Friday, September 15, 2006

Quickie #2/ Fun Friday

Random tidbits in my brain:

1. Well, I've never had a better excuse to eat pizza rather than salad. Woo-hoo! I get to throw away all my yucky salad when I go home. Papa John's, here I come!

2. The reason why you can hate me now: I am going to fill up my gas tank this weekend. For $2.20 per gallon.

3. Have I told you that I am almost murdered every day? It's true. When I am on my lunch break, there is always some wack-job trying to run me off the road. It is bizarre. I've been cut off, I've had to switch lanes to avoid an accident, I've wanted to flip the name it. Seriously, if you saw how these people drive, you'd be fearing for your life, too. It has happened enough that I notice it and brace myself for it. Today, I turned a corner, and came face to face with an ambulance headed straight for me. It was obviously answering a call, and I had heard it, but I assumed it was the police car up ahead of me. Then I turned the corner and HOLY SCHNIKES!!!! Seriously, I almost had a head on. The wierd thing is, it only happens on my lunch break. I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me. Maybe, "Eat like it is your last meal!"

4. This is hilarious. Yet totally disgusting at the same time. Just my kind of site. Thanks to Evel for sharing. I wonder what Steve will eat next.

5. This is disgusting. Yet totally hilarious at the same time. You have to read the police report to get the funny bits. Ever read this site? It is great! Every day they have the craziest stories.

6. Sammy is getting his teeth cleaned today. So far, they haven't called me to say they are doing any extractions, which is good. He seemed confused that he was going for a ride so early in the morning (I had to drop him off before work), but once he was there, he seemed to want to say, "Cool! Where are we going, nice Vet Tech lady?" And I was forgotten. No goodbyes, no whining. This must be how mothers feel when they drop their kid off at kindergarted for the first time.

7. They actually spelled my name right at Starbuck's today. I think that is a first.

8. Did I tell you about Dr. Cluck, the chicken my little sister, Smurf, had as a pet? (Background: Fungus worked at a chicken farm last summer. He managed to get a baby chick and bring it home as a pet for her. She, ever so wittingly, named the chicken Dr. Cluck.) Well, apparently Czarina found the carcass today in the yard. She thinks a fox got Dr. Cluck. "Let me put it to you this way," she said, "I'm not going to be eating chicken for a looooong time." RIP, Dr. Cluck.

9. More Smurf news: The homecoming dance is coming up. She was asked to the dance by a guy in the grade above her (!!!!). I was getting really excited about this story, until Czarina added: "...but she said she can't go with him because they don't know each other well enough." This is making me seriously doubt my supposed genetic relationship with her. Turn down? A date? To a dance???? Is she high??

When I was her age, I was so desperate for male attention, I would have gone to the dance with the Hunchback of Notre Dame if he had asked me. I don't even know what to say. I am just shaking my head. (My theory is that the guy was a major dork/jerk and it would have been social suicide to be seen in public with him.)

How am I supposed to re-live high school if she doesn't do what I would do???

10. [This one is for fellow college football fans. You can skip it otherwise.] Have you heard this story? And let me tell ya what--our QB really doesn't have room to be messing around like this. He isn't the best QB I've ever seen. He actually kinda sucks. My coworker and I believe that the bouncer must have said a snide comment to him about his poor playing in the last game, and that started the fight. Anyway, he is suspended for this week's game, but I heard he will be back next week. And for the love of Pete, I wish he'd get a different haircut. What is that??

Again, I say, what is up with the drunken bar fighting, men???? So stupid.

Have a great weekend, guys! I hope there are none of the following in your weekends: dead chickens, bar fights, E. coli, expensive gas, animal love, pulled teeth, disgusting food or head-on collisions with ambulances.


Vixen said...

Woohoo, First. TGIF! As u can see I have nothing to

Red said...

Yeah... Ummm.. I just finished an entire bag of that spinach.

Don't feel bad, my dog and my kid do the very same thing to me. I thought the first time I dropped the dog off at the vet that she'd at least look back at me and whine a little... Nope! And my daughter on her first day of school sat down at a table to play with play-dough and looked at hubby and I and said a very simple, "Bye!"

I'm just totally un-needed!

teahouse said...

I'm glad you did not get into a head-on collision with the ambulance. Although help would have been very close by...

Lisa said...

My little sister is in her 30's (like me) so I have to live through our child's babysitter when it comes to the high school stuff...

Hope you had a great weekend.

CharlestonGuy said...

I'm chiming in on the bar fight thing...I totally agree with you on that one. I just don't understand why guys want to fight when they go out. If they focused all that energy on getting laid instead of fighting it would be a lot more productive.

Besides - didn't we learn that fighting was a no-no in kindergarten?