Sunday, October 23, 2011

Homeward Bound

Interview was a little odd (they asked a couple of questions that were not typical questions). Not sure if I answered them all that well.

I was nervous, and forgot the names of the people interviewing me, so I was unable to send thank you notes to 3 of the 4 people. Luckily, the one name I did remember is the director of the museum library.

I had good feelings (but not great) about how I did.

Tried every day since then to not get my hopes up, dreading a rejection letter and being stuck here for another 6 months or something.

But all was for naught. I got the job!!!!!!!!!!

I start the Monday after Thanksgiving!!!!! I am SO EXCITED. But I think The Czarina may actually be more excited than I am. :)

More later....gotta run. Millions of things to do. Like tell my job I am quitting....they don't know yet! So those of you who know me on FB, keep this under wraps for the time being!


SJP said...

AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!

GrewUpRural said...

Congratulations on your new job!

Smug said...


Jonathan Zero said...


kimmykins13 said...

YAAAAY!!!! I had four people on my panel for the Police Department, was nervous and forgot two of the names - Had email addresses on the other two, so I sent emails thanking those two and asking them to relay to the remainder of the panel how appreciative I was for the interview since I didn't have their email addresses. I GOT THE JOB (back in Jan.) and you did too!!! Congratulations!! :)
(oh, and now you will be closer to VB and your Bro. Come party in VB once you get settled in Richmond)

don said...

That's great! good luck.