Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crazy Story

I finally replied to everyone's comments in the last two posts. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and welcome backs. Before I launch into the crazy story, I have to post some something I forgot to mention in the last post.

I was checking my messages on the way home. My ex, The Big Ex, called me. We dated for two years and broke up almost 3 years ago. I was totally devastated at the time--I was very much in love, and he broke up with me out of nowhere. It wouldn't have worked out anyway--he was moving to Florida and going back to school. We have kept in touch somewhat, and I'm over all the hurt, but since I've started dating Repo, we haven't talked. So this was very unexpected. I was curious and worried that something bad had happened to him, so I called him back. No answer. I left a message. He called me back the next day, and it turns out he just wanted to catch up. And you know what? For the first time, I had no desire to talk to him. None. I wanted to get the hell off the phone ASAP. I made no effort to lengthen the conversation or get into anything really personal. I didn't mention Repo and didn't ask him about his dating life. It was really weird. I guess I must be officially over him 100%. Whew! I thought that would never happen.

I haven't told Repo about the call. I don't really see the point. There is nothing for him to worry about. It's a non-issue. I would never get back together with him, and really don't see the point in ever talking to him again. Do you think I should tell? I dunno. Maybe I should....(and no, I don't think Repo still reads my blog, in case you are wondering.)

Ok, on to the Crazy Story. And by crazy, I mean kinda scary. And gory. So take that for what it's worth.

So the P family was staying with us at Czarina's. Their oldest daughter, GP, had a crazy thing happen to her the night before coming over. She was out with a guy friend of hers and they were going out to the bars or something. They stopped at a gas station in Arlington, VA on the way to get smokes. They walk inside and see two people on the floor, covered in pools of their own blood. No joke. And there was a third guy leaning over them.

This third guy sees GP and her friend and splits. She thinks he was actually trying to help the victims, but was afraid he would be framed for the attempted murder, and so he ran away. (It would be really hard for one guy to stab two people multiple times. So I don't think anyone really thought he was the perpetrator.) GP and her friend start to help the two men who are bleeding to death from what looks like multiple stab wounds. GP grabbed a sweatshirt from the car to absorb the blood coming from one guy's chest. She had to apply pressure until the ambulance and police got there. This guy was in really bad shape. All he could do was look at her and say, "Thank you."

Meanwhile, her friend was applying pressure on the other guy's chest. In a random stroke of luck, it turns out that GP's friend is fluent in Spanish, which is the language the guy is speaking. They had a conversation while he was trying to help him. I don't know what they talked about, but I can only assume it was about his injuries or the crime.

Finally the 911 people arrive and are taking the two men to the hospital. They get statements from GP and her friend who were now literally up to their elbows in blood. They found out later that the guy GP was helping died on the way to the hospital. How sad is that? The last person you see is a total stranger who is trying to stop you from bleeding to death on the floor of a convenience store.

They think there must have been more than one criminal, because it would be really hard for one person to stab two people multiple times. I don't know if they have any suspects or anything, but according to what I have learned from Courtv, multiple stab wounds usually indicate a lot of anger towards the victim, so maybe it was some guys they knew. (Shut up, I am an armchair detective.) I mean, if you were going to rob a convenience store, you wouldn't bring a knife--you'd bring a gun. So I don't think that was the motive. I don't know if the victims were gas station employees or just customers.

GP said it was amazing how you can bond with a stranger in a situation like that. In just a few minutes, she said that she could feel a connection between all four of them. I guess when you get down to it, it is just one person trying to help another, which is the beauty of humanity, in my opinion.

GP said that the saddest thing about the whole event was that while they were trying to help these two men, several cars pulled into the parking lot, only to see what was going on and just drive away. It's really sad that we live in a country where more people aren't willing to help a stranger in a situation like that. It makes me depressed just to think about it. What if it was your brother, or father, or boyfriend or husband? Wouldn't you want someone to help them? I mean, regardless of the situation, no one deserves to die like that.

Of course, now GP and her friend will have to be interviewed and possibly even go to court as witnesses one day. So maybe we will learn more about it later. I just thought this was so crazy. It sounds like something from a tv show.


Stuck said...

"They think there must have been more than one criminal, because it would be really hard for one person to stab two people multiple times."

You've never watched a movie that had ninjas in it, have you?

Actually, it's pretty easy to stab two people multiple times. The secret is to attack unexpectedly. Stab the first guy, preferably the one who looks like the biggest threat, in an area that will temporarily incapacitate him. The second, while in a state of surprise, is an easy mark for two or three quick incapacitating stabs. Then you just alternate, keeping them both on the defensive until neither poses a viable threat and you can finish them off at your leisure. (Or you just leave them to bleed out, as the assailant in your story did.)

Who says Hollywood movies don't desensitize us to violence? ;)

Stuck said...
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MoDigli said...

Oh. my. god!

That is horrible! All I can say is thank god for your friends. The most moving part of this story was when you wrote that the guy just looked up at your friend and said "Thank you".

That just got to me. Made it all seem so much more real because we do desensitize ourselves to violence. We imagine victims as "nobodies" and "total strangers". Or, because it's just too difficult to imagine otherwise, we just don't think of them as human at all.

They were still alive! They were probably in a lot of pain, and also capable of comprending (and thinking about the fact) that these were their last few moments of life.

Thank god for your friends who were willing to be there for these guys when they were just headed out for a night of partying.


The Dummy said...

That is crazy! Good for your friends for helping out - I'm sure they'll remember that for the rest of their lives.

jennster said...

wow.. it's awesome that they helped./ and it fucking pisses me off and sickens me as well that people would pull up, see that and DRIVE AWAY. i seriously think that awful shit could happen right in front of tons of people, and no one would do a thing because they don't want to get involved. assholes. i would never want someone i love, or even know to die alone or like that, when SOMEONE.. ANYONE could have helped them.
and i agree- stabbing someone is way more personal than pulling a trigger and shooting them. stabbing is emotional. shooting can just be cold. people are freaks. how sad. i wonder what the story was and why. let me know, because i am a freak about murders and true crimes and shit like this. i'm sick.

ps- i don't think you HAVE to tell repo- it's not like there's anythign to tell really. it was more a realization for yourself. to tell you how OVER him you are. and that really is just for you. not something repo needs to know. it's not hurtful and you aren't keeping anything malicious from him, you know?

Red said...

What a story! You're friends are some very brave people.

I must say that it really doesn't surprise me that so many drove off seeing as how we live in a society of so many ambulance chasers and sue-happy people. It's sad. Things have become so overly pc that it's not even safe to help someone in need.

Just to be on the safe side, I'd go ahead and at least mention the call to Repo, just at the off chance that he does read this. That way he can't accuse you of hiding something from him. On the other hand, I'm a relatively new reader to your blog, so what do I know?? :)

Gypsy said...

Oh man, that's awful! I can't even imagine.

M said...

wow...i don't know if i would know what to do if i came upon that scene in my life.
i guess instinct must kick in at times like that...i would think most people's instinct would be to help!

ps...if my theory of men is correct, now that you are totally over Big Ex and can barely stand to be on the phone with him, he will be SOOOO interested in you. Men. when you ignore a man he comes running, when you run after a man he ignores you...

Anne said...

That is crazy! Seriously crazy...I hope that I would be level headed in that kind of situation and not just wig out.

About the Big are totally over him. This is proof that it does happen. Man..I wish I could fast forward to that.

Glad you are back!

teahouse said...

Omigosh..what a story. I don't know what I'd do in a situation like that! I think I'd help like your friend did, but afterwards I'd just be in shock. I wonder what happened to the guy that GP saw who ran away.

Stephanie A. said...

Wow. That's such a horrible story. Your friends are so brave and I think it's great that they stepped up like that. I hope that your friends are ok psychologically. That would do a number on me for some time, I'm sure.

shell said...

holy crap! it's like something straight out of law & order, criminal intent (okay, so maybe i watch too much drama tv). your friends are very very brave.

As for the Big Ex, i wouldn't worry about telling Repo. it's done and over and you feel good about it being done and over, so no worries.

glad you're back and survived the long car ride with the smelly dog farts!!! :)

Virginia Belle said...

Stuckey-- I have no idea how to respond to your comment. *rolls eyes and smacks forehead*

mo-- yeah, i know! i almost started crying when i heard the "thank you" part! all i could think after hearing this story was, "which person would i be? the one who helps or the one who drives away?" (I really hope i am the one who helps. i think i would be. i hope i would be.)

DD- oh, i am sure. that is an experience that would stick with someone, i think. i would probably go visit them in the hospital to make sure they are ok!

jennster-- i know, the part where people drove away really just broke my heart. i mean, no matter who it is, no matter how much of a scumbag they are, even convicted felons dont' die like that. it's only humane to help a stranger in a situation like that. i will try to keep you posted, because i would like to know the details too! hello! courtv addict here!

red-- i think really what it was was that no one wanted to get caught up in the drama or deal with such a crazy situation. if shit hit the fan, you could be accused of murder. i don't think this is enough justification to avoid helping, but it's probably their reason.

gypsy-- i know! so surreal, right?

m-- your comment made me laugh out loud! so true!!!

anne--that's the thing-- i'm sort of like a chicken with its head cut off in crazy situations like that. i don't know how much help i would be! and yes, it is really nice to finally be over my ex. i literally thought this day would never come. but it does. hang in there. :)

teahouse-- yeah, me too. shock is definitely the word i would use. then i would freak out about getting some disease from all the blood. i'd want to get tested for everything. (i'm not being stereotypical or anything--just as a safety precaution.)

stephanie-- yup, me too. i'd probably get nightmares or depressed. it might mess with my head a little.

shell-- it is! just like tv!

NML said...

That's a shocking story about that crime. I don't know how I would cope under those circumstances considering that blood makes me want to heave... I agree about your theory - passion or anger has something to do with the crime - I haven't watched all of those CSI's and Law and Order's for nothing ;-)

Be careful about not telling Repo because these things have a funny habit of being found out and then blown out of proportion.