Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Weird Things

I've received my first tagging. You might think I'm a dork, but I'm really excited about this. I feel popular now, thanks to Stephanie over at Pickleness. My insecure 13-year-old self thanks you from the bottom of her heart. I've tried to think of six weird things that very few people know about me. This is hard, because Lady Starfish knows pretty much everything about me.

Without further ado, Six Weird Things About Me.

1. I pretty much eat the same thing every day. I know this sounds weird coming from someone who likes to cook, but my breakfast is always the same. My lunch is usually the same and my dinner is sometimes the same. There's a group of foods that I eat over and over without ever growing tired of them: roast beef sandwiches with cheese, pasta with spaghetti sauce from a jar with shredded cheese melted on top, fruit, oatmeal bars, candy, yogurt, nacho cheese Doritos, ice cream and more cheese. Every day. Notice the dairy product theme. I am Dairy Queen. I laugh in the face of osteoporosis.

2. I had plastic surgery when I was ten. There was a big mole on my back and they decided to go ahead and take it off just to be safe. At the last minute, The Czarina, ever the overly-panicky mother that she is, decided that I should go to a plastic surgeon so that I wouldn't get a big scar. "She might want to wear a backless dress to prom!!" she exclaimed. Sheesh. But it worked--the scar is barely visible.

3. I never got to meet either of my grandfathers, and I only met one of my grandmothers. She died when I was ten. Almost everyone in my family dies before age 70. It sucks. Aw, that was kind of sad. I should change that to something happier, but I can't think of anything. How about: I really like stuff that rhymes. I'm like a little kid because that really entertains me. Know what I mean, jellybean?

4. There was a solar eclipse on the day I was born. Or was it the day The Czarina went into labor with me? (She was in labor almost 2 whole days. Whatever, I'm worth it.) Anyway, not quite sure what that means...I hope it's lucky!

5. Squash makes me want to hurl chunks. Cannot stand it. I will literally gag. I also dislike olives, artichokes, sushi, kiwi fruit and peanuts. But I love peanut butter. Especially the chunky kind. Makes no sense.

6. I'm pretty organized and tidy, except when it comes to papers. Bills, magazines, letters, print-outs, newspaper clippings, junk mail, notes, etc.--I'm a mess. I can't ever seem to organize them or throw them out when I'm done using/reading them. I have BAGS of papers needing to be sorted/filed/thrown away. Crazy enough, I can actually find stuff in the mess sometimes. Why do I keep magazines I've already read??? Why?? (Actually, this means I'm turning into my father. He kept his spelling bee flashcards from 2nd grade until the day he died. You think I'm kidding.)

Ok, now I have to pass this about Sassafras? Her reward for being such a loyal reader! Ha ha!


sassafras said...

Wow VB, you got me!
My mom eats the exact same thing every day. To the point that she uses the same dishes (she doesn't even put them away after cleaning them!). As much as I make fun of her, I think I might be like that if I was single.
Now, I have to do some serious thinking...

Vixen said...

You'll be getting tagged more often now---since you've acquitted yourself so well on the first one!

Stephanie A. said...

I'm so glad you're excited about this- I was afraid you might attack me with your lefty scissors.

Great list, too! I tend to get into ruts where I eat the same things for months on end.

Virginia Belle said...

sassafras--ok, that is even weirder! although, i have to say, i will use the same glass for drinking tap water for like, a week. gross, i know. but it's just water! it's not like i put milk in it or something.

vixen--YESSSSS!!! *VB thrusts bent arms back in victorious gesture.*

stephanie a. -- ha ha!!! and here's something else weird--i could never attack anyone with lefty scissors. despite the fact that i'm left handed, i have never been able to use scissors made for left-handed people. i have to use regular scissors with blades that are really tight. the loosy goosy pairs don't work for me.

and the weird trivia never ends...

Brian said...

Squashm, olives, artichokes, sushi, kiwi fruit and peanuts... favorite foods!