Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday 13

Holy cow, have I had some serious writers' block today. I have been trying to think of something for at least an hour now! But since I'm working so much, not a whole lot has been going on. And I didn't feel like whining about my lack of a life today. Plus, I'm tired, so it can't be anything too mentally involved. So this works pretty well, and I promise I won't be gross:

Thirteen Scars on My Body

1. Left side of my jaw -- this is what happens when you play violin for 10 years. Please, warn your children now.

2. Upper back, on left (?) shoulder blade -- I had a mole removed when I was about 10. It was big, so there were stitches. A plastic surgeon was brought in to prevent a huge scar from forming. This was my mother's idea. She was worried about my wearing a backless prom dress. Nevermind that when I grew olders, I was never allowed to wear a backless anything...

3. Left shin -- A big, scary dog was barking at me. So I did what any 7 year old would do. I tried to climb up a bookcase to get away from it. I sorta hit the corner of an iron flower pot on the way up. Trauma ensued. Weird trivia fact: CN has a scar in the same place, and it looks JUST like mine.

4. Right forearm -- Burned my arm taking a giant cheesecake out of the oven. It was worth it.

5. Left elbow -- Bike wreck at my 8th birthday party. I had only recently learned how to ride a bike, and participating in a race on a looped gravel driveway seemed like a good idea. More trauma.

6. Left eyebrow -- I was a baby. Dad was babysitting me for the first time. The phone rang, and Dad left me on the bed, alone, while he went to answer it. I took this opportunity to fall off the bed, hitting a table on the way down. A couple inches difference, and I would have knocked out an eyeball. Needless to say, Dad didn't babysit me anymore after that. I now have a thin, horizontal scar which ended up working out really well -- it's perfectly aligned to where I tweeze my eyebrow!

7. Belly -- In addition to other places, this is where I have a prominent chicken pox scar. Unfortunately for me, I came down with the chicken pox just in time to miss Nikki Arnold's 8th birthday party. It was close to my own birthday, if I remember correctly. But I was more upset about missing Nikki's birthday party because she was the most popular girl in our class.

8. Left shin, just below the flower pot scar -- a terrifyingly loooong scar from what I like to call The Disposable Razor Incident. *shudders*

9. Left thigh -- In the 2nd grade, I had a stonewashed denim purse. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I kept a pencil in it. One day, as I was getting out of a car (or was it a bus? I can't remember) to go to school, the tip of the pencil had worked its way through the fabric and poked me in the thigh. You can still see the pencil lead in my leg!

10. My ass -- MRSA. If you really want the details, do a search for MRSA on this blog. I don't wanna talk about it.

11. My bottom lip -- Another baby story. I was holding a bottle in my mouth. I was busy walking around and didn't feel like using my hands to hold the bottle, so I just clamped down on the bottle nipple with my teeth to hold onto it. Aah! My hands were free to help me balance! Too bad it didn't work. I fell, face first. The lid on the bottle cut my bottom lip. I still have the semi-circle scar.

12. Fingers -- From a summer spent at the neighborhood pool when I was in middle school. I was trying to learn how to dive, but I kept scraping my fingers on the bottom of the pool, because I hated opening my eyes under water, so I could never actually see the bottom or sides of the pool. And in case you've forgotten: scrape + chlorine = ouch. I don't dive anymore.

13. Lower back -- A souvenir from Dr. Nazi, the evil dermatologist who removed a small mole from my lower back (yes, I am a moley person) without any local anesthetic. She basically melon-balled me. OUCH. I do not recommend. Definitely ask for the novocaine.

Now that I have just written this, it sounds eerily familiar. Have I already written this same post?? I don't know. I'm too tired to go look. If I did, I apologize.

Share some scar stories with me!! Nothing gross, please. Do you have any interesting scars?


M said...

i have a chicken pox scar on my left calf. those scars last forevah!

M said...

also i have a huge scar on my right index finger. the top of a cat can sliced my finger open and i had a lousy er doc who was busy flirting with the nurse sew it up.

Capricorn Cringe said...

I have a perfectly round scar on the back of my right hand. It's about the size of a cigar tip. I decided to clean the back side of my front window ... without removing the screen. The screen BURNED a hole in my hand.

I'd really like to say this happened when I was 8. I was 38. *sigh*

Smug said...

I think that all women have a "disposible razor incident" in their pasts...

Fluffycat said...

I was thinking the whole time reading this that I don't have any scars, but I do have one on my hand from Mardi Gras, fighting over beads with some chick with long nails.

JP said...

Great idea... I have tons of scars! Like the one on my right elbow from an accident on my Amish neighbor's pony cart (my dad has a similar scar in the same spot). And the one on my right index finger from a white water rafting accident. I was so cold, I didn't even realize it was cut until we were back at camp.

I find it hilarious that the Czarina's was concerned about a potential scar showing on your prom night. I'd be more concerned about your wedding day.

Coco said...

I have a scar on my back. I like to call it my old shoe shopping injury. I was at Payless (yes, I'm cheap like that!), and went to sit down on one of those benches they have to try on a pair. It was winter, so my coat and purse and all were piled next to the bench, making me believe it was longer than it was. Midway through my "sit" I realized the bench was not actually under me but could not stop myself. The metal shelving behind me ground its way into my lower back leaving me with some strangely shaped, dark colored scars. What we women endure for a good looking pair of shoes ...

Jonathan Zero said...

I have several chicken pox scars on my face, one of the main reasons I have a beard. I have 3 scars on my right wrist from where I was playing nerf baseball with my best friend and home base was the windowsill and you guess it, hand right through the window, But at least I was safe. :) Have another on the back of my right knee from a bizarre skateboarding accident. With all scrapes and cuts and so forth I had when I was a kid these are the only leftovers.

Baja Hockey Fan said...

Bigest one is the 7inch scar on my hip/upper thigh from when I broke my femur waterskiing at summer camp. Oddly enough a guy I have dated on and off has the exact same scar (same leg) but from a slightly different injury.

I have one on my thumb from breaking a christmas bell in 1983or 84.

The 4 scars on the front of my thigh that make it look like I have been clawed by a bear - from falling down a boulder while rock climbing.

The one in the center of my shin - from a plow in the middle of a horse ring - was thrown off a horse onto the plow.

Those are all of my good scar stories.