Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Edisto Photos

This post will be mainly photos. The next post will describe in detail what my trip was like. Before I begin, let me just say that I suck because I took no pictures at all. Feel free to chew me out about this. But thanks to Google, I found pictures of just about everything I want to share with you. Besides, other people take better pictures. So without further ado, here we go.

This is a map showing you where in the heck this island is. The red dot is Edisto.

The drive down is breathtaking. It is very rural once you leave Charleston--little villages, old churches and gorgeous trees. Mostly live oaks with Spanish moss hanging off of them, like this.

The funniest part of the drive was when I saw a trailer. On stilts. That just killed me. Only in South Carolina. I didn't take a picture, but it looked like this:

In order to get onto Edisto Island, you have to cross a big bridge:

And you will see lots of beautiful marshland:

And some interesting trees. Some of them are painted and decorated to look like people. For example, there was a Hula Girl tree, complete with coconut bra. I guess there isn't much to do around Edisto. This tree here is covered in toys for some reason. By the time I saw it, you couldn't even see the branches because there were so many toys on the tree.

Here is a picture of the house we stayed in:

Ok, just kidding. We wish. Actually, we were one street over and a couple blocks down from this house--which is for sale if you have a few hundred thousand burning a hole in your pocket.

Our house looked a lot like this one:

Finally I got to the beach! Here is a picture of Edisto Beach:

There are a lot of jetties on the beach. They are supposed to prevent beach erosion. Sammy liked to pee on them.

My favorite thing was the old church we visited. It was built in 1830 because the old one (built in 1710) had burned down. So this was a very, very old congregation.

Here is another picture of the church:

We looked around in the graveyard at all the old graves. The oldest one dates from 1785. Wow. This was so cool because I'm such a big history buff. Or a total nerd. One of the two.

Do you see the tiny little white building? That is where the church meetings used to be held back in the day. The meetings would always end up in heated arguments and sometimes even duels! So the congregation got together to build this little white building especially for the meetings. They intentionally built a building too small to walk 10 paces in either direction. This supposedly cured them of their dueling, as you must take 10 paces, turn and shoot in order to properly conduct a duel.

We also enjoyed some local produce at George & Pink's:

Here is Miss Pink. She rings up the produce.

We ate at this restaurant. It's on the Intercoastal Waterway. The food was delicious!

The view from the restaurant. Note the shrimp boats.

By far the most beautiful dirt road on the island is Steamboat Landing Road:

I saw the following animals while on my trip:

Egrets, sandpipers, lots of pelicans...

Ok, I didn't really see a loggerhead turtle. But I did see their nests. The fiddler crabs were so tiny! The dolphins were very cool, as were the blue crabs (YUM!).

And these are just some more beautiful pictures of Edisto Island. No, I did not go biking. That activity involves both being outside and risking bodily injury. And by that I am referring to the mosquitos. Good Lord, I am like a block of swiss cheese I have so many holes from those stupid bugs! I have at least 10 bites.

But I also have a nice, golden tan. It's a trade-off.


Gypsy said...

Gorgeous! And welcome back!

Those shots look a lot like where I'm from down here in the panhandle of Florida on the Gulf.

Anonymous said...

Ma'ams - I totally love your generic pictures! I love the picture of the pretty road the best. I am glad you are back because I have missed you!!!!

Lady Starfish

jennster said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! i love all that shit, even if you didn't take them! LOL.. it's beautiful there! when i went to charleston, we drove from there to savannah and it was awesome!

NotCarrie said...


Random Musings Of My Life said...

Ok Jelous.. its weird to think there are places so beautiful in the world.. I live in friggin cancreat traffic hell (read California) and we can not even swim in the ocean its too poluted.

Stuck said...

Oh lord. Even I take a million pictures when I go to Edisto, and I go there evry year for Thanksgiving. You're a slacker. ;)

Virginia Belle said...

gypsy--oh i am so jealous that you get to see this stuff on a regular basis. it is like a fairy tale or a ghost story setting to me. so romantic. it's nice to be back!

lady starfish-- oh ma'ams. i missed you too. glad you like my non-vacation pictures. i'm calling you later.

ster-- it is so gorgeous down there. and all the food is yummy! i love living here...

notcarrie-- girl, you should. i'll be more than happy to be your guide!

random--OMG are you serious? that is crazy. i didn't even see so much as a cigarette butt on this beach. i saw one plastic bottle. that was it. i thought cali was supposed to be gorgeous! i am very shocked.

stuck--yes, i am a total slacker. thank you for calling me out. i can't believe i did that. i just don't like taking pictures that much. they always come out lame. these are much better than i ever could have taken. edisto is so relaxing, though, that changing the channel on the tv sounds like too much work! i might get a digital camera soon. maybe if i have a new toy i would take more pics...

Becky said...

awesome pics! and glad youre back!

stella said...

You're back. Hooray.

shell said...

that road is fantastic. it's so mythical and beautiful. i'm glad you had a good time. i'm in ca and the beaches here are soo different. i grew up in so cal and while parts have become poluted, there are still gorgeous expanses that i love to sink my feet in. it all depends on where you go, like anywhere else in the world.

Matilda Jane said...

Soooooooo sad I missed out!!!
Next year... DEFINITELY next year.. I'll be more financially stable (fingers crossed!).
Everyone at work told me what a fool I was for not going. Also... got some great tips on restaurants for next time.

Virginia Belle said...

becky & stella-- thanks! it's nice to be back! i will spend today trying to catch up w/everyone's blogs.

shell-- yes, it is. it looks like something from a fairy tale. i should look to see if any movies have been filmed here...i've never been to the west coast. i guess the beaches there are rockier? that seems to be the case considering what i have seen on tv.

MJ-- yeah, it was cool. it stunk that you couldn't go, but it's ok. we go every year. this year was the first time i could go, so it was neat for me. i missed you too! we should get together this weekend.

Stephanie A. said...

Those shots are gorgeous and it looks like such a lovely place to visit. Glad you're back!

Anne said...

Oh VB..Im so jealous. That place looks beautiful!

Im glad you had a good time...still super jealous though!

The Dummy said...

Wow, those are some awesome pictures! You should be a photographer! Love that Steamboat Landing Road. There's just something perfect about that picture.

Follow the Frog said...

Great pix and interesting to hear about the island. Funny, I just finished posting a bunch of photos from a trip I took wine tasting.


anny said...

i luv the dirt roads. they look amazing.

r466it said...

I was at Edisto Beach with my family the week of 8-7-06. We had a great time! I love how you created a story with generic pictures! We ate at Sunset Grille and I agree, the food is great!

Miss Fire said...

Glad you had a good time! I can't wait to go there. It looks way better than FLA - friendlier folks, too, I betcha.