Friday, November 09, 2007

Different Planets

CN and I have a lot in common, so it's always surprising when we have little moments when we just don't understand each other.

Example #1:

I made CN some brownies. A couple days later, he called me about them.

CN: Hey, um...should I keep the brownies in the fridge? Will they go bad if I leave them on the countertop?
VB: I don't understand. What do you mean? Like, you haven't finished them yet?
CN: Heck, no! I've only had about three.

*Very long pause.*

VB: Um....well......I don't know. I've never had brownies last that long before. At my house, they are gone in about 4 hours. So I don't know if brownies can go bad. I guess keep them in the fridge. I dunno.

Example #2:

I have just finished telling about 8 family stories to CN.

VB: I'm sorry. I'm hogging the conversation. Tell me some stories about your family.
CN: No, it's fine! They are really interesting. But um...I don't really have any family stories to share. How do you know so much about your family?
VB: Uh...because when we all get together, we just re-tell the same few stories over and over again. I've heard all this stuff since I was in diapers. You don't tell family stories when you all get together? What else is there to talk about?
CN: Um......I dunno.

*Long pause on both our parts. Lots of blinking. He's wondering why his family doesn't do that, and I'm flabbergasted that they don't.*

Example #3:

CN: Hey, do you want to come to my parents' house for Thanksgiving?
VB: Sure! I gotta check with my mom, though. She may not be cool with this idea. She always tells us that until we get married, we have to spend all holidays with her. But I'll see. Your mom's probably a really good cook, huh?
CN: Ooooooh yeah she is. She makes turkey, stuffing, pie, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole--
VB: Did you say 'sweet potato casserole'?
CN: Yeah.
VB: Ohmygod, I LOVE sweet potato casserole. And I have been lobbying at Mom's house to get her to make it, and she won't do it. We never eat sweet potatoes there.
CN: You......don't? Eat? Sweet potatoes?? *extremely confused expression*

Speaking of which......I need to tell you some family stories! And post some recipes! Woo Hoo! I can feel the writer's block melting away!!! I might post again later today....

Have you taken my quiz yet??? Look at yesterday's post! The winner gets a PRIZE!!


KT said...

I love Sweet potato casserole too.. my mom makes it every year... and I never appreciated it like I do now :) :)

Virginia Belle said...

p.s. i am posting a beef stew recipe on Virginia Cooks today if anyone is interested. :)

kimmykins13 said...

We go out to various restaurants for Thanksgiving every year - then at Christmas we do the traditional Turkey/Ham/stuffing/gravy/green bean casserole/cranberries and of course - my mother's mashed sweet potato casserole with toasted pecans on top. I eat an extra helping of it instead of eating the pie because OMG - there is seriously nothing like it and now I can't wait until Christmas just thinking about it.

Coco said...

I despise Sweet Potato Casserole . . .and my family adores it and has it at BOTH Thanksgiving and Christmas. They think I'm an alien.

teahouse said...

Mmm..sweet potatoes.

Yeah, the Fiance and I come from very different family backgrounds as well. Always good fodder for discussions about what kind of family the two of us will have together!

RWA said...

Since neither of you know, I don't think brownies can go bad. They can get dry and hard, but I'm pretty sure they won't go bad if you leave them out.

Phantom Hater said...

Geez...cover the things with some plastic wrap. Eventually, they'll get hard enough to use in brownie fights, so it's win-win.

Celebrate your differences. As long as they're nothing too serious (such as, CN was raised by wolves), I'm sure there is both common ground. I mean, you're both from the south, so you can both talk about your inbred cousins or something.

Virginia Belle said...

Mmmmm sweet potato casserole....


yeah, luckily, CN and i are on the same page about all the big stuff. WHEW.

oh, except maybe politics....but I like to tell myself that's only because he doesn't watch the news as much as I do. LOL

Smug said...

My husband agree on so many things, but then there are the times were we disagree so much that we look at each other in disbelief!!

PS: I tagged you, check out my blog for details! :)