Friday, August 04, 2006

Fun Friday

You think you're having a bad day? Check this out.

This guy is such a dork. You have to watch these videos. I guarantee lots of eye rolling.

This weekend in SC is the Tax-Free Weekend. Basically, anything you would normally buy for back to school or off to college is tax-free. People here go nuts over saving $3.45. It is pandemonium. And I will not be participating. Because it's a pain in the butt. All the mothers (no offense) bring all their kids and make them shop all day, so there are 75% more people at the mall and they are all arguing with their mothers. This really kills my shopping buzz.

The crazy part is, the list of things that are taxable and tax-exempt makes no sense. Example: this weekend, wedding dresses and adult diapers are tax-free. So are printers. But not the ink cartridges. Or dayplanners. WTF? It makes no sense. If you really want to see the craziness that is the list, you can look at it here. (It's a pdf)

If you are in SC this weekend, and you want to buy a computer, you will actually save a lot of moolah. Otherwise, skip it.

Sorry this is kinda lame. I'm typing this 2 minutes before closing time, so I am rushed. Hope everyone has good weekends! I will definitely have stuff to share on Monday. But I'll leave you hanging until then.


MoDigli said...

Holy crap! THat poor woman who got stuck to the toilet seat! ... That's just another reason to wipe off the seat and put the liner on before doing your business!

Seriously, who doesn't clean off the seat and line it before "going" these days?

Lisa said...

We have a weekend like that this weekend too. I've never been shopping during a tax-free weekend. Sounds like I'm not really missing much... Other than saving .34 cents here and there.

Josh Max's blawg said...

Hey, VG---!

Just checked out your blog via Tall Glass, and am digging it. I, too, eat mostly the same thing every day; I, too, have mounds of receipts and miscellaneous hoo-ha piled about the house, and I, too, have never met any of my grandparents except my grandmother---once.

*SOB* Are we bonding yet???

Thanks for an entertaining read.

I shall return!


Josh in NYC

Jonathan said...

NC is having tax free day for school supplies and other items but somehow wedding gowns and girdles are on the list of items that qualify for tax exemption...

Miss Fire said...

Ooooo, I HATE HATE HATE tax free weekends. People are so f-ing stupid. They go nuts over saving a few cents here and there and yet they continue to elect (or not vote at all) people who continue to raise taxes.

Public Service Annoucement - if you hate paying taxes, vote for people who won't raise them. Make sense to anyone? P.S. When they raise taxes on us "wealthy" people to spare the poor and downtrodden from paying them, we just shelter our money and lower your wages, so there.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

cmk said...

I have NEVER heard of tax free weekends--strange. I guess this is what I get from living a sheltered life in the Great White North!

Anne said...

We are having tax free weekend this week too..I refuse to shop it. When I was in retail I had to work it and it is just flat out abuse to employees. Ridiculous. I have neer been treated so crappy in my entire life.

And yes they have sales and all on top of the no tax...but saving some money does not make it worth while for me to have a panic attack. I will just wait a couple of weeks and it will all be on clearance.

Christina_the_wench said...

It's a good marketing ploy, but it wouldn't move my ass to the mall either. Bleh.

NML said...

Hey, don't knock that tax free sh*t! Every penny counts! ;-) Mind you, it is the one thing that drives me insane when U'm in the US - I don't understand why they don't just add it on and be done with.

anny said...

dang tax free wedding gowns! i coulda really used that.

Sam said...

Why did she sit on an uncovered toilet seat? IN THE MALL? SHE SAT ON IT? Okay, I feel better now. That should teach her. Oh, and the tax-free thing? Random government weirdos at work. I would stay at home all weekend. I hate moms + kids + back-to-school shopping. HATE IT. Chicken and I try to do it when no one else is around. Even if we have to break into stores at 1am. Just kidding. But a damn good idea, no?