Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I have a fun feature on my myspace page. I got it from Free Flash Toys. It is this virtual refrigerator where people can leave me messages using those alphabetical fridge magnets--you know, the ones you had as a kid. (If you are lost, just go to the website. You can see what I am talking about there.)

I thought it would be a fun way for people to just say hi or whatever. But I keep getting these weird messages! They make no sense at all. Examples:

Go Home! (This one has appeared several times)

Take the knife out of my heart! (This one also used one of my nicknames in the message.)

I Love You [my real name]!! --[some crazy girl's name I've never even heard of]

Needless to say, these messages are both puzzling and creepy. I am home. Do they mean my hometown? Or Indy? Do they not like me living in SC? A knife in their heart?? Someone's being a little dramatic, I think. Is someone mad at me? No, wait, someone out there loves me. I have no idea who she is, but she loves me. Good to know, I suppose. It's almost something from a horror movie or an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Now, I did turn down a date with Black Eye, but this is nothing new, as he has asked me out three times and gotten the same answer each time. Do you think he is trying to get back at me?? He would be most likely, I suppose, to leave a message referring to my leaving a knife in his heart.....right?

I seriously doubt that Repo would be motivated enough to do something like that. Besides, I'm sure he isn't crying over me by any wild stretch of the imagination. And College Boyfriend would not leave anything so obscure. He would probably just email me or say hi. My girlfriends would leave something nice and simple. These are not inside jokes I have with anyone. So I am stuck scratching my head. The thing is, anyone who happens across my page can leave a message, just as anyone here can leave a comment, only my fridge is 100% anonymous. So I will never have any idea who is leaving these.

I wish people would just leave normal messages. This is very puzzling. If you are doing it, fess up!!!

In other news...I went out with MJ this weekend. We had a good time, as usual, catching up and laughing. We went to a bar called The Wild Hare, where we ran into...


I can't escape this guy! I keep running into him! Aaaarrrgh!!! And it's not helping that he looks smokin' hot every time I see him! Seriously, he is just scrumptious.

He and his roommate talked to us for a while--maybe about an hour. They were pretty drunk, while she and I were stone cold sober. This, of course, is easy pickings for me.

"Hey, did you change your number? Because I called you a bunch of times and left messages, but you never called back," he said.

"Yeah, I know," I deadpanned.

"Oh, so you didn't change your number?" he asked.

"Nope," I said bluntly.

Then I explained to him that if he truly wanted to apologize to me for what he did, he would have made a coffee date and stuck with it, instead of always cancelling at the last minute and playing phone tag with me. I told him I ran out of patience and I didn't have time for crap like that. He apologized for the coffee cancelling. And for standing me up last winter.

Then he "accidentally" spilled beer on my purse. (Payback, perhaps, for the drink I dumped on him?)

Then he complimented my makeup. WTF???

He also mentioned how the gym class had kicked his ass, which was something I definitely enjoyed hearing. I gave him some tips about the class, and he told me he is at the gym pretty much every day around 6:45. Hmmm...why was he telling me this? Was he flirting with me? Then again, maybe it was just my imagination....

Either way, eventually MJ and I tired of them and left.

Men make absolutely no sense. This guy stands me up, is a total asshole about it, then proceeds to start kissing my ass a few months later, only to spill beer on my purse and flirt with me. Then again, he did ask for a ride home from the bars, so maybe that was his motivation!

Apparently, I have officially hit my Cynical Stage.

Never fear, this isn't over yet. Tonight is Tuesday, which means he and I will face off at the gym again. I'll keep you posted.


Punky said...

I finally need to de-lurk and offer up this tidbit.
Men aren't not that clued in when it comes to women. He probably for the life of him didn't remember that he cancelled on you or played phone tag and didn't get his shit together - he flipped it around and wondered what he did to make you not want to date him...
It's a talent that all men have - called ignorant deflection. They deflect it onto you and/or plead ignorance.
Not to mention he sounds like an asshat and a half and you should completely relish in the fact that you kick his ass in that gym class.

Lisa said...

You made me remember why I hated dating so much! heehee. I hope you find a great guy SOON. (If that's what you want. If you want to have fun with all of the wrong ones, then by all means do so. BUt don't forget to blog about it. heehee.)

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing on my Myspace page. I took it off when I got creepy messages like "One day you'll be mine."

Gypsy said...

I'm pretty convinced no one looks at my MySpace page (lease of all me), but now I want to try this fridge magnet thing. I'll probably get nasty messages, though.

Boys are stupid. ;)

Gypsy said...

That should be "least" not "lease."

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Hey VB! I am coming out of being a lurker and finally leaving you a comment. I love your blog! I have been reading it at work for the past couple weeks (just dont let my boss know that!) and it def. makes the day more entertaining! I am also a reader of CBS and got your name off of hers. I try to blog myself, but unfortunately my life is BORING!

OK well thats all for now, just wanted to say hell!

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

OK that was supposed to say hello, not hell.....geesh what a first impression I leave with people! haha!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

ewwe fred ..
What an idiot (him not you)
Going to play with the fridge

anny said...

re those fridge messages - people are definitely creepy - esp that guy who complimented ur makeup. that's just ... kinda ... gay?

Matilda Jane said...

I was getting weird messages for a while on my fridge... you know what the sad part is? Some people are so bored that they just click page to page and mess with other people. All this thinking about 'who could it be?' and it's probably some random stranger.

FedSucksy was really nice for a guy that got water dumped on his head in public. Then again... he WAS pretty drunk and those other girls he was talking to were a little homely... well... they were!

Follow the Frog said...

boys boys boys. They just never make sense.


P.S. Thanks for the compliment on my photos and my hair. ;)

NML said...

Everytime you see Fedsexy you could chant to yourself 'The penis has no power of me' ;-)

Virginia Belle said...

punky-- yay!!! thanks for de-lurking. i like your ignorant deflection theory. good one...and yes, i'm totally enjoying the fact that i kicked his ASS.

lisa-- don't put ideas in my head! i'm trying hard to fight that urge that hits lots of women when they are suddenly back on the market-- a one-night-hookup sounds very tempting....and of course, you know i will blog about it!

anonymous-- that is uber-creepy. definitely enough to make anyone take it down!

gypsy-- yes, they are! you are probably right that no one looks at the page...lemme know if you have similar experiences w/your fridge, ok?

meghan-- YAY another de-lurker!!! thanks for reading. glad you like it!!! i thought my life was pretty boring too, until i realized all the crazy dates i go on and how wacky my family is.

random-- were you the one leaving the funny messages about how you love me???

anny-- he always compliments my makeup, actually. which is an odd compliment from a guy...but he knows how to butter me up,because i do consider myself an amateur makeup artist!

MJ-- yeah, i guess it could be a total stranger...how funny that someone would go to the effort of arguing with me...people have even less of a life than i do! and yeah, he was pretty drunk...but HOT. he just does it for me, i guess. and yeah, i'm going to have to agree w/you about those other girls....they kinda were....

FTF-- yes, men are truly baffling. and you DO have gorgeous hair!!! (really, people, you should check it out. she has beautiful, shiny curls!)

NML-- easily said by someone who has never seen his penis.....