Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been hoping I'll get better. I went to Dr. Butcher yesterday and he said that I'm healing up very well. It didn't hurt one bit when I had it re-stuffed yesterday. You have no idea how awesome this is. Unless you've ever had one of these things.

I'm going in today to have Dr. Awesome look at it. Unfortunately, I still won't be able to take a shower, swim or exercise for some time. It's still pretty deep, and any kind of water or moisture is a very bad thing. Aside from the fact that bathing is a huge pain in the ass and I'm gaining weight at lightning speed since I can't exercise, I'm fine.

The weird thing now is that since I'm done taking the antibiotic pills, they have switched me to an antibiotic cream. Normally you put it on your skin, but since that could make my infection worse, I have to--get this--put it in my nose. I put a dab in each nostril and massage it in so the medicine gets in my bloodstream. Very strange. It makes my nose numb and feel like it's running. At least it smells okay.

Does anyone know if it's possible to build up a tolerance to Vicodin after only taking it 5 times? Because it just never really kicked in yesterday. I got a little buzzy, but I could still drive. I knew you could build up a tolerance, but I thought it took more than 5 and a half pills. My body does weird things with drugs sometimes.

Did I mention that I have to have my very first cavity filled on Thursday? Woo-hoo the party never ends. No one told me that when I turn 27 my body starts falling apart. I have never valued my health (or lack thereof) more than this year. If I have to see one more needle or listen to one more person give me bad news, I'm going to curl up into the fetal position and start singing to myself.

Then I'll take some Vicodin and everything will be okay again.


Vixen said...

Yes, you do build tolerance after a while...but i don't it's after 5 days. You might have to start upping ur dose.

Virginia Belle said...

vixen-- oh, trust me, i've already toyed with this idea....but the potential for puking stops me every time. at least it's good to know that i will never be addicted to vicodin. it makes me barf too much!