Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All I Want for Christmas for people to just get me what I ask for.

CN and MJ have both asked for ideas about what to get me for Christmas.

So I rattle off my list:

*a gift certificate to one of the following places:

-- Best Buy (I want to get a big, fat iPod)
-- Lowe's or Home Depot
-- Z Gallerie (LOVE their stuff)
-- Bed, Bath & Beyond
-- Victoria's Secret (I need new bras)

*Christmas decorations (I will never buy them myself! Not when I could buy more shoes! Duh!)

* Jewelry from Banana Republic (I adore about 95% of all their jewelry) or this one line at Dillard's that I like

* this kick ass wallet I want in my favorite color (it is more money than I'd spend on myself)

* anything related to Indiana University (tshirts, sweatshirts, etc)

* some of my favorite coffee from Jittery Joe's (again, I would never spend this much on coffee for myself)

MJ's response?

"Those are all lame. I will come up with something better."

CN's response?

"MJ's right. You have totally lame ideas."

WTF, people??! Last time I checked, I think I know what I want for Christmas.

Maybe they are just trying to trick me. Throw me off so I don't assume I'm getting something from my list.

Or maybe they are just hatin' because I finished the majority of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. :)

Luckily, my siblings have no problem with my list. They are obedient givers, who appreciate the simplicity of what I ask for. So I am expecting lots of gift cards. Yippee!!!!

Whoever said it is better to give than to receive must have had friends who didn't accept their wishlist.


teahouse said...

Hahahaha..I don't think anything on your list is lame! It's all great stuff that you'll love!

They're probably planning some big, crazy unexpected surprise...;o)

kimmykins13 said...

"They're probably planning some big, crazy unexpected surprise...."

Yeah - Like a BIG, FAT ring from CN!

Jonathan Zero said...

for the very reasons you give in this post I no longer give lists to my friends and family with what I want for Christmas or my birthday. They just do not listen. oh well.

Virginia Belle said...

teahouse -- well, MJ did tell me to make sure i don't buy ANYTHING for myself until after Xmas.

kimmy -- you crack me up. there's no ring, trust me. i can write letters to santa all day, but it won't be in his reindeer sleigh, i'm afraid. no matter how good of a girl i've been!

JZ -- i'm going your route next year! if they won't listen, then they have to just figure it out! i'm done giving them hints and ideas!

Stuck said...

Just make an Amazon wishlist and give them the link. It's worked for me... with the exception of my mother, but that's because she is insane.