Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things Which are Frustrating Me

1. The instructor who will be conducting her classes in the library for the next 3 weeks. She might be the MOST annoying person in the universe. One of those people who thinks the rules don't apply to them. Who thinks that shoving free Mary Kay samples in my face will make me like her. Who thinks that I want to hear her life story--again. Who thinks she knows what she's doing in the library. Who cannot explain anything to her students at all and so they come to us for help, and we get to basically teach her class for her. Besides, her hair looks like it was cut with a Flowbee. Ugh, she irritates the piss out of all of us.

2. The fact that I've been trying to write this post since 5pm and it's now quarter to 8! Her students are all very needy because they have no idea what they are doing. I'm running out of patience.

3. I cannot decide what colors I want to paint my living room and dining room--they are joined, so they have to go together. I'm thinking a pale sandy-peach color like this on the walls. And then in the kitchen, a sort of teal color. As an accent in the living room, I'm thinking a burnt orange. I don't know. I've also toyed with having a gray living room, a green living room, a white living room, a chocolate living room, a butter yellow living room and even a sort of cantaloupe color with accents of brown and pink. Argh, I wish someone would just do it for me like on TV.

4. I keep chickening out on ending things with Cop 2. He's too nice! I can't do it! Maybe I should give Shannen Doherty a call....

5. People who cop an attitude with me when I tell them something they don't want to hear. A girl came up to the desk and asked, "Can you give me some change so I can get money for some coffee?" and since we have a strict policy against that (and since we are not a friggin bank), I replied, "I'm sorry, but I can't do that for you. We don't make change for the vending machines, only library purposes." Two minutes later, she came back over to the desk and informed me that she thought I was rude! And this coming from someone who blatantly interrupted another student to ask me that in the first place! Grrrr...I'm sorry, but I don't see how I was rude at all. She was interrupting, I provided the information she needed. She can bite me.

6. Only one of my umpteen friends in Indianapolis offered to put me up when I go up there to visit in December. I can't believe that. I guess they are all just assuming I'm staying with someone else. Or that I'm made of money and I am staying in a hotel. What really gets me is that my oldest friend in the world, J, didn't even offer. Then again, she hasn't been the best of friends to me lately. Remember my weekend in Charleston with the Assholes? But that's ok. I'm staying with College Boyfriend and his parents. That means homecooked food and a hot tub.

7. I can't find information about nose-picking in China. I did learn, however, that giving a clock as a gift is not a good idea in that country. Don't know why....just saw that it was not a good gift. Hmmm...can anyone explain that to me? And if so, can you also tell me if it is socially acceptable to pick your nose in public in China? Because that's what I heard.

8. Guys who don't plan dates. I have been set up on a blind date. Blind Date guy called me and wanted to take me out. And that's as far as he got. In order to avoid an awkward silence, I basically had to come up with all the details--when, where, etc: "Ok, so....when is good for you?" and so on. This is not my job! It's the guy's job! Always be the man with a plan, guys. Please. It makes the woman feel like an idiot. We want a man who is in charge. Do guys only go so far as thinking about the acceptance or denial, and then they stop?

9. Not having football tickets. Seriously, this is killing me. I haven't gone to a single USC game this year. I would like nothing better than to go to the game this Saturday. It would make my week. Maybe I will at least be able to tailgate...after I get off work on Saturday! (I am covering for someone--it's ok, I get comp time.)

10. Lack of time to get organized and get my head straight. I have so many things to do and organize before I move! I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for about 2 weeks now. I'm tired! But I am checking a few things off my to-do list. I got my hair done, my dentist appointment, the visit to the vet, the shoes repaired, the library books returned...I'm getting there.

11. Lady Starfish isn't coming to visit for a couple more weeks. I know it's not her fault that her trip was postponed. But I really miss her. At least now she will come when I'm in my new house. That's good.

12. Blonde Nurse is in Germany right now, visiting with German Nurse. I haven't even sent her a baby gift. The baby is about six months old now. I suck as a friend. But what can I send? I don't know what she has, what she needs, what ships easily....can you use American gift cards if you live on an American Army base in Germany? Will they work internationally on the internet? Any of my mom readers have any good ideas?

13. Money!!! I am so freaked out about having enough. Every time I talk to my mortgage guy, I swear he tells me $40 more each time--my mortgage started of "around $700" and yesterday he told me my monthly payments will be about $870!! Help! I have to buy a fridge! And decorate! And plant stuff in my front yard! Eeek! I'm going to be house poor, I just know it.

Ok, enough complaining. Now, I will make a super quick list of 13 Things that Make Me Happy right now:

1. My mortgage guy told me that in one year, the houses in my new neighborhood have increased in property value by $12k!
2. I am so freaking excited about going to Indy!
3. I actually enjoy painting rooms.
4. My coworker brought in lemon cake today. I heart her.
5. I get to go home in a half hour.
6. I love my friends. I have the best friends ever. They send me random text messages and I just love those. They offer to help me move. They give me dating advice.
7. Woo-hoo on my blind date! I guess I have broken my curse of being single for 6 months after every break-up. Fingers crossed this one isn't an asshole, loser, creep or nerd. And that he is funny, smart, ambitious and has some things in common with me. I can wish, right?
8. My Awesome Aunt is coming to Czarina's for Thanksgiving. I could just eat her up. She is the best aunt ever.
9. Tomorrow is Friday.
10. Professor Flowbee is leaving now.
11. I will be a homeowner in less than 10 days!! And I just found out that we have Election Day off, so that means I have an extra day off to move. Yessss!!!
12. I don't have anything planned for this weekend, so I should be able to catch up on some stuff I need to do. I am a dork because I love being productive.
13. Lowe's and Home Depot are offering a "6 or 12 months same as cash" deal right now on appliances. I am going to see what Sears offers, too, then make my fridge decision. Anyone have a preference between Lowe's and Home Depot? They seem to be the same to me.

Sorry for the rambling, guys....things are kinda crazy right now...I'm sure I'll have some crazy story about a guy after this weekend.


m said...

I am a big fan of orange! with red and purple accents.

my apartment is Winnie the Pooh honey pot orange.

teahouse said...

So in China, people actually blow their noses without tissues..they hold and exhale quickly. It's really, really disgusting, so try not to get in the way of somebody who randomly decides to do that in the street. Oh, and they spit a lot, too. Gross.

Also, I think the clock thing has to do with conveying the message that someone's hours/days/minutes are numbered (i.e., you're telling them they're going to die within a certain amount of time).

Matilda Jane said...

No plans? WHAT?! It's officially Halloween weekend!!!

I got my appliances at HH Gregg... it's probably about $100 cheaper per appliance... for the same darn things!

I'll dump cop #2 for you if you want... but if I do it you will probably not want to run into him in public again...

Can't wait to hear about this blind date!!!

Stuck said...

I agree with MJ. How can you not have plans? I triple-booked my Saturday and double-booked my Friday night because I'm planning on commiting social suicide. (Death by too many parties in one night) Alas, the rain means I'm probably not doing anything fun tonight. Rain makes me melt.

"Always be the man with a plan, guys. Please. It makes the woman feel like an idiot."
So you're saying, basically, that you would prefer the man feel like an idiot?

And going on a blind date does not count as not being single. Don't turn him into something he's not before you've even met him. You don't need another Cop #2. ;)

Megan said...

lowe's is much better than home my opinion. i had better service there when i was getting my home 'stuff'. but i ended up buying all my appliances at sears because they were having a 6 months same as cash AND 20% rebate...

FYI...just looked at and they are having a sale on kenmore appliances (15% off) and no payments for 12 months. might be worth checking out!

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

After the countless thinks that you mentioned in your blog, the thing that irritated me the most was that brat that called you rude b/c you wouldnt give her change! What a jerk! When I was younger I worked w/ the public alot in my part-time jobs, so I have grown to seriously loathe these types of people. You werent being rude to her, but I bet you were the first person ever in her life to tell her "no"...haha!

Have a good weekend!

Virginia Belle said...

m-- yeah, see, i'm thinking canteloupe would be warm and cozy. and different. i only say this because i have seen a living room that color and it looked good.

THB-- that is disgusting. (the booger shooting, not the clock thing.) ugh. well, i guess i will scratch China off my "places to see before i die" list. the clock thing makes sense, though...

MJ--i did take your advice on the whole HH Gregg thing. and i saved about $100. as far as not having halloween plans goes, the thing is, i am moving and my life is insane. there just wasn't room for halloween plans this year. i don't even have candy, so if trick-or-treaters come by, i can't answer the door!

stuckey-- ok, apparently, i need to ask you for a weekend recap--look at you, Social Butterfly! Re: making men feel like the idiot--my answer? um, duh. of course i want the guy to feel like an idiot. ;) oh, and trust me, my blind date was so, SO bad. he didn't even make it to Cop 2 status.

megan-- thanks! however, hh gregg had 20% off this weekend, so that's where i went.

meghan-- thanks for the sympathy. some people get upset when they don't hear what they want. libraries aren't banks, people!!!!

acaligurl said...

ok, so i was in target & some random lady walks up to me and says "you have such a pretty face...." ok you know what that means SHE SELLS MARYKAY!!! and yup she did want to offer me a "free" makeover. well if i was so pretty why do i need a makeover???!!