Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hi!! I'm Back!

Hello, faithful and patient readers! I know I have been m.i.a., but I promise I have rewards for you. CN and I are now in a much bigger, safer and newer house in Savannah. I now have little luxuries like electrical outlets, a dishwasher and elbow room.

You see, before we moved, the computers were in a very cramped corner and it made blogging not fun. Also, I felt I needed a little bit of a break. But now I am back! And I have lots to report! Time for a bulleted list of updates:

  • My job is still great, despite the fact that I work for Big Brother (see previous post).
  • I was in KT's wedding, and it was very fun. She was very beautiful.
  • I am now officially a boss. I have 2 staff members. This is very weird and I am not used to it yet.
  • I still have not stopped moving since I moved to Savannah. I always have something to do and things to attend. I would like to get off the rollercoaster, but now I have a wedding to plan!
  • My stupid ex-boyf tried to friend me on facebook. Yes, that ex. The huge asshole one. I am ignoring it.
  • Savannah is kind of weird and a little smaller than I am used to, but it is a very interesting town with lots to do: tours, the beach, museums, restaurants, art galleries/shows, etc. It is really fun to explore it. CN and I actually snuck into the end of a tour of a haunted house, actually. It was surprisingly easy. It was kinda funny, because we could tell the other people were looking at us like, "Hey, who are those people?" LOL But CN and I felt too guilty to do it again. Typical. *rolls eyes*
  • Our new house has dramatically reduced our stress levels. It is so nice to have closets and peace and quiet! Very very safe neighborhood, full of other young couples.
That's about all I can think of, but let me tell you about the little things that have been challenging during this last move: CN's entertainment center was too big to move, so he is selling it. This is awesome, because I don't like it anyway. :)

Also, sometime during the move, the hose which drains the dirty water from the washing machine acquired a hole. We did not realize this until after we moved it upstairs to its designated spot, then did a load of laundry, only to come across a huge puddle of water on the floor below. Oops. So much for our damage deposit. Luckily, the spots on the ceiling aren't too bad, so we might be ok.

The key to our mailbox is broken, and we have to wait on the post office to replace it, because our mailbox is owned by the post office. Until then, we can't get our mail from there. We didn't realize we could simply put our mail on hold at the post office and just pick it up. We finally realized we could do this (I guess we are ignorant of post office options!) and started holding it on Monday. So there are 2 weeks-worth of mail which are m.i.a. This concerns me. I even happened upon our mailman today and got him to open our mailbox for me, only to find 2 measly pieces of junk mail in there. WTF?? Where is all our mail??

We just got internet and cable tv about 3 days ago, after multiple appointment cancellations and technical difficulties on the part of the cable/internet people. CN was going crazy, because he can't do his work without a landline internet connection. He actually had to drive up to his mom's house for a couple days just to use her internet so he could get some work done. He was about to kill AT&T and DirecTV.

Something is wonky about the way our street receives power from the power company. Every time there is a big thunderstorm, we lose power. Since we moved in August 1st, we have lost power 4 times -- about once a week. Our neighbors tell us to get used to it because it's always been like this, and there is nothing we can do. It's annoying, but since it usually rains in the late afternoon, it means I can't cook dinner. "Shoot! I guess we have to go out to eat again, honey!" Tee hee. Usually the power will be out for about 4 hours when this happens. Yeah, we are not loving this so much. But I am getting to use my candles!

Have I shared pics of our new place? I can't remember. Someone let me know. We ended up moving into the new townhomes near the Bonaventure Cemetery, which is the cemetery featured prominently in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I can basically see the entrance to it from my front porch. I take walks in there sometimes. CN thinks our house is built on part of it, because of all the bad luck things that have gone wrong during our move!

Wedding update for those of you who are interested:

No ring/official proposal yet. But the date is more or less set: July 10th. CN and I are going to visit The Czarina over Labor Day. We are bringing his mom with us -- the moms are meeting, which is kind of cool. While we are up there, CN is supposed to get the ring from The Czarina. I am not going to ask him if he does get it because I do want it to be as much of a surprise as possible, but if he doesn't, I will chop his head off. :)

I have been doing the typical thing of ripping pages of ideas out of bridal magazines. It's pretty fun to plan it all out. Today, I even went wedding dress shopping for a little bit. It was very surreal and emotional -- I was caught off guard, actually. I thought it would just be like trying on regular clothes. But they keep kleenex there for a reason! I didn't like doing it without my mom. It made me sad, a little. So I am not going to do any more serious shopping until Labor Day weekend, when she and I are doing a major blitz -- venues and dresses for the whole weekend. Anyway, it was so funny, because I walked into the store and told the women my requirements:

no strapless dresses!
white, not ivory!
no beading, but lace is good
no bustle-ly looking things, because I think it looks like static cling.
keep it kind of simple

They looked at each other and laughed at me, and I didn't know why.

A few minutes later, I found out why. I fell in love with this:

No, I don't think it's "the" dress, but I do like it, and the price is good. It's a contender, for sure. I will know more after I check out more stores and dresses. If you want to see more pics of the dress, go to the Casablanca bridal website and do a search for style #1904.

Yes, this is the first time I am putting my face on my blog. AND it's a wedding dress pic. See, I told you it was worth the wait! This is a terrible photo of me, actually. I didn't think my face was in it, so I was talking.

Ok, CN and I are going to go grab some dinner. I expect a lot of comments, people!!!


The Frog Princess said...

Yay! I get to be first, this NEVER happens! I feel so special!

Also, you look FABULOUS! And the dress isn't bad either, but it does seem to be a bit much in the back. I hope the meeting of the moms goes well for you and that they actually like one another.

Best of luck!

Krissy said...

Well, since you put your face up, I will un-lurk and comment for you...

My grandmother owns a bridal/formal dress store, so wedding gowns have sort of been totally de-mystified for me (i spent my childhood playing hide-and-seek in racks of ivory tulle and playing dress-up with silk satin gowns...). that being said, this looks like a typical, bustled, strapless, BRIDAL dress, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It looks lovely on you. However, I encourage you to explore your original inclination to find something a bit less generically wedding-y and a bit more YOU!

Best of luck!

Virginia Belle said...

frog princess -- yes, it is a little busy in the back. but i also don't think the photos are doing it justice. it's certainly a lot fancier than what i thought i would like.

krissy-- yes, i agree that it is very bridal. which i think might be why i don't like it enough to just buy it right off the bat. i never imagined i would like a dress like that, but it was SO flattering on me. it made me look like i had lost a ton of weight.

Smug said...

First, welcome back - we have all missed you!!

Second, everytime I move and put in a change of address form with the post office, it always takes weeks for them to start getting it to me.

Third, when I started looking at wedding dresses, I went to three shops and was very unhappy with the service and selection at the first two. When I walked into the third shop the sales lady was wonderful and she took one look at me and pulled a dress off the rack. I ended up trying on about 15 dresses that day, but I ended up purchasing that first dress she found for me. Now, let me say that I thought I knew what I wanted and my dress was nothing like what I thought I wanted, but it made me fill thin and beautiful and totally special. Go with your gut! You will find "The One" and it will be perfect for you. Don't let anyone else influence you!!!

I think that this dress you posted for us is wonderful and looks fab on you!

Smug said...

Also, regarding the back - you spend the majority of the ceremony with your back to everyone, why not give them something cool to look at?

Alison said...

Shopping for a wedding dress was so much fun! I tore my favorite out of a magazine and actually ended up getting it. Everyone who saw the picture immediately said TOO SIMPLE, NO, but I knew it was "the one" the minute I tried it on. Everyone else thought so too. The point of my story? Even if it doesn't look great in pictures or on the rack, try it! It might just end up being the one you pick. :)

teahouse said...

You look beautiful!

Listen, girl, I went to ONE PLACE for my wedding dress shopping (it was a charity that takes dresses donated by designers and gives the proceeds to an orphanage). I tried on 10 dresses, and THE ONE was #8. I walked out of there with the dress that day. No muss, no fuss. It CAN be easy!

Becky said...

i love the dress! i saw it on your fb but i'm just glad that you posted a pic of you on here finally. not that i didn't know what you looked like but i'm sure your other readers will be excited. SO excited for you!

GrewUpRural said...

The dress is beautiful.

Snooch said...

Wow, you look amazing!! ;) Becky is right, I'm super-excited!! It's awesome finally seeing you, from head to toe, after reading your blog for years!! :))

You'll be a wonderful bride, CN is a lucky guy! ;) (will you once post a photo of him too here? Maybe a wedding photo of you two would be nice, I have a picture of him in my head already, but I just wonder how he might look like in reality :)) )

Kari said...

You look really great! I'm de-lurking for the occasion :) Sounds like lots of exciting things are happening but we all miss your regular blogging, hopefully as wedding planning goes on, we'll get more updates.

columbiacitygirl said...

You look beautiful.

This made me remember the long ago post about your mom's - lace barf - dress.


Christina said...

the dress is gorgeous! good luck and have fun with the wedding planning and all the details. keep us posted! :)

Capricorn Cringe said...

Well this was definitely worth the wait!! I'm so excited for you. You'll know when you find "the dress" - but I kind of agree with Smug. You'll have your back to the guests for at least half the time, so the back of the dress might as well be interesting :)

Len said...

Ohhh so glad you're back!

Megan said...

Happy for so many reasons...a picture of you, your pretty dress, you are back and you now live in a safe area!

don said...

Lovely! He's a very lucky guy.

Debbie said...

So glad you are back! The dress looks beautiful, and so are you!

Coco said...

Wow, a face to put with your blog. Awesome. :) So glad you're back posting again . . .the place sounds great . . .you sound busy, but happy . . .and it's SO exciting that you're starting to do the "planning" stuff for your wedding. The dress is really pretty, and I hope that if that is not "it" that you find one that makes you feel gorgeous!

The Popcorn Bowl said...

Aww! I'm getting misty eyed! haha. So glad things are happening. Kind of wish I was still in Atlanta so I could just pop over to Savannah and hang out! But some day I'll get there.

Christina said...
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