Friday, March 23, 2007

Guess What???!!

No, I don't have Hot Neighbor news. Other than he's hot and I want him. Plus, I saw him half nekkid the other day. Mmmm...I am still savoring that.

Instead, I have DOG news!!! I am getting a 2nd dog. Ok, I have only 15 minutes to type this post, so here goes.

I have been looking for Boston Terrier #2 for several months. Since they are $300 from the breed rescue organization, I figured I'd just save up my money or get a part-Boston Terrier mutt.

Well, lo and behold, I am browsing the web the other day when I see: Purebred Boston Terrier, aged 3, for $73, in a shelter in Tennessee. It's a KILL shelter. So If I didn't act fast, the dog was going to be put down. With tears in my eyes, I called the shelter.

"Don't put him down! I want him!" I pleaded.

They said ok, and gave me directions to the shelter. I said I'd be there on Saturday (tomorrow).

Ten minutes later, they called me back, "We're sorry. We promised the dog to someone else this morning."

"Oh, that's ok," I said, my heart breaking. "I just didn't want him to be put down. Please call me if you ever get another Boston."

They said ok. I was disappointed, but happy the dog was adopted.

This morning, I got an email from the shelter. They misunderstood the person who was getting the dog. The good Samaritan only wanted to PAY for the dog's adoption fee ($73) so that it would not be put down. They didn't actually want to keep the dog.

So now, the dog was still available AND free. Wow. The exact dog I want, for FREE? No brainer decision. So tomorrow, I'll be on the road, driving up to get my new dog!!!!

He's just like Sammy-- same breed, same age, same gender. His name is Tyson, but due to the prize fighter/chicken company connotations of that name, I think I will change it to Toby. I love that for a dog name. And yes, I'm violating my own pet peeve AGAIN. Oh well. The first thing I'm doing is getting him neutered next week. Hopefully he and Sammy will get along until then, despite the fact that everything I've read says that having one intact dog and one fixed dog = problems. As usual, balls are complicating my life. Go figure.

Wish me luck! I have 8 hours of driving (4 hours each way) tomorrow in my POS car. Then I have to hope and pray that the two dogs get along. I think they will. Sammy likes everyone.

Oh, and here's a picture of him. Now I have TWO!!!!


Mieke said...

Okay, so seriously that made me cry! Don't put him down! OMG!! You are so awesome. I hope Sammy loves him!! Have a safe drive.

Behind The Curve said...

Awesome Blossom!!

Jonathan said...

very cool. Hope you have a safe trip and Sammy, Toby and you have many wonderful times ahead.

teahouse said...

That's wonderful! I think you get lots of good karma for rescuing a dog. And so do the people who paid the adoption fee to keep him alive. Have fun with your 2 doggies!! Arf arf!!

Scott said...

Thats awesome... now Sammy can have a friend while you are out and about!

I would like to have a dog also.. but methinks it would be better to get one once I move into a house :(

Anonymous said...


Kt said...

Yay for Toby!! At least he is a good car rider :) Thanks for letting me tag along today to get him.

LB said...

I am so excited to meet Toby. Mike says the more the merrier, so let us dogsit while you go to the beach. Daniel is going to be in heaven (me too).

RWA said...

Congratulations. You saved the dog from being put down - and someone else even paid the fees for you.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I want a dog but I just can't have one now. :(

Fluffycat said...

Congrads on the new dog. He looks adorable.

Megan said...

i am SO jealous of you. i have ALWAYS wanted a boston terrior but i refuse to buy a dog from a breeder when there are dogs in shelters. and i have never found a boston terrior in our local shelters.

i even have a named picked out for the dog: mr. bigsley (i'm hoping for a boy dog!)

i am so happy you got Toby!

Virginia Belle said...

thanks guys! yeah, they are getting along really well. Sammy is very well socialized.

Scott-- you don't have to wait until you get a house. There are lots of dogs well suited to apartment living, including: pugs, boston terriers, yorkies, french bulldogs and chihuahuas. go to the pedigree website. they have a good quiz you can take that tells you what kind of dog is good for you. it's called "select a dog".