Friday, March 09, 2007

Fun Friday!!

Yay! It's Friday!!!

I have a special treat for my readers today. A pic of my family. Well, part of my family. Here goes.

This is Fungus on the left and Fat Dog on the right. Back when we were little, we lived in a super-old farmhouse, waaaaaay out in the Virginia countryside. My brothers played T-ball every summer. This is a picture of them after they both played games one day.

I had forgotten that when Fungus was little, we used to call him "Nino". This was because he couldn't say, "I know!" -- it would come out as "Nino!" and was so cute, the nickname kinda stuck. We used to say silly things to him all the time-- "Fungus, the sky is blue." or "Fungus, you're three years old." and Fungus would roll his eyes at us and say, "NiNO!" --And we would all laugh.

They look like dorks in this picture. Then again, I'm their big sister, so they will always look like dorks to me.

This video was funny, mostly because of how accurate it is. I always thought I was the only woman who "adjusted her boobs" and studied her physique while waiting for the water to heat up. And none of the stuff the guy does surprises me one bit. Like most male behavior, some of it is gross and some of it is kinda cute. I like the "woo-woo!" part.

Guys, when you are out and about this weekend, don't be these guys:

Or this guy:

Or this guy:

Thanks to eBaum's World for the videos!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!!


teahouse said...

Hahahaha...I think it's so funny that you called your brother Fungus!!!

Was he a FunGuy?

Hardy har har har!!!

RWA said...

That first video is not funny. It is quite degrading to men. Besides, what's wrong with leaving your clothes in a pile like that?


Virginia Belle said...

teahouse-- no, it's another nickname he has in our family. his name sounds kinda like Fungus. (and trust me, you will never guess his real name!) looking back, i wish i had thought to call him Nino on here. i love that nickname.

RWA-- there is nothing wrong with that. i do it all the time. i thought the video was funny! it's cute that guys wave their wieners around like that! cracks me up every time.