Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Blind Date

I had a blind date last night. A lady that used to work here set me up. Now, I never worked with her--she left before I came here. But I have heard all these great things about her. And I met her the other day when she came by to say hello to all her old coworkers. She is a hoot! I thought, "Gosh, she is so much fun. I should take her up on the offer--I bet the guy is fun, too."

So I did.

Boy, what a mistake that was. I went on a blind date with my DAD: he was old--he has gray hair and looks kinda like my Dad when he was younger. Ugh, it was just creepy weird. As if that wasn't bad enough, he apparently forgot to bring both his personality and his sense of humor. Ever meet someone without any spunk at all? The kind of person you can't ever joke around with? Those people who don't get any of your jokes? Yeah, it's not fun. It was so bad, that after one coke, I made a lame excuse and split, walking 2 blocks back to my car in the pouring rain--no umbrella. I didn't care about getting wet! I just had to get away from him! I went home and watched a movie. You know it's a bad date when it gets trumped by Dude, Where's My Car? (Which, by the way, has its funny parts--seriously, you might like it. Watch it. And then...and then...) -- inside joke for anyone who's seen it.

Oh, one other thing about this guy--he has a big birthmark in the dead center of his forehead. So it was really hard not to look at it. I felt sort of like Austin Powers with the Mole guy. Remember that scene from Goldmember?

I don't understand why people don't get these sorts of things removed. Big moles, large birthmarks, big warts, hairy chins (on women)....anyone have any stories about people like this? Am I the only one who wonders why people don't do something about these distracting things? I mean, come on, get that thing taken off your face!!!!

The worst part was, I was wearing my lucky purple shoes. I hope he didn't jinx them with his big purple birthmark! Or that the shoes didn't run out of luck!


teahouse said...


Sounds like quite an evening you had.

Yeah, I'd be pretty wigged out if I went out with a guy who looked kind of like my dad. AND had a freaky-ass birthmark.

Who knows..maybe they're expensive to remove? Maybe he's saving up...

cmk said...

I have actually quit going to doctors because they didn't 'get' me and my sense of humor, so it is completely okay to leave a blind date for the same reason. :)

Maybe he feels as if the birthmark is what makes him unique--DUH!--and doesn't want to lose his friend!? (But seriously, some moles, etc, might be better left alone as they could be tricky to remove--depending on how deep the roots go, etc.)

Stuck said...

I have a friend who is a very attractive woman with a very large "port-wine stain" (That's what she says is the official word for it) birthmark on her knee. I once asked her why she never had it removed, and she gave the best answer ever.

"If a guy sees it and it distracts him from my personality, then I know he's not worth my time."

Of course, she has an amazing personality, which your blind date apparently lacked.

The Dummy said...

Poor VB! That lady friend of yours SERIOUSLY needs to get her head checked! What was she thinking? Blind dates are just a hit or miss proposition; sometimes they can be wildly fun and amazing, and other times, well.. it turns out just like your evening. Sorry. But I sure am impressed you took the chance and tried it out anyway! Just think: from now on, every blind date you go on after this will ALWAYS be better!

m said...

i just googled "hairy chin" because i have a big black hair that keeps growing out of the bottom of my chin....

apparently, this is a problem for some women! and it gets worse as you get older. you bet i pluck that sucker before going out on a date!

anyway, sorry your blind date didn't go well. good for you for trying!! people say dating is a numbers game so you have to wade thru a lot of men to get to the right one.

i say, sit at home and read a book and some day, you will go on one date and find the love of your life! (but i am 40 and never married, so take what i say with a grain of salt!!)

Anne said...

Sorry your date sucked. I have never had a good blind date. Im glad you bailed on him though.

Virginia Belle said...

THB--glad you got a kick out of my misery! j/k. i would be laughing at me, too.

CMK-- good points you bring up...although, his birthmark was one of those port-wine ones. so it would be fairly easy to remove, i think.

stuckey-- yes, exactly. if he had a stellar personality, i probably wouldn't have noticed it as much. or cared at all, for that matter. and there is a difference between having one on your knee and one on your face, anyway. at least, i think so. if i had one on my knee, i wouldn't remove it either. but my face? i definitely would.

DD-- yes, that is a good point! i can only go up from here. the way i look at it is, you win some, you lose some. it just wasn't my day. even the lucky purple shoes couldn't handle it.

M-- yes, see? that is normal behavior. i can totally understand that--pluck that sucker. thank you for plucking your chin hair--no one wants to see it, trust me. and it is a common problem for a lot of women, so don't feel weird. i used to work at a makeup counter, so i have seen a lot of women's faces!

anne-- yeah, i guess i will have to just hope my next date w/a new guy will be better. i am SO GLAD i only agreed to drinks and not dinner!

anny said...

that sucks! people should use their better judgment.

Follow the Frog said...

Bad blind dates are the worst. At least you had a good story to share with all of us though!

Matilda Jane said...

did his mole say anything to you over the dinner??
jeez... I don't know if I could eat in a situation like that..

acaligurl said...

remember when enrique inglesias had a mole? my ex husband called it a junior mint in front of my then 3 year old. whenever she saw someone with a big ol mole she would point and say "mommy he has a junior mint on his face"
hee hee

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