Monday, May 22, 2006

(Late) Fun Friday

I have been slacking on this lately... so to make up for it, here is a picture my friend, Charleston Guy sent. He is currently in Okinawa, Japan, enjoying some sake during his free time from a business trip. I guess they have this special sake called Habu Sake. Know how they put worms in tequila sometimes? Well, I guess the Japanese think worms are wimpy, so they upped the ante with venomous pit vipers in their sake! Crazy! Here is a pic he sent me. Very cool. Crazy, but cool. It seems like something from a James Bond movie to me.

Speaking of which, the new James Bond is hot hot hot!!! There is just something about James Bond, you know?

I just accidentally had to correct my spelling above. I originally typed "James Bone". Hmmm...Freudian slip, perhaps? Moving on...

A little-known fact about VB: I am a HUGE fan of the Muppets. I really identify with Miss Piggy and have considered using a picture of her for my avatar. Anyway, I stumbled on the Muppet Wiki, which led me to these fun sites. Very funny and entertaining. Gotta love spoofs!

Bert is Evil

Grover is Bitter

Janice fer sure!

Various Muppet news

C is for Cookie (a spoof on V is for Vendetta)

I have been looking for spoofs on other characters, but am still working on it...

By the way, I was telling Repo about this and he heard that Ernie was dead. I guess that they wanted to teach kids about grief and so they let one of the Sesame Street characters die, and I guess a bunch of people got upset...has anyone else heard this rumor? Because I was traumatized! I mean, what will Rubber Duckie do now? It's not like Bert is into taking baths! I hope he was just making this up to freak me out.

Enjoy, guys. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Now to catch up on some blogs...


Stuck said...

It's a myth. No one dropped a piano on Ernie or Oscar. The only episode they've had about death was the one about Mr. Hooper.

Autumn said...

Oh thank God, I was freaking out!

Virginia Belle said...

stuck--thank you! that's what i said, too! only mr. hooper's character dealt with death.

autumn, we can rest in peace!

woah, i mean, rest at ease!

Stephanie A. said...

Yeah, I just saw Ernie last Monday. Hugo was sick, so we hung out on the couch and watched Sesame Street. That would be awful, though, wouldn't it?

NML said...

I watched a special on the Muppets recently and I felt so nostalgic. I wanna be a kid again :-)

Virginia Belle said...

stephanie-- yeah, i ended up looking it up. it's just an urban legend. i'm such a dork.

NML-- i know! i have so many memories about the muppets and sesame street. i hope it's still around when i have kids. i still think of grover doing "neeeeeeeear!!!.....faaaaaaaarrr!" and it STILL makes me crack up.