Wednesday, April 05, 2006

True Love

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. --Roger Caras

Men are often referred to as "dogs"--usually in the bad sense. But there are men who are good boys, too. They are so sweet and loveable that they become our whole worlds. They make our lives whole. And I'm totally in love with one. No, I'm not in love with Repo. In fact, on the phone last night I told him he was on probation with me. He's still in the doghouse, big time. I even lectured him again. He falls under the heading "Bad Dog" with me. I have been making him too much of a part of my life. He needs to be placed in the backseat for now. There are other men out there--ones that can make my life whole.

No, no, I'm in love with another man. His name is Sampson, Sam for short. I just met him this week and it was love at first sight. He is very handsome and is crazy about me. In fact, he would spend every minute with me if he could. He loves to snuggle and make me laugh. And he would let me do whatever I want! He's not too old or too young and he was very excited to meet me. He's well-behaved and was already well-trained by the last woman in his life (unlike Repo). He's very friendly with everyone, has no temper issues and is willing to give me all the love I need. I feel like I've known him my whole life, because I've been looking for him my whole life. My mom would adore him, as would all my girlfriends, because he's totally charming, smart and sweet. I am absolutely nuts about him. His kisses just make my day. I cried when I left him. This kind of emotion doesn't come around every day. I have never been so ready to commit so soon in my life. Not only do I want to wake up next to him in my bed, I want him to move in with me! Sometimes, you just know it when you see it. He's just perfect and makes me feel safe, loved and happy. But don't tell Repo. Shhh!!! I'm cheating on him!

Oh, yes, I know this comes as a surprise. And it's soon, I know. But since Repo left town to stay with his mother in Charleston while his eye heals, I've had time to check out some other options. I told Repo I was suffering from a wandering eye, but I don't think he believed me when I told him I was seriously looking for a replacement ASAP. Repo hasn't been that great of a boyfriend lately, so I have taken the opportunity to look at some other men--he can't be my whole life, you know. I mean, he's been pretty selfish lately, to be honest. And unfortunately for Repo, I cannot love him as much as I love Sam. There's no contest, really. It would be impossible to even compare my feelings for Sam and my feelings for Repo. It's crazy, I know. But love is like that sometimes. My heart belongs to Sam now. Somehow I will have to tell Repo: I'm in love with Sam.

Sam weighs 18 pounds and is covered in fur. He is a Boston Terrier. He is also the coolest dog ever to have existed. I met him yesterday and it was the only time I've ever experienced love at first sight. He is playful and happy and immediately came up to me (without barking) and jumped up on my leg, grinning from ear to ear with this look on his face that said, "Pet me. Love me." And I obliged willingly. He is healthy, purebred, well housetrained, obedient, friendly and just a bundle of love. I wanted to take him with me immediately. I started daydreaming about rides in the car, trips to Petsmart on Saturdays, walks in the park, snuggles on the couch...*sigh*

So why is he not My New Man?????

The dumb ol' lady wants $600 for him. Grrrrr......

I cried. I pleaded. I almost backed down. But I just can't afford to pay $600 for a dog. I have to pay my apartment complex $250 just to have a dog, so we're looking at $850 before even buying all the dog supplies and getting his booster shots at the vet (he's due for shots). I just can't afford Sam. It figures. I finally find the perfect man and I cannot have him.

I told her I'd give her $300, tops, although she could talk me into $450. She wouldn't back down on the price, but said she'd let me know if she changed her mind. I hope she does. Because I love him. I'm hoping she will back down a little--I've seen ads for Boston Terrier puppies for only $450, so her price is pretty steep, especially since Sam is almost three years old. Most people want puppies, so I'm hoping she won't get too many offers. K was with me and she helped me stay sane. Before we got out of the car, she reminded me not to go crazy and fall in love. If it wasn't for her, I'd have dropped an insane amount of money on a great dog. But alas, we drove back home empty-handed and dogless. *VB cries softly into her hands, shoulders trembling.*

Unfortunately for me, all other dogs I've been looking at now pale in comparison to little Sampson. They are just...other dogs. They're cute, and cheaper ($175), but they just aren't Sam. I guess I will just have to lick my wounds and keep trying to find that perfect little guy in my life. He'll be the center of my world if he's anything like Sam. Then Repo will really have to step it up!


Stuck said...

Puppies are cheaper because they haven't been trained yet. A Well-trained dog should be more expensive.

DetoxSmurf said...

When are you going to finally dump that loser!?!

My roommate wants to get a puppy as well. Except he wants to train it to help him pick up chicks. I'm against it because I know I'm going to be the one taking care of him.

Virginia Belle said...

stuck-- see, i think they should be more like cars. you know, depreciate in value as they age. the problem is, the dog was purchased at an inflated rate ($1000) and so its used price is accordingly inflated. grrr...who pays $1000 for a friggin' dog, anyway??

detoxsmurf--hey, now. that's my boyfriend you're talking about. he's not a loser. he's just...needing to mature....i'm thinking this may have worked because he is on one helluva guilt trip. he's having an i-need-to-turn-my-life-around moment, i think. and don't let your roomie sucker you into a puppy. your instincts are probably right. but don't you want a little bundle of love who wags its tail? how could you not? (and yes, i'm a sucker for a guy with a dog. it does indeed help pick up chicks. sorry, he's right.)

jennster said...

WAHHHHH! i want a golden retriever puppy SOOOOO BAD! buy me one?

Vixen said...

I sensed that your new love was a dog. I hope you get to have Sampson!

teahouse said...

Aww..Sampson sounds cute!

It's ok..if it's meant to be, all will work out!

MoDigli said...

There's no love like the love of a dog! Awww....
I hope it's meant to be, and she calls you to accept your offer - or at least to make you a counter-offer!

Good luck!

sassafras said...

Bummer VB! After not getting the dog I wanted a month ago, I can understand how much is sucks. I hope one comes around soon to sweep you off your feet!

Virginia Belle said...

jennster-- are you SURE you want a golden? brunette has one and it is basically a tornado covered in fur. seriously, the dog is out of control. you can't do ANYTHING when it is in the room. and if you put it outside, it barks the. entire. time. extremely annoying dog, actually. but he IS cute and sweet, i have to say.

vixen, THB and Mo--Waaaaaaah!!! I know!!! he is totally adorable! and i can't have him!!!! :( *sniff*

Sassafras-- thanks for the sympathy. it was so hard to pull myself away from him!

CharlestonGuy said...

I agree with detoxsmurf's first sentence. Ditch that loser and then go to the animal shelter and find someone who needs a good home!