Saturday, June 10, 2006

Setting The Record Straight

Just in case you are as bored as I am and you Google me, you need to know that the following people are not me:

This VB (Anyone who knows me personally will laugh when they see what this girl's about! Same name, yet my total opposite!) is not me--she appears to be brunette, for Pete's sake.

This VB isn't me either. Although some people think I am part Asian, I assure you I am 100% Honkey. Plus, I am not all that into photography.

Although I am quite fond of my boobs, I can most definitely assure you that I am not a topless model from the 1950s. [Warning: this link is not appropriate for work or children.]

I did not just die in March. I am not from Nebraska. Please don't call me "Virgie".

But I did learn that there is a song about me. And I must say, I am flattered.

This was kinda fun. Anyone else have funny Google hits?


Anne said...

I get crazy ones all the "sexy kink girl" and "peeing in my panties" ( i have never posted on peeing in my pants!) But I made the mistake of posting something about the Rocky theme song and I get at least 15 hits a day for that.

Virginia Belle said...

ahahaha! that is funny. i am disappointed to hear you don't pee in your pants. that would make an awesome post. kidding. :P

i have no idea how to see what people search for and randomly find my blog.

i hope it's not butt paste.