Friday, June 30, 2006

Effing Thursday 13

I JUST typed this out. Then I did something and erased it ALL. Anyway, here is my Thursday 13. Late, as usual. Oh, and men probably aren't going to want to read this.

Fourteen (Bite Me!) Things Indicating I am Hormonal

1. I. Can. Not. Get. Up. Must. Sleep. All. Day.

2. I have no interest in healthy eating. I want cheese, chocolate and Chik-fil-a. With a side of Oreos, Doritos and that cheese sauce at Mexican restaurants. And a bacon double cheeseburger. Don't even TRY to stand between me and my chocolate ice cream.

3. Seven zits appear overnight. They all hurt.

4. Road Rage? Check.

5. I turn into a total klutz. Spilling, falling,
tripping. I make it all look easy. It is like stunt week for me.

6. I am Little Miss Negative. I am fat, stupid, fugly, boring, annoying, mean and I suck at my job. Really, I should be shot because I am a worthless human being.

7. I suddenly have only a rudimentary grasp of English.

8. My tits are killing me!!!! Where can I get a bra that is made of steel?? No jogging this week. None.

9. I look and feel like a puffed-up toad.

10. I spend 50% more time in the bathroom.

11. My brain is playing its own version of duck, duck goose: headache, headache,

12. Any thinking over about a third grade level is just not feasible.

13. WHY am I crying? Why? No one would cry over this!!!

14. Everybody sucks.

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Soo....I just realized that I'm supposed to notify people on the TT website whenever I do one of these. Oops. Oh well.

I was going to share some pics with y'all, but they haven't hit my email yet. I will try again in a little bit. Oh, and since it is Fun Friday today, here are some cool links:

The Duggar Family -- that weird family with like 13 kids. They have a website. Who knew.

Did you know you look like a celebrity? You can see which one you resemble here.

Oh and I so want to buy something from this site. I am weird because I think they are funny.

Happy weekends, everyone!!!!


jennster said...

good god!!!!!! i don't get any of this shit.. except the moodiness about 2/3 days prior to starting!

Virginia Belle said...

you have no idea how lucky you are!!

crap. i forgot the most important one! i have to go edit. excuse me.

see. i told you i was stupid when i'm OTR.

teahouse said...

Mmmm..I love Chick Fil A!! They don't have it up north..only disgusting substitutes like Ranch One (which is horrendous). I miss Chick Fil A...

Gypsy said...

Oh, I can so relate. Especially to the crying part. And the chocolate. Oh hell, just all of it.

And I didn't realize that about the TT, either. We're rebels, and they're going to ban us forever.

Virginia Belle said...

THB-- oh! that's right! i forgot how horrible that is! you poor thing. do you need me to ship you some, ASAP?

gypsy--yes! good to know i'm not alone in the f'd up PMS. i am so glad you are rebelling with me. Ha ha! I love it.

NML said...

You need a bra with good support!

Sam said...

I heart guts, too.