Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Ok, so Burg tagged me. WOOT! I am excited because I like to tell myself you are all dying to know me better. Right? Because the 200 things in the side-bar over there just aren't enough.

My task? Tell you 10 "interesting" things about me. I say "interesting" with the little quotation marks because at this point, I am starting to run out of things to share (surprised?) and therefore, the quality of this post is questionable.

1. What does VB smell like? Well...it used to be Calvin Klein's "Truth". It is still my all-time favorite smell. I never got sick of it. Then they discontinued it. Now I usually wear Dolce & Gabbana's "Light Blue". I also just got a perfume from M.A.C. I don't think it has a name, but it's in a black plastic/glass bottle. It's really sexy and I love it. For work, I wear either Victoria's Secret "Pink" or Ralph Lauren's "Blue". I tend to like green scents, ironically.

2. What does my closet look like? I love to wear bright colors. It looks like a rainbow in there. Sure, I have my fair share of black and pastels, but give me a coral or teal colored shirt any day. I personally think that people who wear boring colors are usually boring people. Then again, I guess I'm biased.

3. I think there was some confusion in a recent post about my new running hobby. I can NOT run 4 miles, people. Good grief. That's more than a 5k, I think. I am hard-pressed to make it to two. And I am running like, 15-minute miles, anyway. I mean, some people walk that fast. It's really nothing to be impressed by, trust me. Four miles is my GOAL. As in, "Maybe sometime before my 30th birthday I will be able to run 4 miles once."

4. I think I am in the vicinity of 50 pairs of shoes at this point. The majority of them are 3" heels. I really need to take some pics of my shoes and share....note to self. I really can't go out at night unless I have heels on. It feels weird to me. The Czarina thinks it's ridiculous how many shoes I have.

5. I pride myself on having had no car accidents in 7 years, knock on wood. Unless you count the time a lady side-swiped me. It wasn't my fault, and I was in the far left lane in rush hour traffic, so there was no escape route for me, unless I wanted to head straight into oncoming traffic. She just basically decided to change lanes without looking and plowed into me. Her insurance company paid for all my repairs. Now that I have typed this, watch me wreck my car tomorrow!

6. I have a secret, hidden talent: I can draw. Actually, come to think of it, most of the people in my family have hidden artistic skills. WLF, Czarina, my older sister and my older brother can all draw, too. My older sister is also an excellent actress and a decent singer, although she's only done it for fun. Fat Dog can play any instrument he picks up. He and I are pretty decent violinists. What's funny is, none of us ever took these abilities seriously. We are not in these fields professionally. Never have been. Maybe we weren't willing to be starving artists.

7. I was kicked/trampled by a horse when I was five or six years old. I grew up on a farm, and although my dad was not a farmer, we did rent the land out to other local farmers who needed more space. We mostly had cattle, but for a while, when I was in kindergarten, we had some horses. At the time, I was Queen My Little Pony, so this just totally kicked ass. (Oh, that was a bad pun!!!) Before school one day, my friend and neighbor, Neal came over. I think Czarina was going to drive us both to school or something. Anyway, for some reason, Neal and I had time to kill, so we went over to pet the horses. Well, the horses had escaped and were roaming around everywhere, and Neal and I tried to get the horses back behind the fences--because 5 year-olds can persuade horses-- and were kicked/trampled in the process. We were fine. Just some bumps and bruises. Pretty scary, though. I bet this is why I'm such a wuss now. (I did do some horseback riding a few years later, and I really enjoyed it. So I'm not equinophobic or anything.)

8. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people (ie, roommates and family members) don't clean out the lint filter in the dryer after they are done using it. Since I am paranoid, I have to empty it out in order to prevent burning the house down. This irritates me so much that sometimes, if I'm in a really foul mood, they will go to bed at night and find their lint laid out on their pillow. Other peoples' lint is totally disgusting. I know I sound crazy, but that stuff just grosses me out for some reason. I think it's because it looks like dust to me, and dust is made up of skin cells that have flaked off our bodies. *shudders*

9. I have a semi-gross confession to make. I need to know if anyone else in the world does this, because I really wonder. If I boil pasta, I don't always wash the pot or the colander into which I drain the pasta. It's just not dirty enough for me to go to the hassle of cleaning it. Besides, I will probably just re-use the pot the next day for more pasta (I eat a lot of pasta). Since it dries out in-between uses (I will leave it sitting out on the stovetop), I figure there can't be any bacteria in it, right? I swear on all things holy I do not do this with any other food/cooking situation, and I would never do this if I had guests over. Guests get clean pots and colanders, promise. Am I weird? Ok, dumb question. Is this particular habit weird?

10. I have the following scars:

left elbow (bike accident on gravel driveway as a kid -- yeah, ouch is right),
back left shoulder blade (removed a mole as a kid--see "Six Weird Things" in sidebar for full story),
left shin (I was 7, trying to get away from a scary barking dog and I ran into a corner. There's a big chunk missing. Ew is right. I also have another one on my left shin from a verrrry bad shaving experience when I was in middle school.),
bottom lip (I was a baby, holding a bottle in my mouth, and I fell down. The bottle dug into my lip--the scar is shaped like a U),
my left eyebrow (WLF was babysitting me, but, being the oh-so-attentive-and-smart father that he was, he left me on the bed when he went to answer the phone, and I fell off the bed, hitting a table on the way down--Czarina never let him babysit me again. But the good news is, it ended up being right along the line where I now pluck my eyebrows, so I have a built-in guide!),
stomach (chicken pox)
left jaw, kinda under my ear (from playing violin all those years)

Ok, I just realized that the right side of my body has virtually no scarring. Weird.

Man, this was hard to do. By this point, I have revealed so much about myself. I will be surprised if anyone actually reads this.....aren't you sick of reading about me? I'm sick of talking about me. My next post will have to have some malicious gossip. Or something more philosophical. Oh wait, don't place your bets on that one. Better hold out for the gossip.

Now I have to tag 10 people, in keeping with this meme's theme.

Becky, Jennster, Behind the Curve, Phantom Hater because he never posts anything, Meghan because she and I were separated at birth apparently, Petra, Sam because I know it will be hysterically funny, TGOV, Joie and Teahouse.


alison said...

Pssst...I don't clean the colander after draining pasta in it either. I don't think it's weird. I mean, you just dumped a pot full of boiling water into it, so what kind of bacteria could possibly be living in it after that, you know? I have noticed the pasta makes it feel kind of slimy, but it hasn't stopped me from not washing it. :)

I LOVE what you do with dryer lint. That is CLASSIC. I think I might have to borrow that one....laying out the lint on guest's pillows. Wonderful!

cmk said...

And I only put lint outside in the spring for the birds to use for their nests. I AM a wimp! :)

lenfercestlesautres said...

I find not cleaning the colander after draining pasta rather disgusting (I mean, it's all slimy afterwards!), but well, there's a lot of other things I do/use you would find disgusting ;)

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Woo hoo I'm tagged, I'm so excited! So it seems that both of our blogs are going to have a helluva lot of things about us. I am still working on your interview questions. Have I told you how long my answers are? Why does it seem that I can never shut the hell up? OK I'm going to go and work on this stuff now! And oh ya, I dont clean the pot either, but thats b/c I'm a lazy piece of cu-rap!

P.S. Don't make me go all alien baby on your ass....HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Coco said...

I am feeling you on the dryer lint thing, let me tell you. It's even worse when you live in an apartment where there are only 2 dryers for the entire building, and people you don't even know leave lint in there. It's "unknown" lint-there could be anything in there!!!

Plus, there is a mass of discarded lint behind the washers next to the wall, it is congealed, and I swear, it is growing like a fungus. I go in that room as little as possible . . .

RWA said...

I think leaving dryer lint on people's pillows is much worse than not washing your colander after every use.

But, that's just me.

Lisa said...

That was really cool. Learned alot about you.

Christina said...

I don't bother with the colander, either. Usually just a quick rinse.