Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun Friday!

Yay! Ok, I have been saving up for this one.

1. Do you know any packrats? I bet they aren't nearly as bad as this woman. (I forget where I found this...apologies for not crediting someone...)

2. If you truly hate someone, you can damn them!! Check out You Are Damned! (If you don't want to damn anyone, you can just go and read the damn wall -- there are some funny ones!)

3. Ever wanted to make your own internet cartoons? Now you can!

4. Are you one of those weird people like me who likes it when people tell you what to write about? If so, this site gives you 365 writing prompts -- one for every day of the year! If that sounds a little too limiting to you, maybe you would like to try a 6 Word Story. According to the article, Hemingway's favorite story he ever wrote consisted of only 6 words: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." -- Neat, huh?

Have nice weekends, everyone!!!!


Single guy blogging said...

Wow - how fun! Thanks, now my weekend will be stuck creating cartoons. Happy Friday VB!!

RWA said...

Now that is some great stuff, especially the internet cartoons and the writing prompts.


Aaliyah said...

Hey VB, I love your blog and read religiously...I know that your are from VA so I just wanted to check on you. I hope no one you know was hurt in the tragedy today at Virgina Tech. And if someone you know was affected, please accept my deepest sympathies.

Virginia Belle said...

SGB & RWA -- glad y'all like them. happy to share. :)

aaliyah -- i am flattered you like my blog so much. luckily, i don't know anyone at VA Tech. (My family is hard-core UVA. Attending Va Tech is a big no-no in my family!) My heart goes out to everyone in the VA Tech community. Their campus is only about an hour from my hometown, so I almost feel like it happened in my hometown. It is so sad that people resort to violent, drastic measures to deal with their anger and frustration. I pray for all the families and people involved in this senseless tragedy.