Monday, June 19, 2006

Last Thursday's 13

Yes! Another 3-post day! Now my readers can get their VB fix!

I was on vacation. I don't feel like looking up the code.

13 Annoying Things

Don't you hate it when...

1. You put a dirty fork in the dishwasher, only to realize the dishes are clean. Now you have re-dirtied all the silverware.

2. You drop something you need into the toilet. Or you drop something you don't need into the toilet, but it's too big to flush. Either way, it's time to go fishing.

3. You go to put on the top you want to wear, only to realize there is a stain on it.

4. Your deoderant conks out halfway through your day.

5. You think no one is looking, only to realize someone is.

6. You are already late, and you spill your purse all over God's creation. There are tampons and ATM receipts and other things you can't just leave laying on the ground.

7. You have lost the receipt. For something that costs a decent amount of money. So now you are stuck with it. It stares you in the face every day, saying, "Ha ha! You're stupid! You should have known not to spend your money on something like me, anyway!"

8. You move, and forget that you have packed your library books. A month and a half later, you find them.

9. You drop it and it breaks. When you are trying to sweep it up, you cut your foot. It won't stop bleeding. You are now late. Plus, you have to go buy another thing like the one you just shattered.

10. You're in a major hurry and the store is out of what you need. Of course, you made a special trip to that store just for that item.

11. A bird poops on your head.

12. You forgot their birthday, but they remembered yours. And give you a nice gift.

13. The drawer under the stove falls off its track, and you can't get the damn drawer back in right, no matter how much you try, cry, plead or scream.

These things happen to everyone, right? It's not just me, running around, cussing up a storm??


Red said...

All thirteen happen to me on a semi-regular basis.. Maybe I'm prone to bad luck?

Anonymous commentors are bored useless ass-hats with no other outlet than irritating other people. Imagine what those people are like in person. Barrel of laughs...

Isn't everyone hooked on VH-1?? There was recently a new Behind the Music on Nick Lachey, and in a pathetic, glutton for whiny punishment sort of way, I kind of want to watch, but I keep missing it.

Good luck on the job front!

jennster said...

it's just you. ONLY.YOU.

Stephanie A. said...

A bird poops on your head? Uh, poor you!

Andy said...

V.B, you are a hoot!! I love your thoughts. I bet you would b a blast to hang out with..if there wern't to many birds overhead anyway :-)

Miss Fire said...

Not just you. Every single one of those things has happened to me.

Vixen said...

LOL---Well, it sounds like it's you and Miss fire. although a bird has dive bombed me before. And I did lose a receipt. And I did have a library fine of over $20. And....

Ok, so it's not just you.

Three's company.

Virginia Belle said...

red-- yeah, it is a relief that i'm not the only idiot doing this dumb things. i cannot imagine what these anonymous commenters are like in person. they have some issues and/or chips on their shoulders, i think. oh, and i watched part of that nick lachey thing. i can't believe i'm admitting that.

jennster--i hope a bird poops on your head! jk. :)

stephanie--i know! the worst thing about it was, i was stuck at a baseball game and since i was a kid, i couldn't drive. The Czarina made me stay until the game was over. so i had to deal with the poop for a while. yuck!

andy--thanks. yeah, i don't know about the birds hanging around either. but i am a huge klutz, so i can be very entertaining.

miss fire-- thanks. can you tell that the oven drawer really pisses me off?

vixen--you crack me up.

Christina_the_wench said...

Amen sista, amen.

anny said...

thanks for the well-wishes on my blog. u should sign up for haloscan for comments, that way u can ban nasty people. they are everywhere, and must be controlled! :)

Gypsy said...

Holy hell, I was thinking all these things happened to you in one day! But yes, these things happen to me, too. Except for the bird poop, which now that I've said that, I'll get shitted on this afternoon I'm sure.

NotCarrie said...

Def not the only one!

Becky said...

i so relate to ALL of this

Original Me said...

I've had at least 10 of these happen to me. Not just once!

Matilda Jane said...

This is where million-dollar inventions come from! Like the new solar-powered car cooling fan so you don't have to get into a steaming car-oven in the summer.

You think: I wish I invented that... that always bothered me too.