Monday, April 07, 2008

Cruise Preparations

Most of this weekend was spent prepping for my upcoming vacation.

Friday night, I went shopping with MJ, who helped me pick out some cheap-o hair dye (my roots were bugging me, and I didn't want to be all rooty in my cruise photos). I got some hair products to protect my highlights from fading in the almost-Equator sun and a cute black bikini from Target. (I love bikinis with little shorts on the bottom!)

Then we went to dinner to discuss her new guy. Since I am now happily hooked up, I live vicariously through her single-girl love life. So this new guy is from Myrtle Beach and works for the same company MJ does, just the Myrtle Beach branch of it. So it's not like they technically work together, which I thought was good. So far, they are just enjoying each other's company. MJ doesn't sound like she's looking to jump into a relationship right now. Besides, he was engaged to his last girlfriend, and took the breakup kind of hard. I'm sure he isn't looking to jump into anything, either. But apparently, he's a hottie and she's really enjoying having someone to flirt with. Woo hoo! Go MJ!

Saturday, CN and I went shopping. On our list: swim trunks for him, a beach hat for me, sunblock, body lotion with the self-tanner built in, travel sized goodies and ear plugs (in case our cabin is loud). Aside from the beach hat, we got everything on our list. CN wants to know why he isn't allowed to use my self-tanner body lotion, and I explain to him that it is for girls and that he will have to be rugged and manly and just get his tan the old-fashioned way. Which should be entertaining, because he makes Nicole Kidman look tan. (I made sure to stock up on SPF 55 for him!) I tried to get CN to buy some water wings, since he can't swim, but he didn't go for that idea, even when I tried to bribe him with my self-tanner lotion. We are going to pack a lot of that blue sunburn aloe gel stuff, too. I think we will end up needing some....between his transparent skin and my "D'oh!" moments in the sun safety department, this is probably a good idea.

I was pretty let down in the hat department. I want a wide-brimmed straw hat that will keep the sun off my ears, face, neck and shoulders. I could only find church-style hats with voluminous bows and feathers or inadequate baseball caps. Arg. This might really cramp my style, sunburn-wise. Plus, I wanted to have my very own Pretty Woman moment, with my elegant, chic movie-star beach hat. When paired with big sunglasses, I'd be glamorous AND mysterious. Oh well. That fantasy will have to wait.

Shoot. Just realized I don't have an adequate bathing suit cover-up. Hmmm. Will have to come up with something. I have some shorts...

Yesterday, I decided to tackle my back yard. It was full -- FULL -- of weeds. If I didn't do something quickly, it would become a small Amazon rain forest by the time I get home from my cruise. Because he is awesome, and because the Braves game was inexplicably not televised (yessss), CN helped me. I think making him a big pancake breakfast helped my cause. While weeding, I screeched every time we came across a cricket. I hate crickets. We found two fire ant mounds (and sprinkled with ant killer accordingly). We found 2 little frogs and 2 spider egg sacs (we left them alone, because spiders eat crickets). I was happy to see lots of ladybugs and wormy things in the dirt. I know those are good signs....of something.

"Wow! This is quite a little nature adventure, isn't it?" I said. "Hey, babe, is this grass or a weed?"

"You're not much of an outdoors gal, are you?" he laughed.

"Um, no. Not really. I figured that growing up on a farm, I've done my time with Mother Nature," I replied.

"That's a weed," he explained, yanking it out of the ground.

"But it looks like grass," I said.

He sighed and laughed at me again. Apparently, I am a little rusty on Mother Nature stuff.

Three hours, two trash bags and three filled trash tubs later, my backyard was 90% weeded. And that is good enough for me. By 5pm, I was filthy, I had a farmer's sunburn (oops!) and was totally exhausted. My poor hands are trashed. I had started out wearing work gloves, but didn't feel the blisters on my fingers until it was too late. I took them off to realize that I have four skinned knuckles, and they hurt. I have washed my hands a million times, and I cannot get the dirt and green color out from under my fingernails. My hands are still red and swollen from all the work. They ache. I have new sympathy for those in the lawn care industry. And I vow to never EVER let my yard get that bad again. (Does anyone know how I can make my hands feel better, softer and cleaner??? I really tore them up!)

After a long, cool shower, CN and I watched tv the rest of the day. I took a nice nap on his lap. Although I was tired, I did run home to make him a salmon quesadilla for dinner, since I was so grateful for his help.

All I have left to do is: go to the bank to get some cash, clean my house, return a bottle of sunblock (I don't think I will need four...), paint my toenails, drop Sammy off at MJ's house, bake a cake for MJ to express my gratitude, burn a CD for the drive to Jacksonville and pack!

WHEW. I'm glad I took Wednesday off. I will need a whole day to do all that!


Alison said...

About the sun hat you're looking for...try a gardening shop. That's where I got mine, the big straw kind that makes you like the Big Kahuna or something straight out of Gidget. :) Call first and then you don't have to waste your time running around.

Stella said...

The over 50 crowd in AZ loves these! Somehow I don't think that's the look you want!

JP said...

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw my sister's boyfriend after their cruise. They didn't figure they would be outside very long on the last day of the cruise so he spot-applied spray-on sunblock. He was beet red almost all over, except the splotchy patches which were paper-white. Poor kid.

Hope you have a great trip!

Alison said...

Oh dear, not REI. This is what I had in mind:

Becky said...

its almost time! i'm so excited for you!

kimmykins13 said...

I'm sooo excited for you! You are going to have so much fun!!!!

And what a nice CN - to help you out with your back yard and all. Tell me, did he make himself another wild onion snack? Heeeheee, just kidding VB. I couldn't resist because it was such a hilarious post.

Smug said...

Have a wonderful time and I know I speak for all your readers when I say that we will be waiting for all the stories that you will have to share upon your return! I for one want details on all the chocolate!!

Virginia Belle said...

alison -- that's a great idea. thank you! and yes, that hat is exactly what i'm looking for. only i want a black one.

stella -- UGH. that might be the ugliest hat i've ever seen!! no, not exactly what i was going for!

jp-- LOL that is a funny story. that's what CN will look like if we are not crazy. i did not get any spray-on SPF, and now i'm glad i didn't.

becky -- me too! i will do my best to take a ton of pics for you!!

kimmykins -- OMG, no, he didn't, but i did make a joke about it.

smug -- will do! i will eat some chocolate and lobster for you! p.s. where'd you get that hat????

sassafras said...

Have a fantastic cruise! Take lost of pics!

I can't seem to find a good hat either =( Maybe there will be something on the cruise or once you get into Jacksonville?

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