled in and out from 4pm onwards, with the party peaking around 8:30pm. I saw a lot of K's friends: The Preacher's Son and his wife, Mr. Bill, Sassy and her boyfriend. I got to see some of my friends, too: Brunette, my real estate agent, German Nurse's parents, some coworkers, Healthy Girl and her hubby, an old boss and her hubby... One of the reasons I like to throw parties is because I get to see most of my friends in one night, without leaving my house. This party was a perfect example of that. And you know what? My friends give really great housewarming gifts. I cleaned up! I can't wait to use all my new stuff. Wanna see what I got? Ok.

How cute is this serving set??? KT and MJ have great taste.

This was from my coworkers K-Rod and L. They know how much I love Mexican food and how much I envied K-Rod's Quesadilla maker when she brought it in one day. Good work, co-workers!

My other coworker gave me tea towels that look a lot like these. (I love tea towels. I think I have about 20 already.) She also got me a candle and some soaps.

I got some more candles, a wind chime, a basket, another utensil set, a couple more serving platters, two gift cards to Pier I said, I cleaned up. Woo-hoo!

I even got to meet two new people. I love it when I expect to only see old friends at my parties, and then end up meeting new people too. I got to meet "Ahty" and his dog, Halo. (She's a Boston Terrier, too.) Ahty also brought his friend Clay Aiken. (No, he wasn't really Clay Aiken, but he kinda looked like him. Only...not as gay. Kinda cute, actually.) So when Ahty and Clay Aiken got there, all hell broke loose.

And by hell, I mean Sammy. He began barking at Halo and terrorizing her. They took turns fighting over the tennis ball and generally making a lot of noise. Mostly, Sammy barked at her because he wanted her to play with him. She thought it would be more fun if she just played keep-away with the ball. Chaos ensued.

Soon, MJ and KT arrived. They brought MJ's boyfriend Steve. (Ahty and Clay are friends of Steve's.) At this point in the evening, there were lots of people in my house and the dog barking was starting to get really old. Steve asked me if I watched The Dog Whisperer with Caesar Millan. I said no, which is surprising, considering how much I love dogs. Steve explained a little bit of Caesar's philosophy, and then demonstrated on Sammy. It was like night and day, y'all. Sammy went from this obnoctious, high-strung, barking dog to the meek and obedient pup that he normally is when no one's at the house. I was an instant convert. I can't wait to check out an episode.

By 10:30, we began talking about transferring the party to the bars. One of our favorite local bands, 88 Rewind, was playing at The Flying Saucer. KT, MJ, me, K, Steve, The Preacher's Son, Ahty, Clay Aiken and a couple other people went there to check it out. As usual, 88 Rewind didn't disappoint with their great covers of all the 80s songs you know and love.

What was just as entertaining, though, was Clay Aiken, who proceeded to spend most of the time there sucking face with a very, very drunk girl. He had to hold her up half the time. We were all laughing about it and teasing him. We even got it on film. Hee hee.

By 2:30, K and I were pretty pooped, so we left our friends and went home to crash. I didn't wake up yesterday until 1pm! I haven't slept in that late in at least a year! I dragged myself out of bed and ran some errands. I happened upon a department store here in town that's in the process of closing. Not surprisingly, they had a fantastic sale going on. So, of course, I bought more shoes. (I saved a fortune, too! They would have been $300 for both pairs at full price, but I snagged both pairs for $40!!)

Unfortunately, I can't find any pics of them online, so I'll just have to take my own pics and post them later. I need to show a lot of my shoes, actually. I should make a shoe post and show you my collection....hmmm...

Anyway, then I went back over to the Wild Youngins' house to watch the Colts/Patriots game with them. I was glad to see the Colts win, as I am somewhat of a fan. Can't wait for Superbowl Sunday!!


Lisa said...

You got some really cool stuff. Yeay you. And sounds like a great party. Yummy food.

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

OK so can I tell you how much I L-O-V-E The Dog Whisperer?!? I watch him all the time! What did Steve do to calm Sammy down?

Lady Wanderlust said...

You made all that food yourself didn't you? You're so domesticated. I can barely make macaroni. I once burnt and undercooked a box of shells and cheddar AT THE SAME TIME. I'm talented. I guess cute neighbor boy didn't come?

Lady Wanderlust said...
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Lady Wanderlust said...
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Lady Wanderlust said...
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dating dummy said...

What a great party! And I bet the boys just thought you were sent from heaven when you came by and gave them food and beer. :)

And hurray for the Colts! I was rooting for them the whole game and was as relieved as Peyton when they won.

Pretty cool to have a Dog Whisperer as a friend, btw! He'll come in pretty handy.

Megan said...

sounds like a great party! i loved my housewarming party. soooo much fun!

hey...where did mj's blog go?

Burg said...

Glad it went well!

I love the Dog Whisperer.. I use a lot of his techniques on Gretchen. I've considered trying them on my in-laws as well.. Whenever they speak, I'll just do that "psh" thing he does..

Virginia Belle said...

lisa-- thanks! yeah, we had a good time.

meghan -- steve just made sammy lie down on his side (a submissive position) and held him there until he calmed down. it worked like a charm! it didn't hurt him or anything.

lady wanderlust-- burned and undercooked at the same time?? what, did you just not stir it at all? i don't even know how you can even do that. :) and NO, HOT NEIGHBOR DIDN'T COME. i was so pissed. he actually waved at my roommate as he was outside playing with his kids and she was answering the doorbell. grrr...

oh, and don't be offended, but i went ahead and erased your comment that repeated itself 4 times. :)

DD-- yeah, i'm sure i earned some brownie points. especially since i showed up with beer. go colts!!!

megan-- OMG i don't know! i just emailed her. hopefully it's just a technical error.

burg-- yeah, i can think of some people i'd like to use his techniques on...

Kevin Charnas said...

I think that you should post the film that you have of this Clay Aiken character holding up a drunk girl while trying to kiss her...nice...real nice. :)

LOVE that serving set.

RWA said...

Sounds like quite a party.

Let me send you my address for the next time you have leftover cases of beer and bags of food!

Anny said...

yea u made me hungry with those bacon wrap crescent roll thingies. but anyway, so glad u had fun. first housewarmings are milestones!!!

~Moi~ said...

sounds like a great party, havent read your blog in a while - what happened to HN? wasnt he supposed to be there? Did I miss something?