Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh...Hi Honey!

OK, we can all ignore the last post. Turns out the Katie girl is this virus thingie that is spreading all over Myspace.

Repo just called me and told me he got the email. I asked him about Katie. His reply?

"She's my anal lover."


Then he told me that he got an invite to be her friend and didn't want to, but it got on his page anyway. He didn't even know about the pictures of her ass. It is just some spam thing. He doesn't even know her and hasn't even gone to her site.

He also asked me about my sore butt. I called him this morning and told him I have another abscess and it hurts. He is worried about me, I think.

My boyfriend is awesome.

I have to say lots of stuff like that all the time now.

Because I told him about my blog.

And he's probably going through the archives right now. Yes, I have a big mouth. Yes, I realize I will now have to censor some things I say. But I've been censoring a lot of stuff already. So the posts probably won't change that much. I had to do it guys. I just felt I was keeping stuff from him and that I was deceiving him. I couldn't take it anymore.

And he's not mad at all.

Did I mention my boyfriend is awesome? (Side note: He really has been sweet lately. I'm not just saying that because he might be reading this. Really, he has! I am super crazy about him.)

I told him that he is totally anonymous on here and that only a couple of my friends read it religiously. 90% of my readers are people who don't know me. And there aren't any pictures of me or him on here. I think that was a relief to him.

Also, most of my girlfriends don't read this. That is because it's easier to just call them on the phone and tell them all the dirty juicy details. :) Ha ha! Kidding.

I didn't give him the URL until he promised me that he won't think less of me or get mad at anything I've written here. I told him this is like my diary and that there isn't much on here that I haven't said to his face. I mean, sure there are a couple of things on here I'd rather he not read. But nothing major. It's all neurotic stuff about me that he would learn anyway. Remember, I have a big mouth.

He thinks it's kinda dorky that I have a blog, but is hoping that he will find lots of stuff on here to tease me about. (He will have TONS of material.) Actually, as we got off the phone, he said he was going to go take a shower. He didn't even seem that interested in reading it. I'm wondering if he will, actually.

So please welcome Repo, everybody. (Hi DW!) <-- inside joke. Note how I kept it private, Repo. :) Aren't you proud?


Vixen said...

Hi Repo. We've heard lots of tales about you...good to meet you...finally. lol

jennster said...

YAY! we can all keep repo now! *wipes brow*
HI REPO!!!!!!!!!

NML said...

Hi Repo!

Great news VB that you got everything sorted. x

Christina_the_wench said...

Hi repo. ~waves~ Are all the rumors true?!?!

sassafras said...

Phew! I'm glad that everything worked out VB =) And Repo, how long did it take you to get through the archives? lol. Nice to meet you!

Virginia Belle said...

vixen-- yeah...i sorta didn't follow your advice...i hope you aren't taking it personally!! it just seems like the right thing to do. don't worry, knowing me, soon you'll be able to say "i told you so." :)

thanks for welcoming him, everyone.

Stephanie A. said...

Hi, Repo! We've heard so much about you!

Becky said...

wow good for you! YAY REPO!

MoDigli said...

Yeah! I'm glad you guys talked it out. What a relief! And wow - you even revealed your blogself!! :)

DetoxSmurf said...

Everybody knows about my blog. I'm a pretty open person and don't keep anything private. If i think you are a low life tramp, you're going to read about it in my blog! >:)

Virginia Belle said...

yeah, i wish Repo would welcome all of you with open arms and say "thanks!" but he's just not that cool with all of this. please don't take it personally. it will take some time before he is cool with all of this. i think he will get there, though. i'm still fielding a lot of questions from him. he doesn't really understand why i share my life with strangers. you see, he is a fairly private guy. i'm not even allowed to call him honey or sweetie in front of his friends. but i'm hoping that the fact that everything here is anonymous is helping to ease the far, i think it has.