Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday 13: KT

At the end of this weekend, KT is moving back to her hometown of Utica, NY. I know that MJ is pretty bummed, and I am too. Although we understand that she's gotta do what she's gotta do, it just won't be the same without her. So until we can reunite the Black Ponies again (inside joke!), MJ and I will be here in SC, feeling sad that these things will not be the same without our dear KT.


1. Eating Mexican food. Or going to Yesterday's for their yummy chicken and grits.

2. Going to watch our favorite local band, Loch Ness Johnny.

3. Going out for Girl's champagne....crazy drunk men....who knows what would happen???

4. Giggling over the same old inside jokes. ("Belle??")

5. Eating dinner at our favorite special-occasion restaurant, The Blue Marlin. Or, as one of us slurred once, "The Moo Blarlin".

6. Planning our next trip together. (We have been talking about hitting Philly next...but I don't know if it will beat our NYC trip last summer...)

7. Playing with and talking about our dogs. Or, in KT's case, sneaking them into hockey games.

8. Making birthday cakes (or, in MJ's case, pies) for each other.

9. Bowling nights with Mr. Bill & Crew.

10. Going to Goatfeather's (a local restaurant) or Starbuck's for coffee and long, deep discussions about men and our lives.

11. Cheesecake.

12. The St. Patty's Day festival in 5 Points.

13. Pretty much everything. Even turning "blight". (Yeah, we have a lot of inside jokes...can you tell??)

Oh!!! I am getting really sad writing this!!! KT, we will miss you so much. I can't wait until you come back in May to see us. :')


teahouse said...

Hey! Sorry to hear your friend is moving. But good friends are always together in spirit. And you'll always be able to call/write/email/IM!

JP said...

Philly is phantastic! I truly love this city. Let me know if you need suggestions!

RWA said...

Has she lost her mind? Why would anyone move from the South - especially to New York?

Smug said...

E-mail and a My Circle type calling plan is wonderful! Both of my close friends have moved away, but we all have AT&T Moble, so we can talk all the time for free! It's not the same though and it is very sad!

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Philly!! Dont go there!! Come to Pittsburgh!

KT said...

I will miss you so much VB. It is crazy that this is all happening now. I can not believe the days are here. It still has not really hit me... although this post is starting to really make it a reality...and the big old moving truck in my driveway. I will be down as much as I can!!! Cause I could not imagine being away too long from the ponies!! I love you !!

Stuck said...

Hey KT - Maybe MJ can crush your arm on moving day... for old time's sake...

Virginia Belle said...

teahouse -- yes, and thank goodness for myspace!

jp- thanks! i will have to remember to do that when we start planning.

rwa-- she's homesick. and she needs a job. i guess when you're not from here, you just don't get it?? LOL

smug--yeah, i predict lots of text messages from NY!

meghan-- oh, i will!! i wanna go to both!

kt- i love you, too,girl!! *sniff* you will have to keep reading, ok?

stuck-- now there's a sentimental idea!