Thursday, April 06, 2006


So I got a call from my friend, W today. She was calling to see if I was free on Tuesday night. I am. She wanted to know if I could go with her to Charleston to see David Sedaris. She has tickets.

"AM I FREE?" I shouted. "Are you kidding?" David Sedaris is probably my favorite author ever. He is hilarious. I've read or listened to all of his books about three times each. (BTW, if you have never read any of his stuff, drop what you are doing and run to your local public library. You will laugh your ass off! His family is crazy!)

If you don't know anything about him, he is this guy who grew up near Raleigh, NC. His Greek-American family is totally bonkers and he tells the funniest stories about them and his various life experiences. His sister is Amy Sedaris, who starred in the Comedy Central show (now cancelled) called Strangers with Candy. She, too, is hilarious and fairly well-known. (She appeared as Carrie Bradshaw's book publisher in Sex and the City. She and Molly Shannon proposed that awful book cover where Carrie is naked and trying to catch a cab, remember?) Anyway, I think David now lives in Paris with his boyfriend, but luckily he still makes appearances here in the States. I have two words of advice for novice David Sedaris fans:

1. You don't have to read his stuff in order, but it can be helpful.
2. He is fun to read aloud with someone so you can take turns reading it out loud, but he is best enjoyed when you listen to his books on tape or CD. He reads all of his own books and does a great job with the characters' voices. (I usually grab one when I have a road trip to take.)

So I have the coolest plans ever for next Tuesday. Yessssss!!!

[Insert VB's readers' envious glares here.]

If you want to learn more about David Sedaris, you can check out these websites:
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Gypsy said...

I effing love David Sedaris. He was the topic of one of my projects for my masters degree (yes, I have a useless masters degree). LOVE him.

The envious glare I'm casting your way could strip paint and sear faith. (No, I don't know what searing faith means, but it sounds bad.)

"Seven beers followed by two Scotches and a thimble of marijuana and it's funny how sleep comes all on it's own. "

MoDigli said...

I love David Sedaris, too. All his appearances on "This American Life" totally hooked me years ago! "Me Talk Pretty One Day" is my favorite; but I have yet to read the more recent Courderoy something-or-other title of his. "Me talk Pretty" got me through my travels in Italy during the summer of 2000. I was the crazy American woman traveling alone on trains, and cracking up OUT LOUD!! I got lots of funny looks, but that book is forever associated with that trip for me!

I'm so envious you get to see him! What a great treat! I know you'll enjoy yourself. :)

teahouse said...

That's awesome!! Yeah, he's pretty hilarious. I'm so jealous that you are getting to go and see him...

the depressed nurse said...

That sounds wonderful! Hope you have a great time!

Stephanie A. said...

I'm so jealous! He's so cool. Way too cool. And Amy? My God!

Have fun and be sure to report every minute of your night back to us.

Virginia Belle said...

gbmnole--that is so cool that you worked sedaris into one of your projects for your masters! very interesting. and searing faith does sound unpleasant! *VB cowers*

mo--that is a very cool memory! and you MUST get Dress your family in corduroy and denim. I think that is the one with my all-time fave sedearis story: "Six to Eight Black Men"--i almost wrecked my car i was laughing so hard!

teahouse-- now we are even for you going to see stephen colbert!

stephanie and anna-- thanks! i hope i have a great time. i will give a full report! *VB salutes*

Sam said...

I lub him lots. I am so jealous that you got to go!!