Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bahamas Pics

Hello, dear readers. You have all been waiting patiently for my vacation photos. *crickets chirp* I'm sorry it has taken me this long to get them up, but I have good excuses!!! Look:

Sammy didn't stop barfing until Sunday. I had no paper towels, clean rags or carpet cleaner left by the time it was over. Ugh.

I had a migraine all day Sunday. And my trainer KILLED my calves at the gym on Friday night. My calves STILL hurt today. But it's much better than the last three days, where my calves have been so tight that I have had to hobble around like some kind of geriatric Barbie doll. People were staring at me, actually, I was walking so awkwardly.

CN has been having MAJOR gastro-intestinal issues since Saturday evening, and I have been worried sick about him. We are going to the doctor as soon as I post this, actually. We almost went to the emergency room last night, because he was in so much pain. He's not in too much pain right now, but let's just say that something just isn't right with him, and I'm getting really concerned. I don't want to go into the gory details, but there's a laundry list of issues he's having right now. Remind me to tell you about Dr. Quack. (That might be tomorrow's post.)

Alright, on to the pics. Maybe some of you still care to see them?? I dunno.

Can you see the "fever" of stingrays in the water? Yes, that is the correct term for a group of stingrays. I looked it up. Of course. They were kind of creepy, the way they "flew" underwater.
This is the view from the ferry we took to the island with the stingrays. This is some big resort in Nassau.
This is some government building in Nassau. It's really old, and I love that it's pink -- so Caribbean, no? It's hard to see, but the seal of The Bahamas, there on the portico, has a blue marlin and a pink flamingo on it. I thought that was so cool. Very exotic.
This is a shot of the beach area where we swam after we finished swimming with stingrays. Isn't the water beautiful?? Even with the rain clouds overhead, it's still gorgeous.
This shot is just to the left of the last photo. The yellow hut is the first aid stand, I think.
This was the view from deck when we pulled into Freeport the day before. (Yeah, these are out of order. Sorry!) That wall you see jutting out into the water is where the boat parallel parked! Can you imagine parallel parking a cruise ship??
CN's feet are pale. Mine have long toes. Freaky feet!! This was on the ferry as we went to go swim with stingrays.
This is what the deeper water looked like in the Caribbean. So pretty.
I got a good close-up shot of a stingray!

I know these are not the best photos ever. I'm just not artsy like that. And most of my pics (obviously) include me or CN. Since I am trying to cling to what little shred of anonymity I have on here, I am not sharing them. Besides, I don't want to put up pics of CN without his permission. So if you are wondering what I look like, just imagine....I look like Jessica Simpson. Or Scarlett Johanssen. Yeah. I'm the spitting image.

Ok, I'm off to take CN to the doctor. Yes, he needs a chaperone, trust me. *groan* More on that tomorrow.


RWA said...

What the hell?!?!??!

I was expecting to see at least ONE picture of you and CN - and not your feet!!!!

It does look like a beautiful place, though. Is that "fever" of stingrays the ones you were swimming with?

marie said...

Oh, wow.. the water is so beautiful!

These pictures made me really home-sick and miss the warm weather.

Stingrays ARE creepy and I'm with CN on that one; I would definitely jump and squeal if one got near me. *shuddder*

Jonathan Zero said...

I hope CN is feeling better and they can figure out what is wrong.

really like the picture of the beach with the storm clouds. Great colors in the sky and water.

Virginia Belle said...

rwa-- now, now. just be patient. i am toying with the idea of revealing myself and CN on here, since this blog is private now, and i trust my readers a lot. i have to chew on this idea for a bit. most of my readers already know my real name and what i look like, anyway. you should have stalked me on myspace like everyone else! duh!

and yes, that is the same fever of sting rays that i swam with. only that photo doesn't show all of them. there were about a dozen.

marie-- sorry to make you homesick! yeah, the weather was perfect, i have to say.

jonathan zero -- he's fine. thanks for the photo compliment. i kind of like that one, too.

Megan said...

Damn...I was hoping to see a picture of CN. I have seen you before on another blog, but a picture of the two of you would be cool.