Friday, January 30, 2009

Digital Hysteria

I decided to take a break from all my stressful moving duties and started looking for something to make me laugh.

I found a website that I can't believe I have never heard of: Stuff White People Like. It is a riot. Ever wonder why we like Farmer's Markets? Or Girls With Bangs? Or why we are ok with Taking a Year Off? This website explains (in a tongue-in-cheek way) why white people act the way they do. It's been very enlightening thus far. I'm learning a lot about myself. Because I'm about as white as it gets.

And of course, I am relying on my old stand-bys for a Friday afternoon laugh: FAIL blog, Engrish and LOL Dogs. If you don't know these, you can do a google search for them.

But what I really want to share with you is this video my coworker sent to me today. It's about the whole digital tv deadline in a few weeks. You know -- regular tvs won't work anymore and we all have to get digital cable or converter boxes, yada yada. OMG I was crying laughing at this. I watched it twice it was so funny. Enjoy, y'all. And have a great weekend!!!


teahouse said...

OMG...this is hilarious!!

cmk said...

I'm sure The Parents are acting like this--even though they already HAVE cable!!! Funny stuff. :D

Meghan (The Declaration of MY Independence) said...

Thank you for posting these sites! You give an unemployed gal something to do with her time!

And that video was hillarious. I could see my mom acting like that old lady!