Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Random Hot Neighbor

Ok, the wait is over. Now I will give you the HN update.

But first, some other stuff. I have been having very strange dreams lately. I think I need to go back to my strict "No Snacks Before Bedtime" rule.

Weird Dream #1: I was putting in my contacts. Only they were square. And the size of dinner plates. Ironically, in my dream, I didn't understand what the problem was.

Weird Dream #2: I dreamt I had a double mastectomy. (Yeah, this dream sucked!) But the thing was, I did it voluntarily. I was in the doctor's office, and I told him I was just really freaked out about getting breast cancer. I talked him into it! He said, "Well, ok. You're right, that is the only certain way we will know you won't get breast cancer." So I wake up from surgery, look down my shirt, and basically wig out. I was like, "OMG, what have I done?" And then I started crying. I cried for the rest of the dream. At one point, I was in a room with breast cancer vicitims. It was a support group meeting. And I couldn't stop crying. So they kicked me out! The doctor was like, "You are upsetting everyone else. You have to leave." This only made me cry harder.

There was a third weird dream, but I can't remember the details too well. Something about how Fat Dog needed to either let me borrow his car or needed to drive me somewhere. I couldn't get a hold of him and no one had a phone. Or no one would let me use the phone. Something like that. I just remember being very frustrated because it was urgent that I get somewhere.

Time for the Toby update. So he needed all his shots and tests because I received no medical history from the pound. He needed his nails clipped. He needed to be neutered. And I needed to board him for 4 days because I went to Charleston. (An extra day was needed because that was neutering surgery day). He needed heartworm and flea/tick control medicine.

On Monday, when they were doing all of this, the vet's office called me. Toby's teeth needed to be cleaned -- badly.

They called back again. Toby has an ear infection. To clear it up, he needs two kinds of medicine. And it might be an indication of an allergy, so we will have to see how he does over time. (ie, this might be ear infection #1 of umpteen zillion)

Because of all this stuff going on, they recommended I get some Rx painkillers for him, too.

Are you seeing where this is going? Yeah.

Grand total for "free" pound puppy: $500 and some change.

Ouch. My Visa hurts. BUT, at least there will be no more Toby vet bills for at least a year. Then, it will just be maintenance (ie, maybe $50/year).

Combine that with the news that K is moving out in early May (she's going to buy a house), and I'm trying really hard not to panic in the financial department.

Deep breaths. I'll be ok. I've lived on far less money before. *takes long, deep breath*

Toby is adjusting still. If you could see him, you would observe that sometimes, he doesn't know where to go or what to do with himself. It's cute. Sometimes he runs away when I walk towards him, but that is happening less and less. I think I have gotten him to stop peeing inside. I think. He actually slept in the bed with me and Sammy last night, and there were no problems. Well, no problems other than the fact that I now have two bed hoggers instead of one. He and Sammy get along really well, and now that he's ball-less, Sammy doesn't hump him anymore. It's a relief.

Ok, so Hot Neighbor.

I am packing and getting ready to leave for Charleston last Friday morning. I go into the kitchen to put some dishes away, and I see HN, standing at his mailbox, going through his mail. So I watch him secretly through the window.


He turns and looks straight at me!!!! EEEEK! I don't think he saw me,
though, because it was dark inside my house and I was standing back about
6 feet from the window.

(He didnt' see me, right? RIGHT???)

So, like a 12 year old girl, I run away, out of my kitchen, squealing and
gasping, "shitshitshitshitshit!!!!!"

I calm down and go back to packing and cleaning.

Two minutes later, there is a knock on my door.
(OH SHHHHHHHHH.....!!!!)
And I knew there was only one person it could be: Hot Neighbor.

This would be wonderful, if I had my make up on. Or my hair dried.
But I didn't. I looked kinda rough, as usual. (He NEVER sees me looking
good, I swear!!!)

Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hey, what's up!
HN: Are you off today?
Me: Yeah, I'm actually going to Charleston for the weekend.
HN: Oh. and you're leaving right now?
Me: Yeah, pretty much. I have to drop the dogs off...
HN: Oh. ok, well, I was going to bug you about something, but I can
just ask you some other time. I know you're in a rush.
Me: Um, ok.

(HN just stands there, for a second, looking at his feet. He keeps standing
there silently. WTF??)

Me: What?
HN: Oh, nothing. just thinking.
Me: Uh, ok.
HN: Well, I'll just ask you later. Have a nice weekend!
Me: Ok! You too!

I am very confused. What in the heck was he talking about??? Three people I've
told this to say that he was going to ask me out, but felt like it was a bad time.

What do you think?????!!!!! I think he may have wanted to ask me to lunch or
something. He was so cute and awkward. Awwww....

Or, he could have wanted to, but when he saw me looking like shit, he changed
his mind.

It could go either way, guys!!


Coco said...

Why, why, oh WHY did you not dig for more? You know "Come on, just ask me. What's up?" Ya can't just stand there!!! My goodness, someone light a fire under this girl, will ya??

Behind The Curve said...

Juicy juicy juicy!!! Can't wait to find out what he wanted to ask! ;) ;)

alison said...

Of course he was going to ask you out! :) Run into him again, will ya? And make it soon.

cmk said...

My dear, dear girl. Take it from a woman old enough to be your mother: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!! The man keeps opening the door and you keep shutting it! You should NOT have let him go without finding out what he wanted!

Okay, I'm calm now. Bake a batch of cookies, go to his door with said cookies, knock on the door, and when he answers, give him the cookies. THEN ask him what he wanted! You have to help him along, here. He is going to think you are not interested.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, girl!! Are you trying to play hard to get? I like CMK's idea with the cookies. He will know you had been thinking about him and not think you are not interested in him.

Scott said...

Ha! That was funny. I totally think that he wanted to ask you out... maybe for the weekend? Then when he found out you weren't going to be there for the weekend his plans fizzled :(

In any case, good to hear that the dog is good to go now. I am sure he'll bring you more happiness than $500 can buy.

RWA said...

Good grief! Does he have to hit you in the head with a brick or something?

How much more obvious can he make it? Even the old lady down the street knows what he wants.

You should have told him you had time to talk - and found out what he wanted!!!!!

You should definitely make the effort now that you are back in town to catch him and see what he wanted.

Jonathan said...

You could always ask him out? Then you would know for sure. It is obvious he is interested in you in some way. Or would you rather the guy do the asking? Sometimes you women have to hit us over the head so to speak, hehe.

kimmykins13 said...

and go get him. He was totally going to ask you out.

Phantom Hater said...

HN needs to grow a pair already. Good grief.

Peg said...

I agree with Phantom, HN needs to grow a pair, but I also agree with CMK, take him some food, and ask what he wanted.

Bittersweet Confusion said...

I agree with all that said you should have made it obvious that you could have spare 5 minutes to find out what he wanted.