Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big News!!

Hi, Everybody! I know I've been MIA lately, but there's a good reason for it!!!!

No, I'm not engaged.

I know, that's what you were hoping for, right? Don't hold your breath. I know I'm not! My eggs will be shriveled into mummified remains before CN ever pops the question. Argh.

No, I have big news! Good news!! I can tell you what my big secret is now!!

I am moving to Savannah, GA in three weeks.

I am really excited, because that's where I want to live. But I'm really stressed because it's all happening REALLY fast and I am not super-prepared for all of this.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been busy with interviews and job applications and shopping for interview suits for more interviews...and then yesterday, I was offered the position. I'll be working at the library for a well-known Savannah art school.

And I'm scared shitless.

This job will expect a LOT more from me. I will be someone's boss for the first time--2 people, actually. I will be able to work a lot more independently. I am expected to travel more and do more overall. The working environment is (not to dis my current job!) a lot less laid-back and a lot more fast-paced than what I'm used to, so I will have to bring my "A game".

These are all good things, though. I'm just freaking out. I can do it. I'm excited for the challenge. It's just scary to give up all this stability: my house, my friends, my stable job, my boyfriend being right across the street....

So, in addition to that stress, I have the following problems:

1. I am broke as a joke. Moving costs money. And no, they aren't paying any moving expenses. I asked. I will need to get my tax refund ASAP.

2. I have to find someone to rent my house. NOW. (Trying to sell it in this economy is probably a waste of time. Besides, I just started getting equity. I wouldn't even profit if I sold it now.)

3. I can't rent a place in Savannah until I rent mine out, because that will determine if I can get a nice apartment or if I will have to live in my car. (Or in a van down by the river! LOL)

4. I do not know what CN is going to do. He is going to request a transfer from his job, but we don't know if he will get it. If not, we are looking at a long distance relationship until further notice. Which will stink, but it won't be the end of the world. It's only two and a half hours distance.

5. If he does get the job transfer, it will rock because they will pay for the movers.

6. But that also means we would probably end up living together, which is something I really don't want to do because I am old-fashioned, even though financially it makes a LOT of sense.

7. CN's dad took a turn for the worse and it's REALLY bad, so CN and I are stressed out about that, too. (I really think his dad might be pretty much near the end at this point. It's bad, y'all. It's so sad, because he's in a lot of pain. It seriously sucks right now.) And CN is not going to want to move anywhere if his dad stays like this for any length of time. (Which is fine and I totally understand and wouldn't expect him to move under those circumstances anyway. It's just another piece to the puzzle -- if he is planning on moving later, should I get a bigger apartment in anticipation??)

8. I can't tell my boss I am quitting until they finish my background check (no, I have nothing to hide, but it's just a good idea to make sure I'm cleared before I go blabbing about it). Hopefully they will finish it before I would need to give my 2 weeks' notice. *crosses fingers*

9. And did I mention that I am not really getting a raise? On paper, I am. But because of the higher cost-of-living for Savannah, my quality of life will stay pretty much the same.

I have 21 days to figure all this crap out. So if you don't hear from me a whole lot over the next month or so, that's why. But I'm sure I'll be stressed and will need to vent, so stay tuned.

I am a giant ball of anxiety right now. I am not sleeping and food disgusts me. I could totally barf on command, thanks to all the butterflies and stress knots in my tummy. The upside to all of this is that it's the best diet ever. I have zero interest in eating!

I will turn 30 in the town I want to live in. Cool. My first day will be the Monday before my birthday. :)


columbiacitygirl said...

It is so awesome that you got the job! I know figuring the details out is stressful, but it will all work out.

I am really sorry to hear that CN's dad has taken a turn for the worse......I'll keep all of you in my thoughts.

Alison said...

Congratulations!! :) I am so proud of you for putting career first, VB. There aren't a lot of girls out there that would do that. You and CN will make this work, even if it's long distance for awhile.

Jonathan Zero said...

congrats on the job. Savannah is awesome.
I will keep you, CN and his family in my thoughts.

PomJob said...

Congratulations! I've heard nothing but great things about Savannah. Everything will work out so I hope you can enjoy your last few weeks in your current location without too much stress.

Did you ever finish your bathroom?

kimmykins13 said...

I knew you would get it!!! YAAAAAY!!

teahouse said...

Hey, that's awesome!!

Savannah has something like the 2nd biggest St. Patrick's Day parade in the U.S., after NYC. So you'll be there in time for the big fun day!!

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...


And I have always wanted to visit Savanah! If you ever need the company, let me know. I'll def. make the drive down. B/c, you know, I have nothing else going on right now..haha.

I will be saying prayers for CN and his family. I hope they can pull through this. And I'm sure you will be nothing less than supportive.

Let me know if you need help with anything in the next coming weeks. I'm here for you!

sarphill said...

I know I'm one of your random readers that you were so super nice to allow to continue reading when this went private, and I never comment, but this one is too amazing not to! Major congratulations!! I know that is super exciting and scary and wonderful, and nerve racking all wrapped up into one big ball of stress and excitement, but I'm really happy and excited for you! And yes, everything will work out with CN and you’ll be amazing with all the new responsibilities and all that. Best of luck and congrats again! (And I’m really sorry to hear about CN’s dad).

Becky said...

breathe woman! i know you can do this. you're smart and dedicated and this will all go smoothly!

Virginia Belle said...

columbiacitygirl -- thanks. deep breaths and taking things one day at a time is all i can do.

alison -- thanks! i hadn't really thought about it like that. i always say, "it's all fun and games until rings go on fingers." i guess i feel like i am allowed to do anything i want career-wise until he puts his money where his mouth is! LOL

jonathan zero -- thank you very much. and yes, savannah rox!

pomjob -- funny that you ask about my bathroom. i currently have 5 paint color samples on the wall. so i either have to make a decision or cover them back up with the original paint!!! ACK! one more thing to add to my list...

kimmy -- YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! *barfs*

teahouse -- yes, i know! do i have great timing or what??? and i will actually get the day off, since i will be working downtown. it gets so crowded that time, they just give everyone the day off. you wouldn't be able to get to work, anyway! it's jammed all thru downtown for st. patty's.

meghan -- thank you! and yeah, i might take you up on that offer. i will be lonely for a while! :( plus, i know you ain't doing shit. LOL

sarphill -- yay!!! i love it when my lurkers comment. :) thank you very much. and yes, you pretty much summarized exactly how i feel!

becky -- *breathes deeply* must. find. renter. NOW. must. stay. calm. *breathes deeply again*

Christina said...
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Christina said...

That's awesome you landed the job, VB! You will do great. Savannah is a beautiful city that will offer new beginnings and great stories.

You and CN will make it work. Hopefully he can get that transfer. Then maybe Tacori??!! **Fingers crossed for both!**

CN and his family are in my prayers.

Megan said...

Congratulations! I am really happy for you.

I will keep praying for CN's father.

cmk said...

When my husband and I first got together, he was in the Navy. He didn't get out until three years after we were married. In all that time, we lived together less than a year and saw each other only 30 days a year after that. We have celebrated 35 years of marriage. What I'm trying to say is this: long distance relationships CAN work out! Good luck to the two of you.

You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

sassafras said...

Congrats VB! This is so exciting! I know everything will work out just fine =)