Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Fat Ass-Kicking

The coolest thing happened to me last night.

I finally dragged my flabby ass into the gym and faced the weight-lifting class I have been avoiding for months.

I'm walking into the classroom (I guess that's what you call's a room...there are classess...anyway...) and who do I see?

FedSucksy. The asshole who stood me up last winter. And then tried to "apologize over coffee" last month, but then would never settle on a time and place, and so I got annoyed, my patience ran out and I just stopped answering/returning his calls.

Super. I had totally forgotten he went to my gym. (Secretly, I have to say, he's still pretty hot. But not hot enough for me to take his calls!) We had a courteous "hello" but that was it. Luckily, aside from the 10 pounds I have gained, I looked decent. Whew! Oh, wait. I forgot I have a big zit on my forehead. Oh well. I guess I shouldn't care.

So I am setting up for my class. And he walks in. It turns out, he also likes to take this class, I suppose. Wonderful. From where we were standing, I could watch him out of the corner of my eye--I was slightly behind him. Not that I was looking. Much.

Here is the cool part: I kicked his ass in class! He kept taking breaks and sitting down and pausing for a rest. This, of course, only motivated me further. I did every rep, (almost) every tricep dip*, every lunge and every situp.
Of course, I'm kind of sore today, but it was worth it.

Go. Me.

Since I can't high-five myself, y'all will have to send me virtual ones.

*Tricep dips-- have you ever done those things? They are hard as hell. Seriously, I thought I would die. I used to be able to do 30 of them in a row. I will have to work my way back to that. Especially now that I have to keep proving to him that I can kick his ass!!!! This is the best motivator ever. I wish every guy I've ever dated went to my gym. I'd be in the best shape!


Jonathan said...

virtual high five #1!

Laura said...

Woo Hoo! In your face Fed Sucksy!
High five #2!

Gypsy said...

You rock harder than Ron Jeremy! If I were to take a weight lifting class I would probably just walk in and then walk out, thereby not taking a weight lifting class.

Virginia Belle said...

jonathan & laura -- THANKS!!!

gypsy-- LOL at the Ron Jeremy comment. girl, it's fun. and you burn MEGA calories--like 500 in an hour. it just firms up everything so you aren't as wiggly. i like it better than cardio. you should try it. don't be intimidated. you won't turn into "ah-nold" or anything. well, unless you become ULTRA obsessed with it and do it 2ce a day, 7 days per week or something.

sassafras said...

Yay! You ROCK =)

Matilda Jane said...

You go girl!
then you can be my personal bodyguard :-)

The Dummy said...

Awesome! Now when's it gonna be your turn for HNT?

Virginia Belle said...

sassafras-- thanks! let me know if you need me to kick anyone's ass. because i'm totally intimidating.


MJ-- i would totally be your body guard. i will put on my big sharp stilettos and let 'em have it if they mess w/you!!!

Dummy-- ...uh....i don't know....gimme a couple of months....right now, the only part on my body i like is my boobs because they've gotten bigger thanks to my weight gain! and i'm really not into the idea of having cleavage shots on here....maybe my abs once i get them squared away again.