Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thirteen is the Loneliest Number

One of CN's cousins passed away yesterday. :( He was about my age. The autopsy results are still pending, but it looks like it was similar to what happened to Heath Ledger. I guess he had the flu and took a whole bunch of stuff. CN will leave tomorrow (Friday) morning for the funeral in Alabama (that's where his mother's family is from) and won't be back until Sunday. I haven't talked to CN about it a whole lot, because you know, sometimes people don't want to talk about stuff like that. But he did say he's bummed about it. So I made him some cookies to cheer him up.

Meanwhile, MJ's battening down the hatches in preparation for her mother's visit. So she will be tied up with that this weekend.

KT has moved to New York state, so she is gone now.

That leaves me on my own this weekend. So let's think of some fun/productive ways to spend the Weekend of Me.

Thirteen Things to Do Alone This Weekend

1. Clean my house! Ugh, it has been gravely neglected.

2. Organize papers, finances, recipes, photographs, etc.

3. Paint my coffee table (a pale, metallic blue color), which I have been meaning to do since JULY.

4. Hang my curtains (lightweight, sheer white cotton) -- another project left over from July's major house decorating binge with The Czarina. She cannot believe I haven't finished these projects, but I tell her that she is my muse and inspiration and I lose all passion when she is not near. *snort!* But seriously, she gets me all excited about decorating, but when she leaves, it's like the air is let out of a balloon. Or whatever. You know what I mean. She makes it sound fun.

5. Speaking of home decorating, CN has gotten me hooked on this home makeover show called Clean House. Have you seen it? It's kind of cheesy, but somehow, I am addicted. I love the hostess, Niecy! I just saw this one episode where they re-did this woman's bedroom. They painted the walls this color (only slightly more purple-y) and then everything else -- and I mean everything else -- was white. It looked amazing. I can't wait to watch more episodes this weekend!

6. That reminds me....I have almost 2 weeks' worth of stuff on my DVR to watch....

7. And a Netflix movie to watch. It's a horror movie...I think it's about a girl who is possessed by the devil...I can't remember. And no, it's not The Exorcist.

8. Sammy needs a bath, BIG time. And a thorough brushing of the teeth. His breath could stun an ox right now. I'm not kidding. He woke me out of a dead sleep the other day. It is truly heinous.

9. My backyard? Totally disgusting. Weeds, pine straw strewn everywhere... not to mention untold amounts of dog poop. I am currently in denial about the abysmal state of my back yard. I really should get to that this weekend at some point. Shoot....E has my gardening gloves....note to self........

10. There is an IU game on this weekend, too. (Like how I keep coming up with excuses to watch tv? LOL) I should kill two birds with one stone and watch it while I run on a treadmill at the gym. On an unrelated note, I kicked ASS at the gym on Monday -- 2.5 miles of running, sometimes getting as fast as 6.5 mph!!! Go me! Oh, and that was after my hour-long weight lifting class. I paid for it with a quarter-sized blister on each foot. Ouch!

11. Finish reading the books I checked out about The Bahamas!!! 34 days until the cruise...we got our tickets in the mail this week! Woo Hoo!!

12. My friend Super and I have been talking about having a doggy play date. She has a Jack Russell terrier. I should give her a call. She and I have never really hung out on our own before.

13. Go for coffee with Repo's (now) ex-girlfriend. Yup. You read that correctly...Is your jaw dropping? Because it should be. If you need the back story because you're lost or have fuzzy recollections about all the old drama, look at my post from 2/1/07.

Tee hee, aren't I mean for not divulging juicy details? Ha ha!


Jonathan Zero said...

Repo's ex? And no details? Inquiring minds must know! hehe

kimmykins13 said...

Well you have to email me and divulge the details on your meeting with Repo's ex and the demise of the relationship (which of course was inevitable) also how your B-day went!!

I am so sorry about CN's cousin. These things suck. I hope he is ok.

I joined Bally's so I am right there with you VB. I only get the personal trainer once a month for an hour though.

I know how you feel about the Czarina. As you know I have my own Southern Czarina who loves to come in and take charge of my household-my own personal Martha Stewart who bitches at me if I don't get everything accomplished in her time frame - Whaddya do? Just can't please them all the time. No, I have not hung the curtains she bought me either LOL -sounds so familiar!!

kimmykins13 said...

Oh, and if the movie you are talking about that you need to watch from Netflix is relatively new then it is probably "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". Might want to watch that one when CN gets back. It is pretty creepy.

The K Life said...

woah wait, lunch? repo? ex? you MUST better inform us!

Jonathan Zero said...

And sorry to hear about CN's cousin.

Sam said...

Having trouble commenting on certain subjects...*ahem* will try again later.

Virginia Belle said...

jonathan zero -- all in good time, dear! thanks for the concern.

kimmykins -- well, so far it's not really enough to qualify a whole post. i will have more info after sunday night. glad to see i have a virtual gym buddy person! and how funny is it that we are the same about home decorating? good to know i'm not the only one. i am not sure about the movie. i want to say the girl's name is not emily, but agnes. i watch horror movies alone all the time, so i should be good.

K Life-- ok, it's not lunch -- it's coffee, thankfully. and it's with the girl that Repo cheated on (remember, i was the other woman), not Repo. dear lord, i wouldn't acknowledge his existence, let alone ruin the sanctity of Starbuck's with him! more dirt soon, promise.

sam-- LOL yeah....well....time heals all wounds, you know. i am not the kind of person to stay upset about something that was so long ago. i don't really have any ill will towards her, anyway. i know most of the b.s. was all on Repo.

RWA said...

I am also sorry to hear about CN's cousin. Hope he had a safe trip to and from our fair state.

teahouse said...

Hey, I posted a few weeks ago about how I'm also addicted to Clean House!! The Fiance is always laughing at me about it, because whenever I announce that I'm going to clean the place, I somehow end up on the couch, open-mouthed and glassy-eyed, watching Necy and her crew.

I'm sorry about CN's cousin. The same thing happened to my sister's boyfriend's cousin, and also a couple of days ago. We're not talking about the same person, are we?

Virginia Belle said...

rwa-- thank you for your kind words, rwa. :)

teahouse -- that's right! i forgot about that! have you seen the episode i'm talking about? i cannot stop thinking about that room and how awesome it was! how weird would it be if we WERE talking about the same person. he lived in atlanta. is that the same city as your sister's boyf's cousin?