Friday, June 09, 2006

Late Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about My Dog Sammy

1. He sometimes sleeps in funny positions. (see picture) He snores very loudly.

2. He is a picky eater-- he will pick out the kibbles that he likes and eat those first. He only eats the bone-shaped ones if he has to. He only likes certain treats.

3. He lives for his squeaky toy.

4. He hates going outside in the rain, but tolerates bathtime.

5. He is afraid of cats, venetian blinds and thunder.

6. When he poops really hard, his weiner comes out. It looks like a wet, red noodle.

7. He uses the couch as a towel when he's wet.

8. When he drinks too much water too quickly, he barfs.

9. He poops in a circle, rather than a pile like most dogs. So he walks in a circle and squeezes at the same time. It looks really funny.

10. He really likes Missy Elliot's song, "One Minute Man." He kept tilting his head in time to it. Now I play it for him when we are in the car.

11. He loves ice cream. And ginger snaps. And marshmallows. But not Kellog's Corn Pops. This makes no sense to me.

12. He adores men and ignores me when they are around. You would think that he wouldn't identify with men all that much, considering he has no nuts.

13. One time, Sammy humped a slut. She must have smelled humpy to him, I guess.

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jennster said...

i always thought they looked like the tip of chocolate kisses.. only red. GROSS! we are grossing out blogland talking of dog peni. LOL

Julie said...

:o) I loved your Thursday Thirteen. Your dog sounds like a cutie!
Mine are up too.

Virginia Belle said...

ster-- "dog peni" LOL! that is my new favorite phrase.

Matilda Jane said...

my dog poops in a circle too...

At least now I know she's not the only one.