Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Smurf Goes to Prom

In case you are wondering where I've been lately, I can give you a quick explanation:

I have had a terrible cold, which is still lingering. *cough* *sniff*
I have been in interviews for the PT Clinique job (I start tomorrow).
We had inventory at work. Thousands of books needed to be scanned. :\
I have been doing a bunch of regular, un-blog-worthy things (Sadly, my life is not always as titillating as I wish!).

So in short, you haven't been missing anything.

However, my little sister, Smurf, is having a very eventful spring! Not only did she get her driver's license (if you live in Virginia, watch out, because the girl cannot drive AT ALL!!!) but she went to prom with a senior -- which really impressed me, since I was so socially awkward in high school, I was grateful to be invited at all, by anyone. She is only a sophomore, which proves that my little sister is WAY cooler than I ever was at her age. Apparently, the senior has a crush on her, but she only likes him "as a friend". Which is probably a good thing, because the last time she filled me in on her love life, she had 3 guys (!!!) calling her.

I don't think I've ever had three guys calling me in my LIFE.

So I am relieved that high school isn't nearly as painful for her as it was for me. And I'm pretty proud, not only of her social abilities, but also her excellent grades (AP classes!) and her athletic talents (she currently plays softball, basketball AND volleyball -- WOW). She even plays the flute in her school's marching band. I don't know when she sleeps!

Thanks for letting me brag. Now, here's some prom pics of my little sister Smurf.

The obligatory hair-do, complete with 18 gallons of hairspray, I'm sure. And I would like to add that she was lucky enough to inherit The Czarina's extremely thick and shiny hair, whereas I got WLF's thin and fine hair. And did I mention that this girl NEVER gets zits?? Yeah. And can you tell how long her legs are? She is 5' 9". I am 5' 5". She's got legs for days. It's just not fair!!!

Is it just me, or is that corsage gigantic?? And I think her prom date is the same height she is!

I love her dress. And check out her adorable dimples!!

Ok, maybe she should pull her dress up a little bit....(oops, that's the overprotective Big Sis coming out!)

Having fun at prom with her date!

She said the after-prom stuff was held in the gym at her school, which is where this pic was taken. Apparently, it was super fun, because she didn't come home until 4am!!! The girl on the right is her best friend. I don't know who the girl on the left is. With a social butterfly for a little sis, sometimes it's hard to keep up!

Just to illustrate how vastly different my prom experiences were, let's do a quick reflection of VB's proms:

Junior year (1996): Considering my senior boyfriend dumped me right before everyone started finding dates (Gee, thanks, Scott. Great timing.), I was kind of S.O. L. and so had to pray to the prom gods to be asked at all. I ended up being asked by some guy in my math class. Until he asked me, I literally did not know he existed. (Isn't that terrible?? I don't even remember his name. Chris, maybe?? In my defense, my high school was HUGE and I was extremely shy. So it's not like I was too cool to know who anyone was. I was just clueless.) We went with his friends to dinner. I didn't know them, either. I don't remember having too good of a time, although I was glad he didn't try to kiss me, because that would have been awkward at best. I do remember liking my dress (it was short and bubblegum pink) and my hair -- The Czarina was a hairdresser in a past life, I swear. The woman has got some wicked hot roller skillz. Anyway, I had this whole 1960s girl group vibe going on. Very Dreamgirl-ish.

Senior year (1997): Again, there was no convenient boyfriend to be my automatic prom date (see a pattern??). So I was stuck crossing my fingers and again praying to the prom gods again. My best friend was in the same boat I was in. So was our guy pal, Josh. So the three of us went together! We ended up having a blast. My girlfriend wore a champagne satin dress; I wore a long, fitted, black dress trimmed with rhinestones. He got us matching red rose corsages. We got him two boutonnieres -- one for each lapel. And arm-in-arm-in-arm, we went to prom! Josh took turns dancing with us, and we ended up having so much fun. Josh told me later that he felt like a pimp all night, walking around with TWO prom dates. I can't remember where we ate or what we did that was so fun, but I do remember having a really good time and laughing a lot.

Now, Josh is engaged. And my girlfriend just got married last fall. I am now praying to the marriage gods. LOL some things never change....

Anyway, what was your prom like? Did you have fun? What do you remember? If you are a female reader, I want you to describe your dress to me!


Caz said...

I went to two Proms.

When I was in Gr 10 (sophmore in the US I guess?) my boyfriend was in gr 12 at a different high school and I went to his prom. We went with all his friends who I knew fairly well and had a good time. I loved my dress (it was a long sheath and shimmery-red with rhinestone details on the spaghetti straps and on the criss-crosses of the back.)

In grade 12, my long-term boyfriend and I had broken up about 3 weeks (maybe) before and so one of my really good friends (galen) and I went together. We were the two in our group who weren't dating someone else in the group so we'd been lumped together many times before. We got along great and had a blast. I was pretty glad I just got to hang with my friends instead of dealing with my ex-(who was occasionally an ass). My dress then was long, and pale green. Here's a picture actually: http://cherryblossomsandvodka.blogspot.com/2008/04/keep-on-thinking-things-will-always-be.html (I'm on the left)

kimmykins13 said...

Awww - your 'lil sis is pretty!! I think that she resembles you in the face.

Jr. year the dress was coral red, satin, strapless, tea length with a bow on the lower back and fitted skirt line. Looked like the dress Madonna wore in the Material Girl video. I loved it. At the time I was bleaching my hair blonde and I felt very glamorous and Marilyn Monroe.

Sr. year the dress was cobalt blue with black polka dots, tea length, spaghetti straps, flairy skirt with crinoline. I loved that one too. I would still wear both of those dresses and I still have them. They are crammed in a closet along with several fraternity/sorority formals and the two dresses I wore in the weddings I was in last fall. Yeah-Got way to many dresses.

cmk said...

My sad prom story:

We were too socially aware at the time to worry about anything as superficial as prom. (rolls the eyes) As juniors, my class took a poll to see who would show up for prom if there was one. Less than five seniors were going to show and most of the ones that would attend were sophomores. We decided not to put on a prom for the sophomore class.

The following year, the former sophomore class was STILL pissed off at my class, so they refused to put on a prom for us. So, no proms in my past.

I'm not sure exactly HOW many years proms were not held in our school, but it was because of MY class that it went prom-less as long as it did. And that, people, is the story of the class of '72. We really were a bunch of shits! :)

Fluffycat said...

I didn't go to my prom, just hung out with some friends that night. I went to a huge high school and had no interest in going.

Stella said...

Oh my,a great question. I went my junior year (we only had senior year prom) with a friend and that was fun and cool.

My senior year I was dating, pretty seriously, a guy who went to a nearby school. We went to his prom and had a blast. My prom, at my school, was on the same day as his high school graduation. One of my best guy friends asked me to go with him to our prom. I told my then boyfriend about this and he FLIPPED OUT. He told me I couldn't go, blah blah, starting making all of these demands, which I promptly ignored. I told then boyfriend I was going to spend that night with my sister who was coming in town and I went to my prom with the guy friend. We had a great time.

Burg said...

Me and a bunch of friends decided that it would be way more fun to go dateless and as one big group to junior prom. It really wasn't very fun at all. My senior prom date was- get this- my husband. We got married three years after I graduated high school. How lame am I? That one wasn't very fune either, but we weren't actually there for more than one dance.. I still remember the song though.

RWA said...

Quit thinking about your past. Be happy for Smurf.

You have CN now. Your high school prom memories shouldn't be bothering you!

Stuck said...

I wore black Converse All-Stars with my tuxedo, and every guy there was jealous of my super-comfortable feet. My date wore some skimpy black dress that made her look incredibly grown-up and hot... which also drew some jealous comments from my buddies...

Jonathan Zero said...

junior year, went a close friend. she was dateless and so was I so we went with her best friend and her boyfriend. Not long after we all graduated, my date and her now former best friend's boyfriend got married and I think they have a couple of kids. It was close to 20 years ago so the memory is fuzzy.

Senior year, my would be date was failing math so she could not go so I went solo but with several other couples that I was friends with.

Matilda Jane said...

I accepted my first prom date in 10th grade because the guy was my friend and I thought he was gay. Then he tried to kiss me! (royal blue velvet and satin, open back)

the next one was a couple towns away, a blind date so I could go to my friend's prom... and we ended up really liking each other... before disappeared and ended up in jail.. er, something.
(dark blue and black corset top, like cinderella gone bad)

11th grade: he asked me to go, then we broke up, but went anyway. I had a blast making out downstairs in the music rooms... with another guy. (burgundy empire waist with sparkles)

12th grade: I was hooked up with a fellow Pollack. His girlfriend got mad at him for going with me and dumped him. oops. I had a blast. (luminescent greenish-gold, lace up back with cascading beaded ivy)

Hannita said...

jr year I asked a friend of my ex and went with two friends - marginally good time (skin tight black dress, little longer than knees, boat neck with cap sleeves and marcelled hair - very retro cool)

sr year I asked a guy friend, and went with a huge group of friends - we had a blast! and no pressure because I wasn't interested in him at all (strapless black with thousands of tiny, intricate beads, huge slit up the back and loooong, sleek skirt)

Debbie said...

Your sister is beautiful! Love her hair!

I didn't go to prom at all. I was a nobody who hung around with other nobody's. Unfortunately, they were all girls or I could have at least went with a friend. *sigh*

teahouse said...

My sophomore year, a guy from a rival school's tennis team (a senior!) asked me. And my dad wouldn't let me go!!

My junior year I went with a guy who seemed cute but later turned out to be a psycho. As in followed people around school and took surreptitious photos of them and printed an angry manifesto which he put into everyone's mailbox at school.

My senior year I went with the star basketball player at school. Junior guy. Totally cool, but he got drunk and disappeared, and I went home with some friends and never even got to say good night.