Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carry Me Back to Ol' Virginia

Hey Y'all! I think that is the name of the state song of Virginia. Not sure. Anyway, just a quick post before I head to the airport. I'm on vacation until June 1st!

I'll be with my family -- Smurf is graduating high school tomorrow. After that, The Czarina and I are going up to visit my Aunt J in Pennsylvania for a few days. I heart her.

Ok, I gotta run. Sorry about the lack of posting -- not much going on lately. Although, I do have a crush..........more later. :)


SJP said...

So, I was down in Savannah the other weekend with my boyfriend for a little mini trip. We're touring, walking around and we passed by the library. I got all excited and almost blurted out, "Oh, I know the girl that works there!" But fortunately for me, stopped myself. Can you just see him asking how, then me going "erm, oh, duh, I guess I don't really know her, I've just been reading her blog for over three years like a total creeper." Haha! But super cute city!! Really enjoyed it! Have a good vacation.

Smug said...

Glad you are still hanging in there! Missed you! Can't wait to hear about the crush!!

Len said...

Wooooooooo a post!!! :-D
Have fun with your family!

Megan said...

:) good to hear from you!

Virginia Belle said...

SJP-- that is so cool! Glad you had fun in Savannah. It's much better to visit than to live here, I can assure you. That's neat that I have a reader who actually knows the building where I work. It's kind of a cool place to work -- right downtown in the middle of all the action.

ok, guys, I am posting now.