Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kleenex, Cough Drops and College Stories

Ick. I feel mostly better. Just have snotty nose and dry throat/cough. Mmm. Pretty. So I am currently getting by at work, thanks to facial tissue and the wonders of Honey-Lemon Halls. I'm out of these, which are actually the best cough drops ever in the history of mankind. They taste like candy. Wish I had some....

I am really, really sore. On Monday, after skipping a week of weight-lifting classes, I thought I'd be a badass and go up in my weights. At the time, I was on this big adrenaline kick. The kind where you feel very euphoric. So I was really getting into my workout and decided to push myself. It worked. Everything hurts.

In case you ever wonder why I never seem to reply to your comments, it's because I read them in my email, and then I forget to reply to them in my blog. But I read and love each and every one of them.

I replied to everyone's comments in the 2 previous posts. So scroll on down to read 'em. Sorry I'm such a space cadet, peeps. I am blonde, remember.

So I think I ran over a nail or something yesterday. Yeah, because I don't have enough car problems. My "check tire pressure" light came on right after I heard a funny noise under my front tire while driving. The last time it came on, I had a nail in my tire. So far, no flat, but I need to get it looked at. Awesome. I love my stupid car.

Seriously, I am thisclose to saying "F--k It!" and going to CarMax this weekend and just buying something. Anything. Just get me away from this pain-in-my-ass car. I'm so sick of it. I need new brakes, a new thermostat thingie, the seat warmers don't work, my CD player is starting to act up, I probably need a tire patch, a new key reader, an oil change....ugh. I hate dealing with cars. That would be one of the coolest things about being rich--I would never have to worry about car problems again. Someone else (or my bank account) would handle it for me. *sigh*

Ok, before this turns into the most. boring. post. ever. I will share some more college stories with you. I told Charming about them the other day and she got a kick out of them. So here goes. Another story about College VB.

Time: Spring, 1998
Place: Bloomington, IN

I am in a car with three pledge sisters: Liz, Eileen and Valerie. We are freshmen, looking to buy some beer to drink in a dorm room (probably mine, because I didn't have a roommate). Liz is driving. She's the only one with a fake ID. So we go to a grocery store and she goes in alone to get the beer. She comes back with the beer....and four cute guys. They were seniors living off-campus. They were having a party at their house, and we were the guests. This was apparently decided in the beer aisle of the grocery store while we waited in the car.

So the 8 of us proceed to get trashed. I ended up somehow (Gosh, how did I get in here??) in one of the cute guys' bedrooms. I fell asleep after hooking up with him*. I figured everyone else went home.

So did Liz.

So did Eileen.

So did Valerie.

We all woke up in the morning, surprised to find our girlfriends still there. We had each hooked up with a different guy. So it ended up working out really well! We laughed about that night for the rest of college.

Gosh, I miss those carefree days of making out with total strangers....*sigh*

Ok, next story.

Time: Sometime during my sophomore year...
Place: Bloomington, IN at the ATO fraternity house

My sorority lived at that house, I swear. We were there almost every weekend. At this particular party, I was downstairs in the basement partying. I started making out with a cute guy who wasn't in the house, but was visiting a friend of his who was a member.

We ended up going upstairs to a room for more...uh, privacy. Aside from someone accidentally walking in on us mid-hookup, we had a good time*. I went back down to the party.

I had to pee, so I went to the ladies' room. While in there, I started talking to this really nice girl. She told me she was visiting from out of town and was at the party with her boyfriend. "Wanna meet him?" she asked. "Sure!" I said. (See where this is going? Yeah, how dumb am I?)

We walk out of the bathroom, and she proceeds to make a beeline for the guy I had just hooked up with upstairs. She introduced us, and I mumbled something and got the hell outta there! If I remember correctly, he had a very smug look on his face. What a jerk. I was mortified.

College VB was a fun girl. I miss her. Maybe I should bring her back....?

* And no, I didn't, in case you are wondering, Noseypants. I had a good time, but I'm not that kinda girl.


Megan said...

that second story is funny! glad you are feeling better today.

Anny said...

oh i actually didn't know u were blonde. i have great respect for blondes. :) i'm a brunette. blah. boring.

Behind The Curve On Love said...

Yes, you have to be careful with the term "hook up". With me always picking wrong checkout line in stores (I'm not kidding, it's a curse), I always pick the opposite intended connotation of "hook up". Good thing you clarified. ;o) Though either way, I wouldn't judge. It's all good fun!

Single guy blogging said...

Suggestion for a post (in case there isn't one already):
* What girls say
* What girls MEAN

I'd love to see that for a few terms: hooked up, hung out, messed around, fooled around, had a good time, had fun, etc.

RWA said...

Can we get a clarification of your definition for "hooked up"?

Scott said...

If it makes you feel any better, I need a new car also. Although I can't really bring myself to do it cause it hasn't given me any serious problems as of yet. Just tired of it.

Looks like there are lots of meanings for 'hook up' :)

Matilda Jane said...

In case you don't know VB, when she says 'hook up,' she means it in the most literal way. She's into whips and chains...