Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hey! This is my 200th post! Cool. I posted eariler today, too, if you scroll down.

Funny moment of the week: I was walking Sammy. I saw a cute guy in the parking lot. I kind of smiled and said hi as he was getting into his car. Not 2 seconds after that, I walked into a gigantic spider web, complete with massively huge spider. By the time I saw it, it was too late. I was totally enveloped in this sticky, icky spiderweb, and I lost track of the massively huge spider. By this point, he was in his car, and he probably saw the whole thing, yet it was out of context since he couldn't hear my squeals and screaming. I just looked like some sqirmy girl, dancing around like a maniac, wiping something invisible from myself. What a great first impression.

Sammy starts his training class tonight. He will be valedictorian, I just know it, because he is World's Smartest Dog. He learned "sit" and "stay" in two days. We have been practicing at home already. By the end of class, he will sit, stay, lay down, walk better on a leash and come when he is called. It will be so fun. I'm sure I will have stories from these weekly classes.

Becky tagged me last week. I've done this meme before (see sidebar), but I thought of 6 more. And I'm just now getting around to writing it! Here goes:

Six (More) Weird Things About Me

1. I really prefer my orange juice with lots of pulp. Mmmm, pulpy!

2. If I go to one of those stadiums/coliseums where the seats are at a really steep incline, and the person sitting in front of you is actually underneath you practically, I will be white-knuckling it the whole time. I cannot stand being in buildings like that. I feel like I could fall out of my seat and tumble all the way to the bottom at any given second. I kind of get vertigo, almost. I think I have a fear of heights--shaking, sweating, clammy skin, dry name it.

3. In my family tree, there are some really weird/awful names*: Florence, Wilbur, Harold, Euphemia**, Eulella, Ephraim, Ebenezer, Elmer (I think), Ida, Arabella (actually, I kind of like that one), Imogene, Desire (there were some Puritans in my family, back in the day) and Dorothy, to name a few.

*No offense to anyone with loved ones by these names. This blog merely reflects my own humble opinion. So no angry emails, ok?
**This name sounds like a medical condition to me. Like, "Well, the doctor said I have some euphemiation in my toes." or "Oh no! I've been diagnosed with euphemia!" Anyway, this is a running joke in my family.

4. I just asked K if I do anything weird, and she informed me that I chew rhythmically. I guess there is a set pattern of chewing to which I have grown accustomed. I had no idea. So to hear this cracked me up, especially since I laugh at Sammy for the same thing! You could set a metronome to his water slurping.

5. I can flip you off with my toes. No joke. Maybe I should post a pic of that. I can also flare my nostrils voluntarily and raise my left eyebrow. And shake my eyeballs. It's kinda gross. You'd have to see it in person. My brothers can do it, too. We are one eyeball-shaking family.

6. I like the smell of fertilizer. Not the animal-poop/fish carcass kind. The artificial, inorganic kind. Then again, I like any smell associated with plants. This goes for candles, purfumes, air fresheners, etc. too. If it says "rainforest", "fig", "cypress", "meadow", "moss" or "fern" I will probably love it. This makes purfumes shopping difficult, as most purfumes smell citrusy or floral. It's an ongoing struggle.

Ok, who to tag? How about Teahouse and MJ? Or anyone else who wants to do it!


Gypsy said...

I can flare my nostrils and raise each eyebrow independently of the other, too! But I absolutely cannot flip a bird with my toes. My toes are worthless.

CharlestonGuy said...

Buy a house and rent out all the rooms!

Matilda Jane said...

Oh tag I'm it!
ok... now what do I do?? I've never been tagged before...

Stuck said...

Never been... I seriously doubt that, MJ. I'm sure tons of guys have glanced over at you and said "I'd tag that." ;)

VB has monkey toes... that's pretty creepy. :)

Matilda Jane said...

I think you mean: "I'd tap that"
anyway... crude compliment accepted.
seriously... what am I supposed to do?

teahouse said...

Ooohh, fun fun! I'll totally do it. Ok, I'm going to start working on a post now...

And I hate pulpy orange juice!!


Stuck said...

Tap... tag... I was close. It's not a complement I usually bestow on anyone, so I'm not hip to it.

Anyways, I think being "tagged" means you are now responsible for posting the same subject matter... wierd things about you, in this case.

Virginia Belle said...

gypsy-- if it makes you feel any better, i can only do one of my eyebrows. and trust me, you don't want my monkey feet.

CG-- that is pretty much the idea. i am taking K with me, so she will be my renter.

MJ-- just like Stuck said, now you have to post 6 weird things about yo'sef, foo.

Stuck, you crack me up. And yes, "monkey feet" is a good description of my feet.

Teahouse--i will definitely check yours out!

Jonathan said...

Happy 200! Woot! Here is to many more.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I run into a spider web, I get that creep-crawly feeling that the bug is on me even if it's not. Ironically, it's usually while I'm walking my dog (Max), who is the second-smartest dog in the world. He finally figured out the other day how to make the clock stop blinking on the DVD player.

I wondered who else in the world kept buying the high-pulp OJ. I figure if you can't chew your juice, what's the point?

- Texas T-bone

Matilda Jane said...

Ok well I tried to stop at 6, but I'm super weird..