Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I Wonder About

Just in case you ever doubted that I am insane....this is a peek into my strange little brain!

1. If you don't have any family nearby, how do you get to use your "family sick leave"? Can I consider my dog family? Or my good friends? This term seems to be prejudiced to single people, orphans or those of a more independent nature.

2. How do people with very long fingernails or hair down to their knees keep, clean down there? Won't those things get in the way during certain....natural activities?

3. What is so damn difficult about being a newscaster? Don't they just read a teleprompter? Geez, anyone can do that.

4. Is there really a reference to Superman in every Seinfeld episode?

5. If your boss asks you to proof-read something, and you find a lot of spelling/grammatical errors, is it a good idea to bleed all over their work? Or not?

6. Here in SC, ambulances are run by private companies. They are not necessarily associated with any particular hospital or area. This is very puzzling to me. If they are taking you to the hospital, why doesn't the hospital run the ambulance company?

7. Does Head-On really work?

8. Do dogs like dog food? Or do they just eat it to prevent starvation? Because I know very few dogs that get excited about kibbles, if you are holding a sandwich. I imagine dog food doesn't taste very good, even to dogs. Otherwise, they wouldn't get so excited about my ham and cheese.

9. What is it like to be a trucker? How do you pay your bills? Do they get bored? How do they stay fit? Don't they get sick of listening to music or talk radio eventually? How do they do their laundry? I could go on and on....I wish someone would make a documentary about this. It would be very educational.

10. I saw this TV show about a rescue dog. She could smell a human that was trapped under 5 feet of snow. That's one heck of a nose. My question is, in normal, everyday living, we must just REEK and STINK to dogs, right? Five feet of smelling power indicates one hell of a sensitive nose. Do dogs stink, or do we?

11. Think about a night-time skyline of a city. Some of the lights in the skyscrapers are on, but not all. The lights sometimes change from day to day. Did all those people forget to turn off the lights in their offices? Are they on timers? Are some lights designed to stay on forever? Does it indicate that the cleaning crew is on that floor? Why those lights and not others? Wouldn't it save a bunch of energy if they turned all of them off? (There are red lights that blink on the top of the building, so no planes would hit it or anything.)

12. Who does buy what those telemarkers are selling? I mean, someone's buying the stuff, otherwise they would stop calling everyone.

13. Ever see that episode of Sex and the City where Berger mentions how he collects found playing cards? I guess all around Manhattan, people leave random playing cards laying around??? His goal was to eventually collect an entire set of 52 cards. Does this "game" actually exist? Do people leave cards around in Manhattan? Or was it just something he did for fun? I can't tell from the episode if the cards are left intentionally or not.

There you have it. The things I wonder when I'm driving, brushing my teeth, on hold, waiting for the light to change, etc. Just a little insight into how crazy I am.

Preview for tomorrow's post: I put in an offer on a house!!! If all goes well, I will be living in my own home soon after Halloween!!!!!


LaShawn said...

great list...had me laughing!

Happy T13

Red said...

A dog's stink must be great to them because I have "doggy cologne" for my dog and as soon as I spray her she wants to go back outside so she can go roll around on the ground. Evidently it's good to smell like a dog.

Gypsy said...

It's like Deep Thoughts with VB. Cracks me up.

Re: private ambulances, see Mother, Jugs, & Speed.

sassafras said...

I'd like to know about Head On as well. Those commercials drive me INSANE!

Stuck said...

I'll tell you all about truck drivers and their secret life this weekend. I had a relationship with one for awhile. (Yes, there are female truck drivers!)

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

I work downtown Pittsburgh, and when I'm leaving at time I think the same thing about those lights!! We have so many dang skyscrapers down here you would think if they turned off the lights how much money/electricity they would be saving! You are not alone with this thought!

As for the house, congrats! You've come a long way girl! When I moved into my house it such an awesome feeling. Unlike living in an apt. where you could sometimes care less about things, you want to make sure that you house looks PERFECT! It also came with a fenced in yard so that my yorkie could run around...I think it made him very happy too!

anny said...

a house???????? now THAT'S exciting. best of luck!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

1. Family sick leave lets you have time off if you need to be with your family even if they are far away. I feel I get shafted cause I can not use this time because I have no kids, our company lets you take sick time if your kids or sick. I will have to look into this, I would if they would let me take time to be with the hubby, I mean technically hes a big kid right?

2. Ok Eww

3. I agree. Serious these people get degrees for this shit

4. Is there?

5. Ha ha

6. Umm strange? And logical right? States are strange

7. No head on does not work, I mean it may for people who get the random head ach but it certainly does not work on migraines, having suffered my whole like I have tried EVERYTHING for cures for migraines..

8. Could you imagine eating the same shit every day????? That’s why they get excited.. and its sort of like me, If I get a chance to try something new I run around wagging my tail about it'll

9. Most of the Truckers I have met (seeing how I am trashing like that from when I used to frequent truck just kidding) Truckers do most bills online/phone banking or go into the banks where they are driving, yes they get very bored, a lot of them now take small dogs with them on trips, oh and have you even seen a trucker.. not so fit, the ones that are probably watch what they eat. They do there laundry and shower at the truck stops (serious I did not believe this the first time I heard it, could you imagine showering at a truck stop?? EEWW) My moms fiancé was a/ is a truck driver (Long Haul across country)

10. Good question. I think its like anything, they way I look at it dogs can not talk so this is why they have such GREAT sniffing abilities. I know not logical , but everyone needs talent NO? And I think we smell good to them, or we smell and they just really like it?? They do snuggle every chance they get and I do this with the hubby?

11. Yeah they should turn off the damn lights, but I agree with the cleaning crew theory

12. I have never either.. I wonder who does.. probably the old people they pry on.

13. Interesting I have never heard this…

Am I not miss know it all.. that and I am SOOO bored at work..

CONGRATS on the house.. ha ha now I will have a free place to stay when I come to visit you
Ok done..

Anne said...

Those head on commercials KILL ME. Where do you apply it again? It wasnt really very clear? :)

Great list VB..

cmk said...

After HEARING a Head On commercial, I need to USE the stuff--must be their marketing gimmick!

teahouse said...

Yeah, good luck with the house offer!

I've never seen a playing card on the streets of NY. But after that episode, I have started looking for them...

the shrewness said...

the scary part is that i kept nodding while reading your list!

good luck with the offer. does that mean there will be a halloween party at your new house? :)

Lisa said...

Your list cracked me up. Loved it.