Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Feeding Frenzy

Hey. I'm finally giving Bloglines a try. Since my blog list is pretty much out of control, this will help me tremendously as I won't spend large quantities of time visiting blogs that aren't updated.

It's kinda like Blogrolling, but I can add whatever else I want in addition to blogs (news updates, movie reviews, daily weather report, etc.). What can I say? I'm an All-In-One-Place kinda girl.

If you don't know what in the holy heck I'm talking about, you can read about it in Blogger Help. You can adjust your site feed options from your Dashboard, under Settings, I think.

So...if you are willing to have a site feed on your blog, I'd appreciate it. If not, no worries. It's your call. Also, if you have one and I'm too stupid to figure out where it is, please tell me. I'm kinda new at this. (Is there a way to subscribe without a link/button to use?)

Here are the blogs I've managed to subscribe to via feeds, if I'm doing this right:

Bad Girl's Guide
Becky's Blog
Columbia Chatterbox
Dating Dummy
Grateful Dating
Mysterious Meander
Ninja Nate
No Day But Today
Sex & Moxie
Tired of Men

Thanks. Appreciate it. :)


Lisa said...

Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm totally digging yours. Like the font. Very cool.

I was looking through your links list -- we have alot of links in common.

Can't wait to read your future posts...

jennster said...

girl.friend. when you go into bloglines and click ADD, you just put the blog's address in there and it should pull up any and all feeds they have. pick one. and there you have it! so easy and so fun. the only thing is you have to click on the blog to comment, but it's not that big of a deal. it's still easier having them all in 1 place

Gypsy said...

I LOVE Bloglines. And I subscribe to like 100 feeds. Holy hell, how do I get any work done? I know for Firefox, they have this little bookmarklet you can download to your browser so that if you happen to be on a blog you like, you can click the bookmarklet and add it to your Bloglines. Groovy, eh?

teahouse said...

I'm totally technically illiterate, so I don't even know what Bloglines is. I just update my links by hand. But I'm glad that it's proving so useful in terms of organization!

DetoxSmurf said...

I have RSS and RSS2 feeds for my website.

Virginia Belle said...

hey MM! yeah, i have read a couple of your posts and you are a riot, girl. sorry it took me so long to get over to your neck of the woods. thanks for the compliments.

jennster--ok, i already emailed you about this, but i'm soooo glad you told me that. i didn't know it was that easy. Can you tell i'm one of those people that doesn't read directions because they think they already know what they are doing?

gypsy--you rock. that is awesome. i am also a firefox user, so that tip is esp. helpful. you are the coolest.

teahouse-- yeah, you should check it out. it's kinda like...an email acct for blogs and websites. you sign in and new posts/updates come to you like emails. that way you don't have to go to a blog and say "oh. they didn't update. i just wasted 10 seconds." you should check it out. i was going to do blogrolling, but their code messed up my cute little arrow buttons. i like them. so i found an alternative. now i can get my news at the same time. :)

detox--yeah, it took me a sec, but i figured it out. i am a computer geek in-training, so i only kinda know what i'm doing.

Vixen said...

I use Google Reader...and love it. I guess it's the same thing, kinda. Google acts whompy at times though. Glad to see I made the list;)

Becky said...

yayi'jm glad i'm on your blogline thing! i never did do bloglines. i got fed up with it lol

Virginia Belle said...

yeah, i actually should remove this post. i figured out how to add people whether or not they supply the feed URL.

ha ha! none of you can stop me!

NotCarrie said...

Yeah, Bloglines is the best. It's also nice to visit blogs while at work so everything appears white and not all of the colors. Sometimes I have to be sneaky:)

Stuck said...

I've not really played with RSS at all, but I guess that's what the little RSS link in the upper-right corner of MySpace blogs is for... *shrug*

It does sound pretty cool to have all the blogs I read in one feed, though.

CharlestonGuy said...

Where do you find time to read all those?