Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dog, House and Non-Dating

I had a pretty good weekend. I didn't go out on Friday night because I was worried about Sammy. Then on Saturday was the game. We lost to Georgia We had our asses handed to us by Georgia. But it was fun to tailgate with Mack Daddy, his cousin, Black Eye and K. Luckily, there were no awkward moments between me and Black Eye. We went to a friend's house to watch the game. I was too tired to watch the end of it. And too tired to meet up with Mack Daddy afterwards. Zzzzzz....

On Saturday morning, when I got up, Sammy was still lethargic and shaking. So I figured something was still wrong with him. I took him to a nearby vet who was open on Saturdays, unlike my usual one.

They were great! Their office feels much less rushed and their staff are very calm and patient. They answered all my questions and even gave me some tips. For example: If your dog is shaking, and they aren't cold or running a fever, it probably means they are in pain.

Needless to say, I am switching vets.

I told them how Sammy was acting and they looked at him. It turns out he has gum infections! That is why he wasn't eating. He really needs his teeth cleaned. At first I was worried I am a bad mother--I gave up trying to brush his teeth because I never got anywhere--but they assured me that Sammy's teeth must have taken at least 10 months to get this bad. Whew! They gave me some ideas for future teeth brushing. And I scheduled an appointment for Friday for Sammy to be put under and have his teeth cleaned. So when I pick him up after work, his teeth (and hopefully his breath!) will be great.

Until then, he is on painkillers and anti-biotics. And I have switched him to canned dog food since it is easier for him to chew. Plus, I hide his medicine in it. He still picks it out half the time. Grrr... Oh, has anyone looked at canned dog food? It is kind of gross, because there is this gelatinous layer of fat in the can. Seriously, it is nasty looking. I scrape it off and throw it away.

He starts his obedience class next week, so that will be fun.

I swear I have more interesting things going on in my life than my dog.

Like the fact that I am thinking about buying a house in the near future. I am in a good situation to get one (stable job, decent money, little debt) and I am sick of renting. My lease is up in February, so I have a little time to get ready. If anyone has any advice for me, it would be much appreciated! Before y'all jump in with advice and warnings, please keep in mind that I know nothing about the following:

1. houses
2. banks
3. loans
4. taxes
5. if taxes are even involved in this process
6. selecting a realtor
7. property value
8. calculating mortgage payments
9. home inspections
10. the benefits of a condo vs. a house

I am still in the nieve little fantasy land of playing house. It goes something like this: A really fun realtor who can read my mind falls out of the sky. She takes me around on Saturdays and shows me adorable 1930s bungalows in my three favorite neighborhoods (Cottontown, Rosewood and Cayce/West Columbia, to those who know what I am talking about). The one I pick is not only perfectly tailored to my storage needs, but also in super condition and totally affordable. After doing cartwheels in the fenced-in backyard, we head to the bank, where they approve me for a loan of $3.2 million and magically, my mortgage payments are $200/month. The taxman gives me a $4,000 tax refund in April and soon after, my new neighborhood is deemed "Best for Happy Living" in the Columbia metropolitan area. My house value doubles in less than a year.

The following features would be found in the house:

1. hardwood floors
2. wrap-around porch
3. crown moulding or a fireplace w/mantel
4. new kitchen
5. walk-in closets
6. fenced in backyard for Sammy (and other doggies!!!)
7. lots and lots and lots of bathroom storage
8. big windows
9. deck or patio
10. lots of nice shady trees

It would look like this house. Or maybe like these. Aaaaah, so cute. So me. So expensive.

Ok, so I need to stop dreaming. And start reading "Buying a Home for Dummies" or something.

But if you have any advice, ideas or Tales of Warning to share with me, please, feel free. Lady Starfish already informed me of the importance of having a new-ish roof and good plumbing.

Let's see...what else...

I have been kind of bummed lately and convinced that I am going to die alone and childless. Every single girl has this fear, right?? Nothing like starting back at square one of the Dating Game to make you feel like a big, fat loser. I know I am just being silly. But I will be single for at least 6 months, trust me! That's how it always works for me. Place your bets now--I'm telling you, there will be good money in it.

Ok, moping over.

I don't think I have told you this yet. I am waiting on a set-up. A blind date. One of my coworkers has this neighbor. He went to VMI, which is like West Point. (Read: uniforms make me hot and bothered) This is really a big plus for me, as Fat Dog also went there. Plus, it is in my home state--ah, home. VMI grads are known for having their act together. Very organized, mature, assertive, responsible, smart, capable....they are just generally squared away. (Funny...I am kind of surprised Fat Dog is a graduate, actually.) Throw in a great sense of humor and a laid-back personality and this is pretty much my ideal man. Did I mention the uniforms?

So this guy, VMI Guy, is a few years older than I am. He's supposedly good looking and goes running every day. He owns a house and has a really cool job in a political think tank or something similar. No girlfriends, ex-wives or kids. My coworker is sketchy on the details, but that is the general run-down. She's convinced that we would hit it off. She asked me the other day if I would give him my number.

"You had me at VMI," I replied, as I scribbled down my number.

That was about 3 weeks ago. He hasn't called. I'm too afraid to ask her if she gave him my number or not. I don't want to nag her. And if the answer is "Yes, I did.", then it would only make me more depressed. It would mean that a guy who doesn't even know me has rejected me. I'm not ready to hear that right now. In either case, it doesn't look like it is panning out.

Last night, I discovered Kohl's home department. If you are trying to not shop, you must avoid this at all costs. I never get excited about home decorating stuff, and even I was skipping up and down the aisles with glee over their "buy one, get one free" sale. Do you know what I got???? For $35, I bought two framed prints for my bedroom wall. I am going for a fern theme in my bedroom. Fern stuff is surprisingly hard to find. So I was pretty stoked.

Ok, I have to go read some blogs now. Hopefully, you will hear from me soon!


Miss Fire said...

"Glory, glory to old Georgia...."

OK, I'm sorry. We don't really care that we beat USC, we care that SPURRIER GOT SHUT OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE TWENTY YEARS!!!

I'm glad Sammy's going to be ok. I'm going to make an appointment for my doggies' dental appointment tomorrow - they are way overdue and I don't want them to get an infection, too.

Buying a house. Fun, nerve-wracking and frightening. Three tips:

1. Be very careful with your realtor - they are very much like attorneys. They are out for number one and can't be trusted. Try and find one that someone you know and trust has used.

2. When you find a house you're serious about, spend the money and get the house inspected!!!! Don't rely on the inspection the seller provides.

3. If you want an old house, say a '30's bungalow, you won't get storage. Sad, but true. Houses back then just weren't built with walk-in closets. But you probably will get hardwoods!

Thems my two cents!

Vixen said...

I know a lender I could hook you up with. She's pretty good, able to transact in the 50 contiguous US states.

teahouse said...

My realtor screwed me over in the end. No fun.

But I still got a nice apartment! Just be patient. It's like dating; a place may have a nice facade, but have a rotting foundation underneath. Another place may not seem like much at first glance, but end up being your dream house. And if it's meant to be, it will all fall into place.

I had a law school classmate who went to VMI. Yeah, he was pretty hott.

Vixen said...

Tagged ya! Deets on Mysterious Meander

Anne said...

So many things to comment on..

First of all..that is scary about Sammy! I had no idea that could happen! I have to go get Rickeys teeth cleaned. Im glad that Sammy is alright though!

Second..you are right every girl has that fear. At least I do. Its a sucky fear.

Im looking into buying a house too!

It just so happens that I work for a mortgage lender so I can definitely give you some tips and all when it comes time for you to sign contracts and during your closing. Definitely call me about all that.

Gypsy said...

Poor Sammy!!! But I'm so glad you got him to a better vet and got some answers. I'm sure he'll be on the mend soon. When we have to give our dogs meds we usually squoosh a bit of cheese around the pill. Works like a charm.

As for houses, can I share your dream? Because mine is already remarkably similar.

And VMI Guy? Grrrrr baby. Very grrrr. When I lived in Annapolis it was a treat to see all the Navy boys in their uniforms.

Matilda Jane said...

You know I'll be there to help you with house stuff. You can come to my closing if you want :-) THREE WEEKS!

My real-estate agent is the bomb, too... and she wears big sunglasses.

Glad Sammy is ok :-) Let me know the damage on his teeth cleaning because CornBread is long overdue...

sassafras said...

I too have house buying on my mind even though I don't think I'm at a position to buy just yet. Renting SUCKS! Hardwoods are a must.
So six months starting when?

Virginia Belle said...

oh shit. totally thought i replied to these comments. whoops.

miss fire-- i think i hate you right now. that spurrier comment was below the belt. way to kick us when we're down. :)

i know that bungalows do not equal storage. *sigh* just my fantasy, you know...

thanks for the tips. 'preciate it.

vixen-- thanks, sweetie! i will let you know if i need one.

teahouse-- i like that philosophy...makes sense.....sorry you got screwed. i will have to cross my fingers. glad one of my readers has experienced the "VMI aura" that surrounds these guys. *sigh*

anne-- as usual, you are so sweet. Sammy is feeling great and is even back to eating his regular food now. but they will put my baby under tomorrow! so i will be a nervous wreck. i will call you for mortgage info, definitely.

gypsy-- thanks. he's feeling better already. although, he is really good at spitting out his pill. i totally enclose it in hot dog, and half the time he just spits it out like a watermelon seed. argh. and yes, we do like similar houses. not everyone can have great taste, you know.

and yes, uniforms are very grrrrr, baby. :)

MJ--yes, if you would please stop going out of town, we could hang out and talk house stuff. i was not aware that your agent wore big sunglasses. sounds like my kind of girl. and Sammy's teeth are going to cost me about $100. not too bad.

sassafras-- um, that's an interesting question....*looks at the ground sheepishly*...well, i guess 6 months starting when i stop talking to him...CRAP. ok, i'm busted. good job.

Dorian said...

You are so cute, bless your heart! I am in the process of reading your entire blog. Chronologically.